Where to get a Thanksgiving dinner in Brooklyn

Thanksgiving is only a couple of days away! Too busy to plan Thanksgiving home dinner? Do not like to cook? Is the kitchen too small to make a turkey feast? No worries! There is a variety of restaurants offering Thanksgiving dinner in Brooklyn. That is maybe not a free thing to do in Brooklyn, but it is certainly useful.

This year, instead of pulling your shoes out of the oven, crying freely in the potatoes you are mashing, and trying to serve dinner in a mess after moving with Brooklyn movers, why not reserve a table instead of stuffing a turkey. Many Brooklyn restaurants offer special Thanksgiving events that include all fixings. And you will not be trapped in a tiny kitchen with burnt ingredients that were once edible.

Thanksgiving dinner
It is much easier to look for the Thanksgiving dinner in Brooklyn in one of the restaurants

Why should you look for a Thanksgiving dinner in Brooklyn?

Thanksgiving can be tricky when you are away from your family. You and your friends might try to make a turkey, but your lavish banquet may turn out to be turkey-style ramen if you don’t know how to roast a bird, even if you try some Thanksgiving cooking tips. Hoping to save you from yourself and from close relatives who somehow don’t understand your cool apartment, here is our review of Brooklyn eateries ready to make Thanksgiving dinner for you. Most require reservations, so be sure to call in advance.

So, what are those restaurants?

  1. Aurora. Aurora will offer a fixed price menu for $70, which includes three meals and an extra wine at a price of $30.
  2. Beasts and Bottles. The Thanksgiving menu for $70 features festive classics (such as roast turkey and pumpkin pie), as well as wilder options.
  3. Bacchus Bistro. On a fixed-price Thanksgiving menu for $49.95, you can see foie gras, lobsters and a turkey breast with chestnut mincemeat.
  4. Benchmark. Benchmark offers not only an $80 fixed price menu, but also Thanksgiving to go for those of you who are interested in making your friends think you are cooking.
  5. Buttermilk Channel. Traditional Thanksgiving dinner in Brooklyn on Buttermilk costs $85, 15 percent of which they donate to non-profit organizations that provide free meals to those who need them.
  6. Cecconi’s Dumbo.  The $75 fixed price menu uses classic Thanksgiving staples and Italian zest. Because pancetta can be added to everything, and that’s fine.
  7. Cent’Anni Brooklyn. Cent’Anni serves a traditional three-course turkey dinner for $40 per person. For turkey-haters, a full dinner menu will also be available.
  8. Convivium Osteria. Their three-course prixe fix menu costs $65 ($45 if you haven’t reached puberty) and includes pumpkin ravioli and, for the adventurous, braised rabbit.
  9. Henry’s End. Henry’s End’s Thanksgiving menu for $75 ($37.50 for children) begins with Thanksgiving special dishes and then plunge right into the bacon corn chowder. That is all you need to know.
  10. Morgan’s Brooklyn BBQ. Morgan’s will have a special Thanksgiving menu that includes a smoked turkey with all the fixings, because of course it is.
Wine glasses
No matter what place you choose, it is really important for you to enjoy

After all the fuss about getting moving quotes Brooklyn, packing and moving, Thanksgiving dinner in Brooklyn will help you relax. After all, it’s family time!

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