The best housewarming gifts for new homeowners

If you are invited to a house warming party, then obviously you won’t go there empty-handed. A present is in order. However, the question is, what to buy? Well, usually you are the one who knows them and therefore you may think of the perfect present. However, that is not the rule. Sometimes, you simply do not have an idea on what to buy for them. That is why we are here to help you. Housewarming gifts for new homeowners should be something that they will really like, so let’s think what does a new Brooklyn homeowner needs. We will give you some great ideas, and your jo is to choose, based on what do you think that they would like, and based on your price range, because that is another thing we should consider, right?

Food is always a housewarming gift for new homeowners

Ok, so the first thing that comes to our minds is food. It is completely normal to consider this as one of the options for housewarming gifts for new homeowners. However, this absolutely does not mean that you should go to some burger shop. This means that you should bake something yourself. This is the best way to give them a proper welcome to the neighborhood. Baked goods are delicious, and everyone will welcome this type of gift. Also, it is personal and yet not expensive.


What a new homeowner may always need is a new pair of sheets. There are so many stores where you can purchase this item, and it goes on the list of perfect housewarming gifts for new homeowners for a reason. Under sheets, we also count blankets. Buying a fuzzy, comfortable blanket, especially if they have moved in the wintertime is definitely a way to go. So, think about this present, you cannot go wrong.

One of the best housewarming gifts for new homeowners – Set of dishes

Definitely, one of the best housewarming gifts for new homeowners is a set of dishes. However, this can cost you a bit more. Finding a good set of dishes is easy when you are not on a budget, but you can always find it on some sale. Buying dishes as a housewarming present is a real deal because any new homeowner would appreciate this, especially if something got broken in the transport, or maybe they haven’t even unpacked the set of dishes they already have. Either way, this is a really nice housewarming present.

Set of tools

What every house must have is a set of tools. This present is really straightforward and useful. Anybody who is throwing a house warming party would be extremely happy to get such a present. Men, women or a family, it doesn’t matter. People should have at list one set of tools in their house. If nothing, then to give it to handyman that came to fix something.

set of tools
Tools are one of the most useful gifts

Flowers as one of the best housewarming gifts for new homeowners

You cannot go wrong with flowers. However, more appropriate housewarming gifts for new homeowners are a pot with flowers. Something that they can grow. Maybe it can be their first flower in the garden. So, this type of present can mean a lot to them, and it can represent your growing friendship. So, if you are going to a house warming party to your best friends, this can be the perfect gift.

Gift cards

If you have no idea what to buy, you can always rely on gift cards. Almost any shop has them. You simply chose a store, ask for a gift card, tell the clerk how much money should he o she put on that gift card and that is it. Have a nice envelope in which you can put the card in. You are good to go. This is the simplest way possible.

A picture is a good housewarming gift for new homeowners

So, you may decide to buy a more valuable gift. Of course, this depends on how close are you to the new homeowners. If you are close, and you want to spend extra money on their housewarming present, this is it. Buying a work of art, it’s not cheap, but it is definitely something that can last forever, and something that will make their new home even prettier then it already is. What is really great is that they can keep it in fine art storage NYC, until they unpack completely and until they decide where to hang her. As we already said, this does not come cheap.

pictures on the wall
It is a more expensive option, but will always remind them of you

A fancy chair

Another not so cheap gift is a pretty unique chair. You can find these in vintage and antique stores. What is interesting is that there are antique furniture movers NYC who can move this item for you so you don’t have to worry about that. It can really be a great surprise for them. You can have it delivered before the party so that surprise is even bigger. So, here are some of the housewarming gifts for new homeowners we mentioned so far for you to choose from:

  • Homemade food
  • Sheets
  • Set of dishes
  • Set of tools
  • Pot flowers
  • A picture
  • A chair
fancy chair
You can get them a unique chair

There are so many more perfect gifts such as wine for example. This gift can be expensive, but it doesn’t have to. There are some good bottles of wine at reasonable prices. We really hope we helped and gave you some great propositions on what to buy for a housewarming party. There are a lot more options to choose from and finding the perfect gift can be hard because of that. So, think hard what would your friends like the most, and of course, follow your budget.


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