Tips for long distance job hunt

It’s never been easier to do a long distance job hunt. With the internet connecting people across the globe, you can easily get a job across the country, or even in a new country! After all, sites like LinkedIn are free and allow potential employers to see your resume from anywhere in the world! But, of course, that means stiff competition. You’re not the only one trying to expand their business horizons. You can safely assume that everyone else has the same idea, and so that bosses are swamped with potential new employees wherever they look. Therefore, you need an edge. You need to really, truly stand out from the crowd! That means you need to seize the potential employer’s attention and convince them that you are a perfect match for a position in their company!

A snazzy dressed Asian woman with a ponytail conducting a long distance job hunt by checking her tablet.
You never know when the dream job offer is gonna happen – you just know it won’t unless you put yourself out there.

Of course, maybe that’s not why you’re moving. Maybe you just want to be closer to your family or friends, and want to have a job before relocating. Maybe you’re moving lockstep with a spouse who got a job already and want to have a job waiting for you too. Or you want something specific, like a museum job in NYC. That does make your long distance job hunt easier, but it also has some complications. You have to know that the local employees have an edge on you. They’re a lot safer investment! The employers don’t have to potentially pay for their relocation, and definitely, don’t have to pay interview travel costs. However, that doesn’t mean you should give up! On the contrary, it means you should try harder!

An important part of your long distance job hunt is knowing your limits

So you’ve been offered a great job, but it’s right in the middle of the school year and you’ve got kids, or you can’t break your lease, or you can’t quit your current job for some reason, or… And you have to refuse. Isn’t that just absolutely heartbreaking? And, if you’ve actually been gunning for that job, it’s even worse! It’s unprofessional. The interviewer might remember you as an unprofessional person, and your career takes a hit. Especially if you’re looking for high-paying jobs in Brooklyn, a very competitive place! So, you absolutely have to have an iron-clad sense of your limits and availability. Businessmen will respect that. Plus, if you’re frank about your availability, plainly stating you will be available for interviews from a certain point, it gives you an edge over people waffling about.

You have to know your industry for a long distance job hunt

Sure, maintaining a LinkedIn profile is good. But, it can’t be the extent of what you do! Sure, someone could reach out to you with a job offer – but that happens to freelancers, since that’s how they operate, not to people looking for a steady salaried job. You have to apply for job positions instead. That means researching – compiling a hit-list of companies in your target location, seeing if they’re hiring, and hitting them with your CV. Of course, the way to the best job you can get is to do research on what the companies are actually like, what the starting salary is, what the pay-scale is, and so on. You don’t want to walk into that job interview unprepared. Plus, that way, if someone tries to scam you by low-balling you, you’ll know! Avoiding job scams is a matter of research, much like avoiding moving scams in Brooklyn.

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Thanks to technology, you can do research on the coffee break of your current job!

Another important but less talked about a staple of a long distance job hunt is looking into local unions. Is there a union in your desired location? Join it. You have to be aware that, as an employee who has freshly moved for a job, you are at risk. Like it or not, you’re fairly vulnerable! No matter if you’re an artist moving your art gallery, or an accountant looking for work after college, you don’t have a support network in your new location right away. So, your boss can easily make demands on your time they wouldn’t make on other employees, and you might feel compelled to accept, lest you be fired right after moving, with your finances drained. Don’t let this happen, and join a union that will protect your rights against unscrupulous bosses.

It’s important to emphasize your skills during a long distance job hunt

Of course, that doesn’t mean lying. That is, it doesn’t mean lying about something you can’t retroactively turn into the truth. Do you want to say you’re more skilled in Excel than you really are? You can look that up and learn Excel skills, so that’s probably fine. Do you want to say that you speak fluent German or Hungarian when you don’t? Well, you can’t learn an entire language in an afternoon, so that’s a lie to veer away from. But you should definitely emphasize your skills and qualities! Plus, if you play your cards right, even the negative can be positive.

  • You’re going to move to a new place to start a new job. That’s all very unfamiliar! So, you can emphasize how good you are at learning new things on the fly, as well as how good you are at adapting and how well you do when thrust into new situations. After all, this whole experience is a new situation!
  • When you’re on a long distance job hunt, you don’t need to stick to the big-name companies. Younger companies might be more willing to take a risk on you! Of course, you should still expect them to pay for your Brooklyn moving quotes. And, if you get acclimatized to the new city and job market after moving, and want to switch to a bigger company to make more money, well that’s a personal choice.

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