Why families move to Bay Ridge?

Everyone who is anyone wants to move to New York. Of course, there’s more to NYC than excellent opportunities for career advancement in basically any possible field. It’s a little-known fact, but some New York neighborhoods are excellent to raise families in – like Park Slope, or Bay Ridge. And if you want to move to Bay Ridge, you’re in luck! Unlike Manhattan and it’s surrounding areas, Bay Ridge has fairly affordable prices. Not to mention excellent Bay Ridge movers who will make the entire experience flawless and stress-free! But, you might ask yourself, what’s in Bay Ridge that warrants moving there? The answer is very long and storied – and so is the history of Bay Ridge. While the neighborhood is fascinating in its blend of old and new, it’s something even better to New Yorkers – it’s cheap.

A cool view off of Brooklyn Bridge. You might not move to Bay Ridge for the view, but there's more to a neighborhood than a fine location.
Bay Ridge might not be the center of Manhattan, but it’s still got plenty to offer people.

What kind of housing can you get when you move to Bay Ridge?

Bay Ridge has many kinds of housing to offer. Of course, if you’re looking for affordable housing, the list narrows a bit. But if you’re looking for single-family or multi-family homes, Bay Ridge is your best bet! That means that, alongside Park Slope, Bay Ridge is one of the best places to raise a family. If you’re more interested in co-ops or condos, though, you shouldn’t be alarmed – Bay Ridge has what you need. You might not get a view of Manhattan, but you’ll get an excellent view of New Jersey and Staten Island. Plus, pricing for home purchase is lower than your average New York City neighborhood!

Not to mention the pricing you can get when you move to Bay Ridge

Of course, Bay Ridge isn’t on the list of Brooklyn neighborhoods to commute to Manhattan from, and so it wasn’t on the young professionals’ radar. But, as prices go higher and higher, the landlords of those neighborhoods have upped them to match – almost costing as much as Manhattan! So, now if you want to be frugal, you have to look further. Which, of course, brings us close to Bay Ridge – which boasts with semi-sane pricing, as cheap as you can get in NYC anyway. Here, people are quickly snapping up homes while they’re still cheap.

A businessman working out how much he'll profit by moving to Bay RIdge.
If you move to Bay Ridge, you’ll make an excellent financial decision.

Families are moving to Bay Ridge for the excellent real estate prices – here, you can purchase a home without selling your kidney. Bay Ridge prices are almost half as much as Park Slope, the other highly valued family neighborhood. Not to mention how there’s very little crime in the area. Overall, an excellent place to live in. And, of course, there’s the working class Bay Ridge culture –  really highlighting the melting pot culture NYC is known for. Not only can you buy a home for a normal price, but you can also dine on the finest world-wide cooking, from Italian pasta to Eastern European pierogi to Lebanese falafel.

Move to Bay Ridge for the Old Brooklyn vibe

Are you tired of hipsters? Are you tired of overly-expensive food served in whatever container is the trendiest this week? Well, Bay Ridge is still holding to the old soul of Brooklyn as a borough. Of course, as many young professionals are moving to Bay Ridge because of the pricing, the neighborhood has changed to accommodate them. But, of course, that’s inevitable – and that does mean you’ll get the best of both worlds! If you want good, quality, cheap dining and pubs, you’ve got it. But if you want to experience the fancier things, you’ve got them too.

A fancy coffee-making apparatus.
NYC is the capital of good coffee, but cheap coffee is where Bay Ridge comes in.

Of course, there’s plenty of excellent, cheap food

Due to it’s status as a melting-pot, Bay Ridge has plenty of food from every corner of the globe. Cultures live next-doors in perfect harmony – ever felt like having Asian food for breakfast, Italian food for lunch, and Middle Eastern food for dinner? In Bay Ridge, you can do it all on one street. Plenty of bakeries and cafes have popped up, too. Of course, with its rise of young professionals, some interesting new places have arisen next to the mom-and-pop stores. For example, the Coffee Lab!

But, if you’re looking for exciting nightlife…well, there’s a reason the nightlife guides in Brooklyn never include Bay Ridge! If you want to go clubbing, you’ll have to commute first. But, if all you want is a nice, cold pint after work, well, there are pubs that got that covered. However, for now, people aren’t gonna move to Bay Ridge solely for the nightlife. But, the relaxing atmosphere and plenty of cafes are definitely a plus. You can take the R-Train to a dance club anyway!

Not to mention the green spaces Bay Ridge has!

Bay Ridge has got plenty of parks. For example, there’s the Owl’s Head Park, an excellent place for both children and adults. It’s got something for everyone – rolling hills to tumble down from, a skate park for the skater kids, not to mention amazing views. This is one of the reasons plenty of people move to Bay Ridge to raise a family – away from the smog of the inner city! Not to mention how it’s a runner’s paradise – and it’s very difficult to stay healthy and fit in a city, so running is an excellent option! Plus, there’s the docks and piers – the American Veterans Memorial Pier has a fantastic view, and is popular with the locals. Plus, you can go fishing! Fishing is actually a respectable pass-time in Bay Ridge – so move to Bay Ridge if that’s something you’d like regularly.

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