The safest NYC neighborhoods for families

Moving to New York sounds pretty exciting to most people. And how could it not be? NYC is one of the world’s most famous cities. A city where chasing a dream is almost like a lifestyle. And we are sure that you’re familiar with the famous saying “If you make it here, you’ll make it everywhere”. Certainly, this is a city that can give you everything and where you need to give your best. One of the most important things to settle once you decide to move here permanently, or for some time, is choosing a part of the city where you’ll reside, especially if moving with the family. You’ll need to make sure that the neighborhood is convenient for your children as well. So, take a look at this article in between packing and labeling boxes, and find out which are the safest NYC neighborhoods for families.

Choosing among the safest NYC neighborhoods for families
Choosing an appropriate neighborhood is an important question

Note: Lifestyle in NYC can be quite different from everything you’ve experienced before. However, its diversity and the melting pot of different cultures and world languages you can hear while walking down the street make it so unique.

But how to determine how safe a neighborhood is?

When defining the level of security in a neighborhood, it is important to take into consideration the crime-rate. For years, some NYC boroughs have had a notorious status of not being so safe. A borough that needs to be avoided for your own safety. The situation is a lot different today, but in our list of the safest NYC neighborhoods for families, we will mostly pay attention to this aspect of a neighborhood. It should help future home buyers or renters consider their housing options. The list will include neighborhoods with the least number of violent and non-violent crimes for per-capita. Hopefully, these pieces of information will help you keep your sanity when preparing for moving. So, if you agree, let us take a look.

1.      Sutton Place

With its population of 7,200 residents and an extremely low crime-rate, Sutton Place has found its spot on our list. This Manhattan neighborhood is very suitable for families with children. It has a great choice of education facilities. The official data says that the percentage of people with a bachelor’s and master’s degree is around 36. If you opt for this neighborhood, you are sure to expect a great variety of housing. Just make sure to choose the cheapest time to relocate to NYC so that more money could be used for purchasing or renting a bigger house.

2.      Battery Park City

Coming to this neighborhood will not leave you disappointed. It has beautiful parks, an abundance of restaurants and schools to choose from. It is almost a double larger than the previously mentioned Sutton Place, and it has a much larger population. The latest information you can check out at tell us that Battery park is among the safest NYC neighborhoods for families. The majority of its residents feel safe here and would recommend it to families with young children.

A mother with her child
For the safety of your family, choosing the best neighborhood is a must

3.      Chelsea

Another Manhattan neighborhood is found on our list of top-rated places based on their safety. Although the cost of living and the price of housing is not as affordable as some other neighborhoods on the list, you will be happy to hear that it is amazing for families, as well as young professionals. The crime rate is at a satisfactorily low level. So go ahead, ask your residential movers to help you find the perfect real estate for you and the family and immerse yourself in the beauty of this great NYC area.

4.      Sea Gate as one of the safest NYC neighborhoods for families

Perhaps it’s not one of the most popular neighborhoods in New York, but trust us, this place is perfect for families with young and school-age children. The crime rate is among the lowest in the whole New York area, so you can freely let your kids go alone to school without a fear that something bad will happen to them. In addition to this, we presume that you’ll also be pleased with the information that public schools are rated with top grades.

5.      Borough Park

This Brooklyn neighborhood offers a real urban vibe. It is the most famous for its A+ nightlife, a great offer of bars but also for its beautiful parks and public schools that are above average. As for the crime rate, there have been reported some assaults and robberies, but overall, this is one very safe neighborhood, and if you choose to settle in here, you can also use the convenience of storage Brooklyn to store away everything that can’t find its place in your home for a time being.

6.      Fort Greene

One of the first things that will grab your attention is a tree-lined street. If you are a fan of classical brownstone buildings that Brooklyn is so famous for, and you enjoy diversity, then this is the perfect place for you. For relaxation, visit some of the numerous parks, and museums.

A street in Brooklyn
Enjoy in the beautiful Brooklyn neighborhood

7.      Tribeca

Our lucky number 7 is reserved for Tribeca. Perhaps the old industrial style of buildings will not win you over, but let us tell you that many have been reconstructed into spacious, luxurious loft space. This has affected the price of housing a little bit. On the other hand, nothing can stop its nightlife from being absolutely amazing. And you can go around and explore the area feeling safely among the fellow residents of Tribeca.

Exploring New York can turn out to be very adventurous. If you have some free time, perhaps you could take a tour and search for the safest NYC neighborhoods for families by yourself. Maybe you will find some other options apart from the given suggestions. Either case, you’ll experience a lot of change so you better be prepared for a fast pace of life.

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