Top Moving Destinations for Foodies

Delicious and savory, food does make people happy. That is why you should choose to move to a city in which you can enjoy divine recipes and taste only the best. We will present you with the top moving destinations for foodies that we know you will love. If you are moving to a different country or a city it is vital that you start with the preparations on time, so that you can enjoy culture, food and everything else your destination has to offer. Hiring reliable movers, throwing a goodbye party, canceling your membership at the gym should all be on your moving away checklist.

San Francisco

San Francisco Moving Destination for Foodies

San Francisco is one of the cities with rich cuisine that will leave you breathless. Your taste buddies can enjoy themselves at the restaurants with Micheline stars, or at street food vendors, as everything here is so flavorful. In San Francisco, you can really have it all, as here the Mexican, Italian, Chinese and Japanese food is made by skillful chefs that know what they are doing. San Francisco is also using all the local ingredients for its cuisine. Everything comes from the farms nearby, and there is a movement called the farm-to-table movement.

New Orleans

Moving to New Orleans

If you decided to move to Orleans, take the word diet out of your dictionary. You will be amazed by the food here, and enjoy yourself every step of the way. Creole and Cajun cuisines are the most popular in New Orleans. If you were wondering whose cuisines are these, they are actually a mixture of African, French, Spanish, and Italian cuisines. Jambalaya, gumbo, and beignets are waiting for you to taste them. The great thing is that there are affordable restaurants all over the city so that you can enjoy them every day. Eateries, creperies, and coffee shops are waiting for you in New Orleans.


Chicago Moving Destination for Foodies

In Chicago, there is a variety of different foods that locals like to eat, but three meals stand out. Those are steak, pizza, and a hot dog. If you love these, moving to Chicago will be an excellent experience as they make them fantastic. Pizza usually comes with a thick crust that can withstand all the toppings that you can imagine. Locals do not like a simple hot dog, they enjoy placing pickles, peppers, salt, tomatoes, and onions on it. It is quite different than a regular hot dog with mustard, you can agree. If you move to Chicago, you must try the Italian beef sandwich invented by one of the Italian immigrants that will make you ask for another serving.

Los Angeles

Relocation to Los Angeles

Los Angeles is also one of the top moving destinations for foodies. You will eat the best sushi you have ever tasted, as well as the most delicious Mexican food. Los Angeles also prides on having state-of-the-art breweries. If you move to California and you are a beer lover, you will find everything that you like here and taste something new as well. The city of Angels will not disappoint you when it comes to food, although the restaurants tend to be pricier than usual. However, there are good chances that you will eat next to a celebrity, as restaurants are that good.

Napa Valley, California

Napa Valley

Napa Valley is the city in which you can taste the most delicious food and pair it with equally tasteful wine. California is known as the country of wine, and Napa Valley is no different. Ask for a wine recommendation that you will have with your dinner, and enjoy the rest of your life here. Once you move to Napa Valley, you will never want to leave. Chicken, ribs, pasta, steaks, and everything that you can imagine turn into an explosion of flavors when paired with the appropriate wine.

And if you move somewhere between March and May, or August to October, you will avoid the tourist season and have a couple of months to enjoy Napa Valley without the crowds.

Charleston, South Carolina

Bridge in Charleston

If you need to move to Charleston, you will be really happy to hear that the food here is truly divine. Anything from eggrolls, chicken ribs, oysters, coffee, wine, beer will delight you and charm you so that you simply cannot stop eating. This place prides in rich local cuisine and they even offer food tours. For around $65 you can go on a two-and-a-half-hour tour where they will show you what are the best places for dining. On this tour, you will have some free food and beverages that are not alcoholic.



Moving to Portland is the right choice for food lovers. Portlanders use fresh, local ingredients on an everyday basis to make their dishes even tastier. The culinary scene of Portland can be explored for days and months, so we recommend that you take the food tour again as they are available here. Additionally, there are beer tours, as there are more than a dozen breweries throughout the city. There are over 600 food trucks all over the city, so you will have plenty of dishes to try and enjoy.

Also, Portland prides on having the best Spanish, French, and Mexican dishes, and judging by the satisfied customers, it is true. While living in Portland, make sure to start your day with the best local coffee, and you can finish it with a drink every now and then.

Move stress-free

Moving is considered to be one of the most stressful events in our lives. If we have not moved so far, we tend to become anxious and not to enjoy the experience. When you start with the preparations on time and just go with the flow sometimes, you find out that moving is not that stressful. We have seen the top moving destinations for foodies, and if you are moving to any of these cities we know that you will have an excellent time trying different food each day. Remember to have fun and explore different food options in your destination city.


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