What to do when movers are late for a local move?

You are in the process of moving. You have done everything right, you gave your best to have this moving process flawless. Indeed, everything was going smoothly however, sometimes when everything goes right it seems as something will have to go wrong at some point, simply for balance. And that is when it happens. Movers are late. You are getting angry, anxious and start losing your mind. Everything you have been avoiding all this time is happening because movers are late for a local move. It is a local move, why are they late? Do not worry, here we will give you some pointers on how to handle situations like this without feeling the stress.

Movers are late for a local move – do not stress

So, basically, if anything goes wrong during the move including movers being late, you have to remain calm. If you worry too much and get all stressed out, you will only make things worse. It is easier to say than do, but this is definitely something you ought to follow. You won’t help yourself if you get mad, anxious, etc. There are way worse situations, imagine you are shipping art across country, and it gets lost, then you may let yourself be stressed.

nervous woman
Try to stay calm

In other cases, such as when movers are late for a local move, you have to stay calm. Firstly, it is a local move so the next destination is bound to be somewhat close. Secondly, if you are stressing you will only make things worse for nobody else but yourself.

What next?

Now that you have remained calm, there are more steps to follow, because even though you are ok now, you still have a problem to resolve. So, what you should do is to check the contract you have, to check what is the exact time they will come? If you notice that they are late for about half an hour then give the benefit of the doubt. They are probably in a traffic jam and they will be in your home to move you in no time. Everything more then half an hour should alarm you and it should make you follow the next step.

Call your movers if they are late

A lot of people use this as their first step when movers are late for a local move, but as we have mentioned before if they are not running late a lot, you should give the benefit of the doubt. So, the best thing would be to use this step after you check the agreed time on the contract and after you give them at least some time to be late due to so many possible outside factors.

girl with a phone
Call your movers to see why they are being late

Maybe they are stuck in traffic, maybe they got a flat tire, so many things can happen, so do not get upset immediately and wait a bit. Nobody is asking you not to call them straight away, but it is definitely a nice thing to do, to give them some time. Once you call them, ask them why are they being late, and how much time will it take to arrive. Any good moving company will answer your call and provide you the reason why aren’t they in your house at this moment.

If movers are late use the time until they arrive

Basically, anyone who has ever moved just wants to speed up the moving process as much as possible. Having the movers late for the move is not helping. However, there is something that you can do to let’s say kill time until they arrive but in a useful way. Check have you packed everything properly. Also, check to see if everything has a label. Boxes that have breakable items in them should be marked as fragile so that movers will know with what box to be extra careful. Also, make sure you have packed your overnight bag, you will need it for the first night in your new home. This bag should contain:

  • Change of clothes
  • Underwear
  • Toothpaste
  • A towel

Of course, everybody’s overnight bag is different. But these things are crucial if you don’t want to look for toothpaste in that box that says bathroom tomorrow. Maybe it is the perfect moment to look for a fine art storage NYC if you have some precious pieces to store. Anyway, make sure to use this extra time wisely when your movers are late for a local move.

sand clock
Use the time you have wisely

Movers are here!

So, movers arrived after being late for more than an hour. You should still be calm and not be mad. Especially if they tell you once you call them that they are running late for some good reason. Important thing is that they have arrived. Now the loading of the truck can start. Remember, even movers were late, a tip is still in order if they do a great job. On the other hand, if you are not completely satisfied with their service, plus that have been late for more then an hour, the tip shouldn’t really be an option, right?

Nobody likes the moving process. It can be boring, tiring, and annoying. This is a fact. If movers are late for a local move, everything gets even more annoying. So, at the end of the day, the most important is the first step from the above. To stay calm. It is very hard to do so, but you must because it will help you deal with this problem. If you get immediately upset, and you call the moving company yelling at them, you can only make things worse. So, try to make the best of everything and the movers will arrive eventually.

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