What to wear for your local relocation?

Getting ready to move usually means being very excited. And also a bit anxious. There’s a lot to think and worry about. If you are moving locally, this means you are spared the anxiety that long-distance relocation brings, but you might be feeling overwhelmed by chores nevertheless. There are just so many moving-related issues you had no idea you’ll have to think about. And one of those issues could be what to wear for your local relocation. It must sound totally irrelevant at first. Why would it matter what you are wearing on your moving day? But the right choice of clothes can make your relocation much easier, so here’s what you need to pay attention to.

t-shirts on hangers
The right choice of clothes for your moving day can make your work substantially easier.

A rule of thumb is to feel comfortable during your moving day

Moving day is mostly physical work. And like any other type of physical work, it requires you to feel as comfortable as possible in your clothes. So if you are trying to figure out what to wear for your local relocation, the first thing you want to do is choose something you are comfortable in. Whether it is your favorite sweatshirt, a plain white T and jeans, or something else – it really doesn’t matter. Just make sure it’s not too tight because you are going to move around a lot. You don’t want your clothes stopping you from moving properly.

This is especially true if you need to move fragile and breakable items. Your NYC art movers can tell you that when trying to be careful while moving, you should wear something that allows you to move appropriately.

Avoid wearing anything that’s too loose

Your local moving day is most likely going to be hectic. Moving boxes and piles of stuff lying all around, trying to squeeze through the crowded and messy rooms. What you definitely don’t want is your clothes being in your way. If you wear something too loose, you may end up ripping your clothes or tripping over something while carrying heavy items. Pool table movers would never wear something too loose-fitting. So it’s safe to say that your clothes really should be comfortable, but not loose. You’ll avoid some potential injuries that might ruin your moving day. Even a slight scratch can sometimes spoil the mood.

a bunch of clothes on hangers
Avoid wearing anything too loose and you’ll save yourself a lot of potential mishaps.

New clothes are not something you should wear for your local relocation

We all enjoy wearing our newest clothing items and looking our best, but your moving day is not the best time to do this. There are just so many ways your clothes can get damaged during your relocation. Beside accidental rips and tears, there are always chances of spills and stains. And getting rid of stains is not something you should be wasting your time on during moving day. So your brand new, never-been-worn t-shirt may look fantastic, but it’s not something you should wear while moving. Pick older and expendable pieces. Something you won’t miss if it gets damaged in any way. An old sweatshirt and a comfortable old pair of jeans make a perfect choice.

You won’t need to worry about the weather since your relocation is local

Since you’ll be moving within the same area (perhaps even a few blocks away), you’ll know exactly whether you should wear a jacket or something light. People who move across the country need to have a whole other set of clothes ready. Some long-distance relocations can even last more than a day. Just imagine moving from Miami to New York City during the winter. This, however, is something you don’t need to concern yourself with. You’ll need only one set of clothes for your local relocation.

Your moving-day shoes should be a comfortable pair of sneakers

This is one of the most important pieces of advice on what to wear for your local relocation. Perhaps you haven’t given your choice of shoes for the day much thought. But this is a mistake you might not want to make. Namely, the wrong choice of shoes on your moving day can cause more serious injuries than you might have imagined. It is vital that you do not wear any open-toe shoes while your local moving process is in progress. The reason is simple – so many things could end up falling on your toes. And while we are at it, avoid wearing any type of slippers or flip-flops, as they might cause the same injuries all open-toe shoes cause – and they will most likely make you trip and fall as well. What would be an appropriate type of shoes for your moving day? Regular sneakers will do just fine. If they are comfortable enough and not brand new, of course.

a pair of shoes
You are going to need a comfortable pair of sneakers, and make sure you don’t pick brand new ones, as they might get damaged during the moving process

List of items you should avoid wearing on your moving day

Take a good look at our list and try to memorize it. Your choice of moving day outfit might seem irrelevant, but home safety is not something to joke around with. So, if you want to complete your local relocation without any clothes-related issues, try to avoid wearing things from this list:

  • too tight, uncomfortable clothes that don’t allow you to move properly
  • too loose pieces of clothing that could rip, tear, or cause you to get stuck somewhere
  • any open-toe shoes
  • slippers or flip-flops
  • brand new clothes that you don’t want to see damaged in any way
  • clothes that will cause you to sweat too much

So, now that you have a list of clothes you should and shouldn’t wear for your local relocation, it’s time to get ready for work. Good luck moving and hopefully, all your clothes will remain undamaged.

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