Things you must do in NYC this fall

If you are in NYC there are some things you must do in NYC this fall. If you are not sure, how to have fun while in New York during this autumn we are here to help you. Spending fall in New York is a beautiful experience. And you are very lucky for being in one of the most beautiful and coolest cities in the world during this beautiful season. Also, if you are moving to New York this fall make sure to check  Brooklyn movers in order to have the best moving experience. Once you resolve that part, let´s see what can you do in NYC this fall.


Well, first of all, fall in New York can be the most beautiful experience ever. This city has that something special, from the first colder day, and from the first time that you have to get a blanket out of a closet you can smell the fall in the air. This is something that cannot be described with words, it is something that you will feel once you arrive in New York. There is a variety of things that you can do in New York not only during the fall but the whole year-round. You will never go wrong if you go and visit some of the art galleries in New York, or simply stroll through Central Park can be so relaxing.

fall in Central park
NYC is beautiful in this part of the year

However, since the beautiful fall is upon us, let’s see what can you do in NYC this fall. Oh, and speaking of art, if in need check out fine art storage NYC, to have your valuable art stored safely.

So many things to do in NYC this fall

We already mentioned that there are so many things to do in NYC whole year around. New York is a great touristic place if you are not up to going to the Metropolitan Museum, or something similar, you can always simply go to one of the awesome sports bars that NYC has in its offer. This fall is bringing so many different festivals in New York, so you are all set. You will have so much fun. Here are some of them:

  • San Gennaro festival
  • Coffee festival
  • Halloween
  • Fashion Week

San Gennaro festival

So, if you are that lucky to be in New York during the month of September, then you have to visit the San Gennaro festival. It is almost a must. This is a great even that includes a huge feast where you can have so much fun while trying delicious food in Little Italy. It can’t get better than that. You can eat the best cannoli in the world during the festival, and also you can participate in an eating contest. All that while listening to some great music bands. So all in all really good way to spend your days in New York.

Just enjoy the moment

When the fall comes New York has something that other cities don’t. That something is such a special sunset and sunrise. If you are on a vacation in NYC then you probably won’t be interested in watching the sunrise. No matter how pretty it is, let’s be honest, nobody likes to get up that early while on vacation. However, you should take advantage of being in New York during the fall season, and enjoy the moment of sunset with a hot cup of coffee between your hands. Also, there are so many great coffee places to visit to even count from where you can enjoy the sunset.

Visit Coffee festival are among things to do in NYC this fall

Since we already mentioned coffee, while in New York, you can visit a coffee festival while there. If you are a coffee lover, then this is something you shouldn’t miss. This festival takes place in October. So the bad news is that you cannot visit the San Gennaro festival and Coffee festival because they are a month apart. Except if you are living in New York, then you are golden. The good news is that visiting a coffee festival means that you will know for a fact where you can find that delicious cup of coffee.

Coffee cup with coffee beans
Enjoy the best coffee!

Do you like fashion?

So, as New York doesn’t have enough events to visit during the fall, there is also a fashion week. This is something you should visit if you like fashion. You will get to see new collections of a lot of famous designers from all over the world. The world fashion will get together in one city during that one special week, and that city is New York. Also, there will be a lot of celebrities wearing the last scream of fashion. So, if this is something that you may find interesting do not miss it!

The thing to do in NYC this fall? Halloween!

So, another thing to do in NYC this fall is to visit yet another festival. This time we are talking about Halloween festival. Of course, for this, you will need a good costume. And that is something you may find in a number of costumes stores in NYC. This festival starts in the Village in NYC usually after dark which makes sense since it is a Halloween festival. So, make sure to find the right costume and have a lot of fun at this festival. Even though it is really fun, also it can get crowded due to this holiday popularity.

Halloween pumpkin
Be a part of Halloween

If we get to mention all of the things that you can do in NYC this fall, we would never finish this article. So, these are only a few of the many things that you can do this fall. Do a bit of more investigation and you will find even more things to do. And that is in case this is not enough for you. Either way, you will have a great time in this awesome city! Enjoy!

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