Things People Forget When Moving Interstate

There’s nothing worse than realizing you’ve forgotten something important when moving. Of course, the dread rises the farther you move – conceivably, you could return for your item if you moved to the other side of the city, or a neighboring city, or anywhere local moving. But moving interstate? That’s a lot of effort, and a lot of gas money or bus ticket. And right after moving, when everything is in chaos and you need to stay focused and unpack? That’s incredibly difficult to accomplish. So, ideally, you wouldn’t forget any of the things people forget when moving interstate – but just in case, think about making yourself a handy reminder. A checklist can do wonders if you utilize it right! So how do you do that?

A person making a dainty looking checklist.
There’s no need to get fancy – a simple checklist will do. You could even have it on a phone app if you aren’t the type to forget it exists.

People forget their medicine when moving interstate

It happens surprisingly often! You’d think that your medical records being invaluable would prompt people to pack their medication, right? But medicine is one of the biggest things people forget when moving interstate! Well, in the chaos and disorganization of a move, especially if you’re moving to Brooklyn with a child or a pet, it can easily slip your mind. Especially if it’s something chronic that you take fairly regularly. You just don’t think about it as something that you need to pay special attention to, because it’s so ingrained in your daily routine. However, that’s one routine you can’t disturb.

Multicolored pills scattered around - those are one of the most common things people forget when moving interstate!
Not only can your medication be expensive, but it can also be difficult to replace.

It is vital to have your medicine with you when moving interstate

Because this is by far the most dangerous thing to forget. If you forget your documents, you’ll pay a hefty sum, but you’ll get them back. If you forget something valuable, well, you’ll regret it, but you can buy a new one. But if you forget your medicine – well, not only do you have to worry about withdrawal if it’s antidepressants or something similar, but getting new ones takes time. And you’re taking those meds for a reason – it can be dangerous to stop them suddenly! The more time your new state doctors need to process this, the more time you’re without valuable medication. That can be life-threatening. And, of course, insurance can be such a drag – you might have to pay out of pocket if they don’t believe you losing them. And if it’s a controlled substance, you might not be able to get more soon enough!

Not only can your medication be expensive, but it can also be difficult to replace. This is just one of the things that people usually forget when moving interstate.

Don’t forget to pick up items you’ve had dry-cleaned

This one is really easy to forget. After all, it’s not something you have eyes on – it’s safe and sound at the cleaners! In the hustle and bustle of moving, you can easily forget you’ve had that swanky dress or expensive suit dry-cleaned. And, that makes sense – few people regularly dry-clean things they wear often. It’s usually just the things you wear in a  black-tie dress code. If you’ve taken your special occasion outfit to the cleaning, you can easily forget about it, since you have so many other things to do. And it’s not like you wear it often, so you can easily forget it’s not there. But, it would be a damn shame to end up without a sleek, fancy piece of clothing! So, you should include a visit to the dry-cleaners on your perfect moving checklist.

Don’t forget whatever you’ve had in storage

People are always on the lookout for good storage Brooklyn solutions. But what happens when they have to move interstate? Well, there’s a non-zero chance they forget about what they have in store, only to be rudely reminded by next month’s bill. Don’t be one of those people. Alongside canceling gym subscriptions, newspaper subscriptions, and other things you won’t use anymore, cancel your storage and either move the items with you or get rid of them.

A man wearing a dark blue suit with a bowtie and fancy shoes. He has a watch.
Fancy clothing is very expensive as a rule. It would be sad if you forgot it just because you didn’t pick it up on time!

Remember that you can always sell those items when moving interstate

Pro-tip: if you’re unwilling to pay the transport costs, you don’t need the items as much as you think, so sell them online or at a yard sale. Or gift them to friends! If the items hold value to you, you won’t hesitate to find the movers that can do the job, even if it’s for off-the-wall things like statue movers NYC. Items in storage are high on the list of things people forget when moving interstate, so double-check whether you have emptied your storage unit.

People forget their essentials bags fairly often

Have you heard of the essentials bag? It’s everything you need to survive incivility until you unpack. Of course, unpacking immediately after a long distance, the interstate move is practically unheard of, especially if you’re unpacking with a plan. So, people make these bags with things they need immediately, so they’re not frantically running to the store to get toilet paper or tearing apart boxes to fine cutlery. And things from it get forgotten surprisingly often. Of course, it makes sense – it’s less about forgetting things and more about forgetting to make them accessible. But what’s in an emergency bag?

  • Some of the things people forget when moving interstate aren’t tragic, but just mean that they won’t spend their first day comfortably. Toilet paper is a staple that gets forgotten relatively often.
  • A change of clothes for every family member, too.
  • A towel per person, and maybe a shower curtain – traveling is sweaty!
  • Either paper plates and napkins, or a plate and cutlery set with a cup for everybody. That depends on if you worry about your plates breaking in your bag.
  • Something you can cook easily, or money for takeout. Pizza has never been so tempting!
  • Pack the important documents for easy access – like your Brooklyn moving quotes and other important bills. You don’t wanna lose it!

People forget to turn off their utilities when moving interstate

This may not even be as bad as forgetting to turn them on at your new home, though. One of the most common things people forget when moving interstate is to turn off the electricity, water, heating, etc. at their old home. While it is important to have all these services turned on on your moving day, you won`t be needing them anymore, for sure. Also, if you are moving in the winter make sure that your utilities will be turned on at your new house. Imagine finally arriving at your dream house only to find out that it is freezingly cold outside, and there is no water as well.

Labeling boxes is important when moving interstate

The moving boxes with your items will be going a long way to your new home. While you may be tempted to leave them unlabeled, or you simply forget to label them, we strongly encourage you to keep this in mind. Labeling boxes will prevent any breakage of your fragile items during transport. It will also make it easier for you to unpack, as you will know exactly where each box belongs.

People usually forget to throw a goodbye party when moving interstate

And they regret it later on. Moving away is stressful, and you feel the adrenaline pumping through your body, so it is only natural that you forget a few important things. One of them is certainly throwing a farewell party. Saying goodbye to your friends and family members is something that should take place in form of a party, or as you like it.

Group of People Tossing Wine Glass on a Farewell Party When Moving Interstate
Having a farewell party is a great way to say goodbye before your interstate moving

It does not have to be a huge party

Call a couple of your dearest ones to your home for a few drinks, pizzas, or any other meal. Or you can take them out to your favorite bar. Soon you will be meeting new people and going to different bars, so you should never forget to throw a goodbye party before you leave. No matter how many things there are on your list waiting to be ticked off, there is always a bit of time for having fun.

People often forget to tip their movers

While tipping movers is not at all obligatory, most people are glad to do it. This is only if they are highly satisfied with the service provided. Tipping movers requires that you have a few bills that you will hand out to the foreman or to every mover that helped you. When moving interstate, you will probably have two crews working on transporting your items. You should tip both of them, as they are equally responsible for your belongings. If you don`t want to tip your movers as they did not deserve it, that is completely fine. But we suggest leaving the money for tipping aside so that you are prepared for it when the time comes.

Arranging for the babysitter on a moving day

Moving interstate is super stressful for adults, let alone for children and pets. Having your furry friends running around will do you and your movers no good at all. Don`t forget to ask someone to take care of your kids and pets while the movers are taking all the items out of your home. You will avoid potential injuries, delays, and stress related to moving in this way. Good luck!

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