Tips for living in smaller NYC spaces

New York City is one of the most beautiful places in the world. You can be and do anything you want here. That is why so many people want to live here. But, being one of the most desirable places in the world to live in, means NYC is quite expensive as well. So, you might want to consider living in one of the smaller NYC spaces. And that might seem like a problem but it doesn’t have to be if you know how to make the most of it. All you have to do is make sure you use as much of the space as you can and it will be great. NYC is one of the best places to live in and that is why it’s worth living in a small apartment.

Why should you choose a small apartment?

There are many ways to better your apartment, and if it’s small, you will find it easy to make the best of it. Small apartments might seem like something you won’t like, but more and more people choose to live in them. Living in smaller NYC spaces means your taxes will be less, your bills will be smaller, you have more locations to choose from and your rent will be smaller as well. In case you have belongings you don’t use, you can get a storage Brooklyn and store them. So getting a small apartment is not at all a bad idea. More and more people are living in smaller spaces. It’s much more affordable, and it’s great if you manage to use the space it offers you.
living in smaller NYC spaces- a small apartment
Living in a small apartment is going to be great if you work on it

How can you make living in smaller NYC spaces better?

There are many ways for you to make sure you use your small apartment to the fullest. Using as much space as possible will ensure you end up having plants of it, but make sure you have a blueprint before hiring some of the best movers New York has to offer to move you to your new home.  This way you can make sure all of your furniture fits. Some of the things you can do that will make you love your home are:
  • Make sure your apartment is always clean and that way it won’t look cramped
  • Get some mirrors and put them up
  • Bright colors will make it look more spacious
  • If you have big windows looking down on some of the NYC streets, keep them visible
  • Get some of the transforming furniture so you have more space, it makes the smaller NYC spaces look bigger
  • Smaller kitchen appliances are great for saving up your space if you choose to live in smaller NYC spaces
  • Get smaller carpets, they will make a room look larger
  • Do not decorate too much, and if you have antique furniture or decorations, make sure you get the antique furniture movers NYC to help you out
Using the best ideas for making your small apartment look bigger is not hard but can make all the difference. So make sure you use at least a few of them to get the best results. 

Clean is better

Not just for this purpose, but if you keep your home clean, it will look bigger. That is because it won’t look messy and overcrowded, so it will help you out a lot. 
Keeping your home clean will make it look nicer

Mirrors are a great choice

Mirrors, especially if you hang them one across the other, it will make your home look bigger as well. And you can be sure that more light will be in your rooms as well. The lighter space, the bigger it looks.

Bright colors are a must

Dark colors will make your home look small and unattractive, so avoid them at all costs. On the other hand, bright colors will make space look bigger and they will make you feel better. It is a great combination.

Windows and natural lighting

If you have a great view, that is one more reason to leave the curtains out of your home. More natural light means more visual space so you should definitely think about it if you are living in smaller NYC spaces.

 living in smaller NYC spaces- a window
If you have a great view, it’s easier to make your home look bigger

Shapeshifting furniture

Living in a small space is easier if you have things like beds that turn to sofas, chairs that fit under the table and other kinds of furniture that will save your space. 

Small kitchen and kitchen appliances are a great choice if you are living in smaller NYC spaces

In NYC, street food is amazing and that is why you probably won’t use your kitchen as much. So you can save some space here. Get small kitchen alliances, like a small fridge, stove, and others. This way you will make more room.

Small details count

If you need a rug, get a small one, it’s a great way to make your home look bigger. Choose simple patterns, even the ones that only have one color will do the trick. If you move, your residential movers will move these small items easier. And they take up just a little space.
A rug
Small details like rug will help a lot

Decorations should be downsized

If you need to decorate, make sure the items you display are not too big or tacky. If they are, it will consume the space and your rooms will look smaller. If you have fragile decorations, make sure you get the professional packing service. It is really important not to damage anything that you want to use inside of your home.
Once you made sure everything is in its place, you will be able to enjoy your home. Living in smaller NYC spaces is a great choice, that is why so many people choose to do it. You will love it as well, and it is much cheaper so you can save your money for other things, like travel or something alike. You might not be able to have parties at your home but you will be able to enjoy it with your close friends. If you are willing to live in a small apartment, you can live downtown or at least really close to it and that is a big plus. Once you decide to have your own family, you can move to a bigger home.

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