Ways to utilize wardrobe boxes after NYC relocation

The relocation day may finally end, but the huge piles of cardboard boxes scattered throughout the new home will remind you that there is still no time to rest. You will probably begin to wonder what to do with all the empty boxes when you unpack the first box. Don’t worry, there are some interesting ways to utilize wardrobe boxes after Brooklyn relocation.

Here are 5 main ways to utilize wardrobe boxes after Brooklyn relocation

1. Keep boxes for future relocation

That makes sense, right? If you plan to move again within a year or so, you will want to keep the cleanest and most durable cardboard boxes. So that you can get rid of the hassle of finding free boxes for moving or buying new ones.

Wardrobe boxes
Seriously, what to do with wardrobe boxes after moving?

Therefore, keep the best moving boxes that you have left after successful unpacking. And then store them away from moisture and direct sunlight. Place the boxes in large plastic bags to prevent dust and possible creatures such as termites, cockroaches, spiders, etc.

You might be better off storing these cardboard boxes because you never know when they might be needed again. Or maybe you should try to sell them on BoxCycle and make a profit? Better to just give them away? You may also realize that it is best to recycle some of these cardboard boxes. But, in case you decide to keep them, there are ways to use them wisely.

2. Use boxes for storage

After you finish unpacking, you can understand that some of the things you just unpacked will need to be stored in storage Brooklyn. In such cases, you will find it very convenient to store several clean and strong cardboard boxes. In them, you could immediately put all the things that you are not going to use.

When using storage boxes, make sure that you select only those that have minimal wear after a recent move. Fill the boxes with items intended for storage, label boxes again. And then take them to the closet, garage, attic, basement or other storage location in the new residence.

Box in the garden
Or you could utilize wardrobe boxes after Brooklyn relocation as a garden decoration

3. Keep boxes for home projects

Despite the fact that it makes sense to store used boxes for the future move and storage, you could also keep a large number of cardboard boxes for various DIY projects throughout the new home. Here are some interesting ideas that will encourage you to utilize wardrobe boxes after Brooklyn relocation:

  • Gift wrap. Moving boxes can be great gift boxes during the holiday season or on birthdays;
  • Floor protection. Use flat wardrobe boxes to protect floors whenever you need to paint or change the oil in a car.
  • Frame mountings. Create cardboard substrates from used moving boxes to prevent paintings, posters, photographs and other works of art from falling in frames. For that purpose, you could also use boxes left from art crating NYC.

4. Use boxes in the garden

You can use cardboard for simple things, such as kneeling on large pieces of cardboard, when you work in the garden. In addition, you can use some cardboard boxes as garbage containers for compost.

However, it is best to use cardboard boxes in your yard as weed killers. Place the flattened moving boxes on the weed-filled areas in the garden, then cover these pieces of cardboard with mulch. And just wait a week or so until the weeds and their seeds die due to heat and blocked sunlight.

5. Save boxes for games and entertainment

Everyone knows that cardboard boxes can offer hours of fun and entertainment. If you just moved to Brooklyn with children, gather your creativity and build cardboard forts, castles and even labyrinths for your kids.

  • Create a puppet theater from a large moving box or build a playhouse or a dollhouse from wardrobe boxes.
  • Make cardboard suits from several small boxes so that your little son turns into a valiant knight and your daughter – into an alien robot.
  • Cardboard is completely safe for people and animals. And you can utilize wardrobe boxes after Brooklyn relocation to create comfortable beds for animals. Most cats like to go into cardboard boxes for a good night’s sleep.

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