Things to know about statue moving

There is nothing that causes more headaches to people when moving than packing and preparing things for relocation. But what if that shipment contains some breakable and delicate items such as artwork or statues? Then, the measures of precaution need to be brought on a higher level. You’ll agree that nothing can be left to chance. Therefore, if you’re planning on moving statues or anything that requires special attention, you will need to follow some rules and be extra careful. For those of you who seek an additional form of security when statue moving, there’s statue moving company NYC which you can contact to help you out. And if you want to learn more about this whole matter, take a look at this article.

Statue moving requires a gentle touch

As we already mentioned, statues are sculptures that are pretty tricky to handle. One of the reasons is that they come in many different shapes and forms. This means that they can be tiny, but fragile or robust and extremely heavy. This already speaks enough for itself. Therefore, the strength is not the key factor here. Proper technique and strategy are. Because of their concept, they are easily damaged. Another thing worth mentioning is that no sculpture should start its journey without it being properly taken care of and protected in a suitable way. So, if you have many rooms to pack and if, inside one of them you have statues, we suggest that you leave that room for the end.

a feather
As gentle as the touch of a feather, that’s how to handle statue moving

For statue moving, you need proper preparation

Whether you decide to hire a professional statue moving company or try your luck by doing it yourself, one thing is for sure, you can’t go on with the venture without having all the details settled. This means that you will need to know exactly what step comes after another. This way you will lower the risk of serious damages and mistakes. And when it comes to sculptures artwork, mistakes are simply forbidden. You see, one wrong step could jeopardize the whole operation. And we are sure that your collection of statues is too valuable for you. This is why, our recommendation is, to begin with, preparations on time. Put on a paper all the tasks. After that, design a plan by which you will realize all these ideas.

Take as much time as needed

We know that time is sometimes not our biggest ally. Deadlines for moving out or for transporting things are usually tight. This makes people work faster, but also make more mistakes. For some, it is important to wait for the cheapest time to move, and others just fail to organize themselves and manage the time right. But when it comes to moving statue, you will need to use all the time you have. But you will need to use it wisely. Every moment counts and double-checking is a must. Work with care and without haste. That never brought any good to anyone.

Appropriate statue packing

Probably one of the biggest challenges when it comes to statue moving is packing. Considering the fact that these items are very delicate, there is always a risk of them getting damaged. If they are huge and of strange shape, it might be really difficult to wrap them and protect them enough to endure transportation. Sometimes the best is to crate them, especially if you have a valuable collection of art pieces. This will provide them additional security. Art Crating NYC can offer you their professional services.

an angel figure
It doesn’t matter if the statue is small or big, they need to be properly packed

With them by your side, moving statues and art will be a piece of cake. The secret is in their rich experience with art and statue handling. They know exactly how to approach every kind of art pieces and sculptures. Moreover, they will bring their finest packing materials. Watching them in action will seem as if crating art and statues is the easiest job on Earth.

Gather all the boxes and packing materials

As we already mentioned, when preparing statues for transportation, you need to make sure that they properly packed and well-enough secured. In case you choose a professional company to do it for you then the job will be a lot easier. And even so, we strongly recommend you to check each and every item. On the other hand, should you choose to go through the process yourself, our recommendation is getting quality packing material. Make sure you have things such as:

  • Boxes of different sizes
  • Packing paper
  • Packing foam
  • Enough of packing tape

Note: When taking moving boxes, inspect them thoroughly. Look if there are any damages. It is important for boxes to be sturdy and in good shape. They need to endure the weight and enable safe transport of the cargo. The road can be bumpy and long. This is why we put so much accent on the quality of packing materials. Also, use the additional materials, such as bubble wrap or packing foam to wrap these items to absorb the bumps on the road.

labeled boxes
Put appropriate labels on every box

Label boxes

One of the last steps before your statues hit the road, is labeling boxes. This is especially important if you’re moving other kinds of items, rather than just statues. This way you will clear out the doubt which box contains what kind of items. All of the boxes with statues inside should have a label ‘Fragile’ over them. If you call movers for help, this will be a clear sign to pay extra attention to these boxes. Safe loading is equally important as safe and careful packing. Only like that will you be sure that your items are being handled well.

Statue moving is definitely one of the most difficult and one of the trickiest items to pack and transport. However, if you follow all the steps and have professionals with experience, your status will adorn your new home.

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