Ways to handle a small move in Brooklyn

Most moving companies are specialized to handle large loads, typically 2000 lbs. and above. But sometimes you don’t need to move a full truckload or a whole household of items. In that case, it is not profitable to pay for something you just simply don’t need. That’s when you need services from professionals who can handle small loads. In other words, you need small load movers, known as small scale movers. The final pricing of a small move will be based on your actual inventory. Therefore, you only need to pay for what you’re moving. Whether it is a single piano or a couple of boxes, professional movers know how to do it properly. Read on and find out the ways to handle a small move in Brooklyn.

Before organizing, what is a small move?

To simplify, a small move is any move that ranges between 150 lbs. right on up to 2000 lbs. In the moving industry, inventories that are under 150 lbs. are considered parcels. On the other hand, loads that are more than 2000 lbs. are considered large moves. As we previously said, there is no need to pay more. In case you don’t have too many items, opting for a small mover is your choice. Especially if you find yourself in life situations that acquire hiring small movers. If you want to handle a small move in Brooklyn as a pro, first you need to know the situations when that’s needed. That includes fine art storage in NYC.

Handle a small move in Brooklyn like a pro.
If you need to pack only a couple of items for relocation, think about a small move.

Here are some examples of small moves:

  • Moving a small office, shop, or store.
  • Transferring a few pieces of furniture internationally.
  • Moving a few items to a family member or friend.
  • Relocating to a university or college.

Which kind of help you might need to handle a small move in Brooklyn?

Moving companies offer a variety of services. From fine art transport services in Brooklyn to on-site packing. The bottom line is that you can mix different services and accommodate your specific requirements to the price. So, if you need a guaranteed delivery date, you can use the expedited service options. Or, if you need to cut down the costs, you can opt for having your items dropped off to your residence. In other words, you can pick a curbside service option. As you can see, options for finding the services you need at a price that fits are limitless.

How to pick the right movers to handle your small move in Brooklyn?

 As there are so many moving scams out there, small moves are no exception. You have to do a thorough checkup and pay attention before you choose the moving company.

The key to handle a small move in Brooklyn is to compare your options.
Before you decide which small mover to pick, compare the moving quotes and do thorough research.

Here are our thoughts and suggestions about the steps you should take before deciding.

  1. Start your research by looking for local small scale movers and getting quotes from them. You will be surprised how much the costs of a small move can vary. The only way to find the best possible options is to compare different moving quotes.
  2. Afterward, you need to conduct a thorough background check of the movers you are considering. That way, you will be able to distinguish reputable Brooklyn movers from the rogue ones. That includes checking moving reviews online. What better way there is to find a good mover than to hear it from their previous customers? But beware, there are a lot of fake online moving reviews which can lead you in the wrong direction.
  3. Finally, after you’ve made your choice, refrain yourself from moving everything you own. Remember that you’ve signed up for a small move. Also, remember to have some of your belongings insured during the move. Especially the valuable ones.
  4. When it comes to moving itself, even if you are moving nearby, make an inventory of the content. Also, label the boxes properly. That will be of great help after your small move is over.

Now, let’s break down the cost of a small move in Brooklyn

When it comes to prices of small relocations, there are certain rules. For instance, professional moving companies who charge by weight might require a minimum weight for moving your belongings. On the other hand, you can rest assured that your load will be moved safely and at a good price. If you have special requests, the movers may charge you extra for special packing supplies or temporarily storing your belongings. Anyway, don’t forget to ask for an estimate long before you decide on the movers. Also, make sure that the price you arranged with the movers gets into the bill of lading.

Get every aspect of your small move in paper.
Make sure to get all the details of the small move into the bill of lading.

When handling a small move in Brooklyn, there are some disadvantages

As you already assumed, we’ve processed this subject from the angle of hiring professionals for your small move. Of course, there are ways to handle a small move by yourself. But, there are many downsides to this option. For example, it would be rather unprofitable to rent a moving truck for moving just a couple of items. In general, we wouldn’t recommend this option. On the other hand, a small moving has its downsides even when you hire professional movers to handle it. For example, movers will likely combine your belongings with other people to fill up the moving truck. Logically, that may take some time. You will need to wait until they transport your belongings to your final destination. Yet, this wouldn’t have to be a drawback if you are flexible about the time and dates.

Handling a small move isn't always easy.
Of course, there are certain disadvantages of a small relocation.

The summary

In this article, we presented you with the best ways to handle a small move in Brooklyn. But, bear in mind the fact that a city such as Brooklyn, NYC, can be quite unpredictable. Therefore, so can the moving costs. Anyway, we wish you a successful and practical small move. Good luck!

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