When is the cheapest time to relocate from NYC

When moving, many people are overwhelmed by so many questions. And that is only normal, especially if they face all the moving-related problems for the first time. Those questions could be regarding the budget or the exact time for moving out. If you happen to be in New York and you are planning to leave to another place, then you’re perhaps wondering about the cheapest time to relocate from NYC. And while this question is of great importance, it is also important to stay calm while moving and try to avoid as much stress as possible.

Understand the importance of choosing the right date

You may be wondering why do we insist so much on this matter. If somebody needs to move, he will do it no matter the day. And while that might be true to some extent, we still recommend you to be more careful about the period of a month or a part of a year when you’re planning to move. You see, many moving companies will tell you something about “the peak moving season”. That is the time most people hire professional moving help. Naturally, you can expect that the intensity of relocation is much higher these days.

an empty wallet
To save some money, choose the best period for relocating

Sometimes choosing the cheapest time to relocate is not so simple. But if you can, we always advise moving in the off-peak season. It has so many advantages, especially from the economic aspect.

Don’t dismiss winter as an option

We know that winter is not the first thought for many people when planning the relocation. However, if you look outside the box, we are sure that you will soon realize many advantages of moving during winter. Again, we understand it doesn’t seem like the most logical choice. But, do you remember “the peak moving season”? Well statistics say that a much smaller number of people decide to move during winter time. This means that you will have greater chances of hiring a moving company you actually wanted. Moreover, you will definitely find an available quality storage Brooklyn where you can keep some of your items during relocation.

…but pay attention to certain things when moving in winter

cheapest time to relocate is in winter
Be careful on the road when relocating during winter
  • Weather is not so favorable. That is very much true. Most of the time, the weather is not a mitigating factor when moving in winter. But that shouldn’t discourage you that much if you hire a trustworthy NYC moving company.
  • Daylight is shorter. Another fact, but still something for which you can’t find a roundabout. You see, most companies will recommend starting off very early to avoid traffic jam. The same stands during winter as well. So, keep in mind the old saying – The early bird gets the worm.
  • Be extra careful on the road. Probably one of the things you should really pay attention to is the situation on the road. Due to the snow or heavy rains, roads become slippery. This only means that people who transport your items will need to be more careful. But if you choose a good company, then those people will know what to do. And, they will be equipped for the occasion.

Move in the middle of the month

If you are looking for a way to save some money and find the cheapest time to relocate, then we suggest you schedule relocation for the middle of the month. Optimally, this is somewhere until the 20th of the month starting from 11th. If it is possible, do try to squeeze packing, labeling boxes and moving somewhere between those days. The point is to avoid weekends due to very high demand. Most people try to finish with all moving-related tasks during these two days and hire moving companies to do that for them. Well, don’t go that way unless you want to spend additional money.

Mornings are the best and cheapest time to relocate

We already briefly mentioned this fact. The earlier you start, the sooner will you get over with the operation. If you begin early enough you will really avoid a huge crowd New York is notorious for. Actually, you may or may not know that New York is the third traffic jammed city in the world. So, less traffic, fewer people on the streets means less time spent in a moving vehicle which ultimately means less spending money. These are all very good reasons to seriously think about starting off early, and not snooze the alarm so many times.

coffee in the morning
Morning is the best period of the day, to begin with moving

Moving from September to March is your time

If you hate the thought of moving in the middle of winter, you’ve still got more chances for a cheap relocation. And while the weather conditions may still not be what you were actually looking for, the price for moving is a lot more affordable. These months are considered as the off-season for most moving companies. And that means that not many people will be looking for their services. So, once again, you have a great chance of hiring a moving company of your choice. You also have a chance to get a lot of discounts so your moving quotes Brooklyn will show a much more attractive price. Which is great for your budget, of course.

Make a good moving plan

Everything we mentioned so far will really help you save some pretty coins. The budget is really one of the biggest issues people face when moving. That’s why we really recommend you to make a good moving plan. Consider all of your options and go for the one that seems the best for you. If it is possible, then negotiate the conditions with your moving company in order to get the best possible solution.

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