Tips for Relocating as a Single Parent

As a single parent, we believe that you are familiar with the fact that nothing is easy. And, while relocation can seem like a daunting task even for couples, a single parent often struggles substantially more. However, we believe that it needn’t be so. With some proper informing and preparation, relocating as a single parent can be quick, efficient and stressless. Let us see what is the best way to approach this undertaking in the following few lines.

Start well in advance

As it is with any activity that involves your little one, you do not have the option to be too spontaneous. Thus, you ought to start planning and preparing on time. That is, as soon as possible. The moment you realize the move is imminent, begin making a list of all important chores you need to take care of. It ought to include:

  • finding your new home
  • finding a proper school for your offspring, as well as enrolling them
  • taking care of your job situation
  • pinpointing childcare and pediatricians

What follows is the tasks that address relocation itself, and should also make it to your list:

  • finding suitable movers and packers Brooklyn
  • acquiring moving supplies
  • making a home inventory for moving
  • packing and labeling
  • Figure out if you are going to need storage. If so, contacting a moving and storage Brooklyn service is the next step.
  • submitting the change of addresses to the post office and others

This is also the time you ought to consider who will take care of your kid come moving day. Childcare is worth considering, while a trustworthy family member or friend can prove to be useful. However, if you’ve hired movers to take care of the relocation, there ought to be enough time to devote to your child on a moving day.

Communication is paramount

The moment you realize the move is certain, prepare to have a talk with your offspring. Not being able to communicate well enough will make this move in a truly onerous and dreary venture. So, be prepared for a long talk, that may turn into multiple conversations over a longer period of time. After all, a move is a big change for any individual, but even more so for a child. You need to ensure them that your relocation is for a greater good. That all of their possessions of choice will follow you into your new home. Ensure them that you will be there throughout the journey and nothing will change in your relationship. After all, they are still highly dependant on you and need such affirmations. Try to portray this transition as a change for the better. Concentrate on all the new opportunities and adventures that await. A lot of new friends and the possibility of arranging and decorating their room all by themselves. These aspects ought to make the child much more open and even joyous about this whole process.

Make your kids part of the process

Besides actually helping you in your relocating as a single parent, such an act will also prove to be of use when it comes to the calmness of your little ones. Make making them a part of the process, you are granting them a certain level of control over this whole conundrum. Just try to imagine the relocation from their point of view. The change itself is happening whether they like it or not, the location of your new home is a matter they have no say in. Not even the date of your transfer is up to them. Finding an adult that will go along with this calmly is virtually impossible, let alone a child. So, it is up to you to include them in the chores that await. No, we don’t mean that they should help you pack your kitchen.

However, if old enough, they ought to be able to pack their room. Perhaps they could assist with packing other rooms as well. When it comes to cleaning, it’s pretty difficult to mess up, so you can trust your kids with some of that work as well. For smaller children, let them decide which one of their toys and clothes go, and which ones stay. Perhaps they can also choose what to eat come moving day. Present them with simple choices that will in return mean a lot.

Visit your new neighborhood before the relocation

As a parent, you have not made the decision about the relocation lightly. But you have certainly made it so that your life and the lives of your kids can be better. If you look at your upcoming relocation in this way, it is actually quite an exciting part of your life. We tend to fear what we don`t know, so the best thing would be if you could visit the neighborhood you are moving to prior to relocation. Both you and your kids will be more relaxed if you visit the new school, park, amenities, and restaurants near your new home.

Your kids will mimic your attitude towards the relocation

Not 100%, but to a large extent, their reaction will be similar to yours if you pay close attention. If your kids are not satisfied with the relocation, ask yourself whether you are completely certain about the relocation? Are you looking forward to it, or dreading it? If you find out that you are dreading the relocation, don`t panic. Discuss this with your kids, as we mentioned communication is the most important piece of this puzzle. When you come to terms with the relocation, your kids will too, so give yourself time. There is no need to expect perfection.

Say goodbye to your old home

It is important that you and your kids have closure before you move to your new home and new life. When all the boxes are packed, labeled, and within the moving truck, take the final tour around the house. Evoke memories and say your final goodbye to your house. It is only then that you will realize that memories live in you and not your home, what is important is that you are moving forward. Although it may be hard to say goodbye, it is usually easier than we think, and this process allows us to leave the past behind and go forward.

Relocating as a single parent is simpler when helping hands are involved

Who said that you need to handle this whole process on your own? Depending on the distance you need to travel, try to find either quality international moving companies Brooklyn or movers who handle local relocations. Hiring reliable Brooklyn movers will take a huge load off your shoulders. Professional movers will be able to handle even those unpredictable instances that could otherwise prove to be detrimental to any alone individual. Asking for help is by no means a sign of weakness. It is perfectly fine to require assistance from time to time, especially when you plan on relocating as a single parent.

You must come to terms with the fact that this undertaking can be too much on you alone. While your long distance movers Brooklyn take care of the whole packing and transport, you will be able to devote all that time to your kids. You can tend to their needs adequately, while the moving company takes care of the rest. Doing so will make this whole relocation process be much less of a nuisance, and more of an adventure.

This includes your friends and family

Just because you are relocating as a single parent, that doesn’t mean that you cannot call your parents, aunts, and cousins to help. You are all a family, after all. If you opt for a DIY move, do not forget that your friends can also mean a lot. If you wonder how to pack your home with ease, asking your friends to help you is a great starting point. So, ask for help and provide pizza and beer in return. We bet that everyone will take you up on such an offer. So, chin up, deep breaths, and take one step at a time. Good luck!

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