The best dog-friendly places in Brooklyn

So, you’re moving to Brooklyn with your pet. Or maybe you’re just visiting Brooklyn and don’t want your four-legged friend to feel left out. No matter the reason, you’re on the lookout for the best dog-friendly places in Brooklyn. Well, we have good news – Brooklyn is fairly dog-friendly as a whole! Of course, there are places your friend can’t accompany you, so it’s important to be realistic. No matter how good your dog’s table manners are, he’s not invited in a four-star restaurant! But, you don’t need a four-star restaurant to explore Brooklyn. Honestly, the real soul of Brooklyn lies in the streets, in the mom and pop stores and down to earth eateries, not in glitz and glamour of the elites. There are many fun outdoor activities to do in Brooklyn that can easily accommodate your best boy or girl.

A cute little corgi dog with it's tongue all hanging out - it's happy to see you! Of course you want only the best dog-friendly places in Brooklyn for this little fella!
Your dog is your stalwart companion. Of course, you want only the best dog-friendly places in Brooklyn!

Thankfully, there are so many dog-friendly places in Brooklyn that you can easily pick and choose what suits your fancy. But, due to health regulations, a lot of those places will be either outdoors or outdoors-adjacent. Brooklyn loves its dogs so much the city passed a ‘dining with dogs’ rule – meaning you can take your puppy to chow down with you in many outdoor patios! Just one of the reasons why Brooklyn is the best place for you! This is a lot of fun, especially in the summer. But, of course, be aware – a lot of people are doing this, which means there will be a lot of new dogs around your puppy. It’s your responsibility to know your dog’s socialization levels – if your puppy is nervous and growls or bites at strangers and strange dogs, reconsider this plan!

Bars and restaurants are among the best dog-friendly places in Brooklyn

New Yorkers love their casual coffee and casual drinks. Bring your dog into the mix, and there’s no end of fun! Some bars have actually started catering to the dog-loving clientele – as they should. For example, the Lucky Dog bar is a great place to visit with your pup. The bar encourages people bringing their puppies, and the dogs interacting on their own terms. Plus, $6 beer pitchers. What’s not to like? Who doesn’t want to drink alcohol while surrounded by a lot of dogs? Of course, as it’s specifically catering to people with dogs, don’t bring your barking boy if he can’t play well with others!

  • New Yorkers love their shady dives. For example, a famous dog-catering bar is Williamsburg’s The Leevee, a cheap dive bar that is exactly what they advertise: “Beer. Booze. Pool. Dogs.” And what an amazing marketing slogan that is! You can count us in for sure. There’s a big back yard, a dinky jukebox, a dartboard (exactly what a bar needs) all with a certain kind of genuine aesthetics NYC loves.
  • The Sunshine Laundromat in Brooklyn is an eclectic mix – it actually is a real laundromat. But it’s also a pinball center, and in a stroke of New York genius, it’s also a bar. It’s also a bar that allows dogs! Who knew mixing zany things with alcohol would produce great results?
  • Mission Dolores is bordering Prospect Park and Gowanus. It’s definitely one of the best dog-friendly places in Brooklyn, just because if it’s location – Prospect Park is where people walk their dogs!
  • There’s a bit of a trend which you will see if you move to Williamsburg where the dogs-and-drinking scene is absolutely dominant. For example, there’s Café de La Esquina, which pioneered the Puppy Brunch. This charming outdoors café serves excellent Mexican food, and margaritas! What are you waiting for?

Most parks are the best dog-friendly places in Brooklyn

Of course, for some breeds of dogs, just frequent walks are perfectly fine. But others are energetic little darlings and need a bit more stimulation. That’s where parks where they can be free come in! For example, there’s the Fort Greene Park, where dogs can run free, without any leash or anything, before 9 a.m. and after 9 p.m. This might seem unfair, but kids frequent that park, too! Speaking of Fort Greene, the park hosts an annual Halloween parade, called The Great PUPkin, and it’s one of the best events in New York. Who doesn’t want to see a bunch of adorable dogs prancing around in Halloween costumes? There’s a reason Fort Greene movers are in business – this might contribute.

A cute pug playing tug-the-rope. It's a selective focus photograph, and the pug is only a puppy.
There’s no need to keep your puppy indoors!

Dog runs are definitely something you need to check out with your dog

Dog runs are exactly what it says on the tin – a place for your bouncing puppy to let loose of some energy. There’s a reason dog parks are so well visited! Because NYC law requires dogs to be on a leash 6 feet or shorter at all times except in areas specifically marked otherwise, dog owners take every chance they get to give their four-legged friends some outdoor exercise. So, what are you waiting for? There’s plenty of places for your dogs – like the Pier 6 dog run at Brooklyn Bridge Park. Definitely one of the best free things to do in Brooklyn.

A happy black and white dog running around in a park, one of the best dog-friendly places in Brooklyn.
Depending on the breed, a dog run can be a godsend.

Are you planning on moving to Brooklyn?

Plenty of people start off as just visiting, before upgrading to actually moving. This borough has a highly specific charm to it, that draws in a specific kind of person. Because large swaths of the city are accessible to dogs, one of the people drawn in are certainly dog-owners that want to live in a city but don’t want to keep their dog cooped up. There are no such worries in New York – New York loves dogs more than people. If you want to bring your precious pup with you when you’re starting your big city life, you can definitely give Dorothy & Martha Moving NYC a ring to start off your new life right!

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