Unspoken rules of living in Brooklyn

Some say you need to live in New York for 10 years before you can call yourself a New Yorker. The others 15 or 20 or for life. But, one is for sure, you become Brooklynite once you start obeying certain unspoken rules of living in Brooklyn

What are the most important rules of living in Brooklyn?

After hiring moving and storage Brooklyn and coming to the neighborhood, it’s hard to get used to the rules.

Subway train
Some of them are simply good manners

Here are 22 to get you started:

  1. Never eat on the subway. A rare and mostly unnecessary exception is snacks that do not smell and do not require dishes, that is, a granola bar.
  2. Get out of the middle of the sidewalk if you are going to walk at a snail’s speed. Even better: step aside and pick up the pace.
  3. It’s better not to look into the eyes of people on the subway unless you both consent to eye contact in the form of a flirtatious expression. But, there are plenty of date-night spots in Brooklyn that are better for that.
  4. Juice flowing from garbage bags on the sidewalk always has an advantage.
  5. Never call out anyone for blaming for being late on the subway, even if you know that this is a lie. This saves you the right to lie about delays in the subway.
  6. If you must stand in the pedestrian flow to use your phone, please move as far to the right as possible. Or completely leave the flow.
  7. One of the most important rules of living in Brooklyn – always let people get off the train before boarding.
  8. You can shout at cars that almost hit you if and when you have the right to drive.
  9. If you are trying to catch a taxi at an intersection where many others are doing the same, never go upstream to hail your own. This is very fishy.
  10. Always help the lady with the stroller on the subway stairs.
  11. You are fully and completely allowed to use the emergency exit at each metro station, even in the calmest times, and even if an alarm sounds (but probably it will not).
Exit sign
It might sound strange, but that’s Brooklyn!

Here are some other rules

  1. Do not ask for directions. Find it on the map.
  2. If you see someone you know on the train or on the subway platform, it is OK to just say hello and leave or not recognize each other completely. Almost no one likes small talk.
  3. If you live above the ground floor, always take off your shoes when entering your apartment for the sake of the neighbors below. And if you are moving to Brooklyn with children, try to make as little noise as possible.
  4. Never make a scene about a rat. It is just a rat. You, however, have full permission to panic at the sight of a water bug.
  5. Not carrying cash is always a mistake.
  6. When transferring to subway trains, hurry up the stairs, or you are dead in the minds of those behind you.
  7. Never be an escalefter.
  8. If you need something from a bodega, but the cat lies on the indicated item, you must respect the cat and find your item in another place.
  9. When approaching the subway turnstile, have a MetroCard on hand.
  10. Do not carry a golf umbrella in the rain. Take a normal-sized umbrella.
  11. Never board an empty subway car. It is empty for a reason.

Is the Brooklyn for you?

Now that you have seen some of the unspoken rules of living in Brooklyn, it is understandable to ask that question. Brooklyn is an interesting part of NYC where you can have a lot of fun. If you like fun, then it is definitely for you. Check moving quotes Brooklyn and schedule your move today! And regarding the rules, you will get used to them eventually.

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