The ultimate long distance moving day checklist

One of the most personal experiences you’ll have in your life is moving. Especially if you have to move across the country. A long-distance move is a fresh opportunity to expand your horizons and challenge yourself in an unfamiliar setting. On the other hand, it is always a mixture of emotions and challenges. Anyway, hiring long distance movers Brooklyn will help you prepare for a long-distance move. But, we always recommend making a long-distance moving day checklist. It will help you not to make mistakes and oversights. So, we will help you to properly plan the long-distance move and make yourself a useful moving day checklist.

Every good long-distance moving day checklist starts with decluttering

When it comes to relocation, your stuff can cause many complications. People who want to avoid complications at any cost hire Flatbush movers. Anyway, it is important to begin your long-distance moving day checklist with decluttering your house. So, declutter room by room and drawer by drawer. There are so many ways to get rid of unnecessary items. For example, you can donate, organize a yard sale, or give your clothes away. As soon as you know you are moving, start to declutter. In the meantime, if you need to store things, find some storage facilities to store your belongings. Get in touch with moving companies and ask for a rough estimate.

Include decluttering to your long distance moving day checklist.
Use the opportunity and add decluttering to your long-distance moving day checklist.

Every long-distance moving day checklist must contain good organization

As you already know, the key to a successful relocation is a good organization. It has to be present in every aspect of your relocation. Especially if you plan to move long-distance. So, here are some tips about the organization of the relocation.

  • Notify your landlord about your move. Also, inform the post office, utilities, phone services, and all the other personal service providers. For example doctors, dentists, accountant, and attorney.
  • Gather all the papers and records that are important to you, label them and keep them in one file. Furthermore, these kinds of files have to travel with you. So, don’t forget to include them in your long-distance moving day checklist.
  • Don’t forget to cancel physical newspaper subscriptions and gym memberships.
  • Before traveling, get your car serviced. Also, switch any insurance that can’t travel with you to your new location.

A reliable long-distance moving day checklist has to include the essentials

Okay, so the moving day is just around the corner. There are still many more things to be done before you leave your current household. All of them are necessary for your safety and the safety of all residents in the building.

Notifications and certain actions are an important aspect of your moving day checklist

First, don’t forget to defrost your refrigerator or freezer and drain all water hoses. It is important to reduce any possibility of water to make damage. In that context, you must disconnect your washing machine and drain water. Then, when it comes to electricity plugs, check with the manufacturer to ensure all appliances are correctly prepared for moving. Arrange for electricity and gas companies to disconnect any fittings from the supply. Empty all gas cylinders, but first, verify if they may be shipped to your destination.

Your long distance moving day checklist should include safety.
Don’t forget that you should keep your apartment safe even after you move out. 

Resolve all the remain issues before moving to a different location

A long-distance relocation is a right time to dispose of the items you don’t wish to take with you. Organize a yard sale, or simply donate your belongings to those in need. When it comes to borrowed items, return the books you’ve previously borrowed. Furthermore, remove your fixtures and fittings from the walls. Finally, put important items such as passports and tickets in your personal luggage. And last but not least, arrange for someone to look after your children when the packing days come. If no one is available, there are all sorts of ways to get your kids entertained while you’re moving.

Packing tips that are important for your long-distance relocation day checklist

There are a few key objectives and safe packing tips for packing.

Prepare boxes for the arrival day

You have to think in advance if you want your long-distance relocation to be successful. That’s why you have to prepare “camp-out” boxes for the arrival day. These boxes have to contain basic bedding, a change of clothes and pajamas for everyone, and basic toiletries. That includes toilet paper, soap, towels, toothpaste, and toothbrushes and all the other personal care items. Also, you have to pack lightbulbs, flashlights and batteries, cups and utensils. Then, you have to prepare the items important for meals and refreshments. For example, you should prepare napkins and paper plates, the coffee maker and some coffee. All of these items should be loaded last and unpacked first.

Labelling boxes will help you during your long-distance relocation.
Colorful sticky notes and labels will help you to organize a long-distance relocation like a pro.

Easy tips for packing for a long-distance move

There are several rules when it comes to packing. They are even more important if you are moving long-distance. So, begin by putting lighter items such as pillows in bigger boxes. On the other hand, pack heavier items such as books in smaller boxes. After you’ve finished packing your items into boxes, there is more. You should layer and cushion everything to minimize the possibility of breakage. Finally, create a checklist with color-coded labels for boxes. That will ease up the process in so many ways. Also, label every box by room in your new home and number it. You can easily track the boxes and unpack them.

We are approaching the end of our long-distance moving day checklist

After you’ve finished packing, check the boxes and items ready for a new location off your list. Before finally leaving your current residence, make sure nothing is missing. Also, when the movers come, don’t forget some simple rules. Don’t forget to tip your movers. Even though there are different opinions on this matter, we strongly recommend you give them reasonable tips.

That’s a wrap

Due to the complexity of relocations, those were the most important things to include in your long-distance moving day checklist. Of course, there is always so much more. Anyway, we hope that you can benefit from this article and be prepared for the moving day. We wish you good luck.

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