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If you are searching for reliable providers of fine art storage NYC – there’s no need to look any further. Dorothy & Martha Moving NYC is the moving and storage company whose secure fine art storage facilities you will find suitable for every single one of your most precious belongings. We know exactly how to handle and safely store your fine art pieces, so don’t hesitate to get in touch with us today.

several paintings on a wall
Dorothy and Martha Moving NYC know exactly how to safely handle and store your fine art pieces.

In life, there’s seldom a more complicated process than moving. Think about what you’re doing – you’re uprooting everything that holds you in your current place, and planting it somewhere else. And this is most certainly not a simple thing to do. Once you get into the very often long-lasting process of relocating, you’ll see that there are many complicated details to think about and consider. It’s not just about packing stuff in boxes – sooner rather than later, you’ll find yourself looking for specific services such as fine art storage NYC or art handlingDon’t worry though – Dorothy and Martha Moving NYC is a company made up of moving and storage experts who are always there to lend a helping hand. The kind of assistance we offer will enable you to experience a stress-free relocation and never lose sleep over your stored belongings.

What makes Dorothy and Martha Moving NYC the right choice for your fine art pieces?

Naturally, when it comes to finding fine art storage NYC – you don’t just want to leave your precious items with anyone. What you need are true professionals, who know the world of storage and moving as well as they know art. And that’s precisely where we excel, in specific things like fine art transport services or long distance moving. So, you must be asking yourself – why is Dorothy and Martha Moving NYC the best choice for all those who need their fine art pieces safely stored? There are countless reasons why – but just for the sake of clarity, we’d like to boil it down to the following:

  • We are great admirers of art ourselves.  It takes an expert and a true connoisseur of art to handle it with the care it deserves. Dorothy and Martha Moving has been successfully managing fine art moving NYC and storage services ever since the first day we became a part of the moving industry. 
  • Our fine art storage NYC is well-equipped. Keeping pieces of fine art safely stored takes a great amount of skill, but it also requires suitable equipment. You can rest assured that we have the means to keep our fine art storage NYC secure at all times. 
  • We’ve got the staff that knows how to handle fine art. Don’t leave your most precious items in the hands of inexperienced handles. Dorothy and Martha Moving NYC offers a friendly and approachable staff that knows exactly how to treat your art pieces and is always there to answer any question you might have.

Dorothy and Martha Moving NYC appreciate fine art

While there are many companies out there that can claim to know how to handle fine art – you can’t fake actually admiring it. From the first phone call or email you exchange with us, you’ll realize you’re dealing with people who approach art with true passion. And that’s precisely why you shouldn’t feel anything but safe leaving your pieces in our fine art storage NYC. Dorothy and Martha Moving really does care about art – and there’s no greater mindfulness than that which comes from caring. And our Brooklyn movers and art handlers aren’t in short supply of caring! So if you need help with storing your art – let us know! And we’ll show you that we’re more than worthy of your trust.

A woman standing in front a painting in a gallery.
You’ll find our staff in galleries all over New York!

We’ve got the most modern fine art storage NYC

One needs to be realistic – simply loving fine art is not enough. At the end of the day, you will definitely leave your priceless items with the company which has the best facilities. Dorothy and Martha Moving NYC has the most up-to-date fine art storage NYC you’ll find in New York! Our facilities are equipped with all the special NYC storage options needed to keep your art safe and sound for as long as you need us to. And speaking of safety – our security systems are constantly active, and top-notch.

You’ll sleep soundly knowing your fine art is in the safest hands. Fine art is among the most delicate of belongings people have in their homes or offices. This is why they require more care and better storage conditions than any other items you may wish to store. Our company knows and understands this fact. For this reason, we’ve put a lot of effort into providing our clients with the most state-of-the-art fine art storage facilities NYC has to offer.

Why should I look for professional fine art storage NYC?

Of course, not all people who have valuable fine art pieces are from museums and galleries. This is New York we’re talking about – the cultural center of America. That’s why we can expect to find many extremely important art pieces in private collections as well. And regardless of which of these you represent – we’re here to explain why you need our fine art storage NYC.

A Renaissance-age sculpture of a woman, meant to be kept in fine art storage NYC.
Outside of specialized fine art storage NYC, sculptures are easily damaged.

If you’re a gallery owner currently between spaces, or simply someone who’s in the middle of relocation – be careful. You should take extreme caution in how you keep your fine art in this transitional period. It only takes minor mishandling to permanently damage very fragile specimens of fine art. And that’s something you definitely don’t want, don’t you? Of course not! Art aficionados such as yourself surely know better. But don’t worry – if you want a safe place for your fine art, Dorothy and Martha Moving NYC has everything you could possibly need. And even more importantly – we’re very happy to lend you a hand in any way we can! So don’t hesitate to contact us at any time.

What constitutes fine art in the first place?

Before we get into our painstakingly-crafted service portfolio, there’s one basic question to answer first. What items are in the fine art category? And although you must be an avid art lover, that’s still something most people don’t know – and it’s something that’s worth answering. Here at Dorothy and Martha Moving NYC, we want you to know that your art collection is in the safest hands possible. And that’s why we would like to start from the basics and assure you that we’re fully equipped to handle your situation.

In layman’s terms – fine art is every piece of art that does not have any other purpose apart from aesthetics. Everything else would be applied art – and that’s something with a lot of value as well, but simply not what we’re focusing on right now. When you’re looking for fine art storage NYC, you’re looking for a company that understands what handling delicate art pieces means. And once you learn about us, you’ll see that Dorothy and Martha Moving NYC fits that bill perfectly! We know how to store fine art in a way that ensures it will remain intact and kept in perfect conditions, regardless of the time spent in storage.

An abstract drawing with predominantly blue hues.
Here at Dorothy and Martha Moving NYC, your art is in safe hands!

Our staff is trained for this job

Of course, even the best storage facilities in the world would be useless without the appropriate staff. And that’s precisely why the people who work in our fine art storage NYC go through a rigorous training process. All of our employees are trained professionals who enjoy doing their job. This ensures that only the best and most careful will handle your precious cargo. Here at Dorothy and Martha Moving NYC, you’ll see what true skill really is. So don’t think twice about leaving your fine art collection in our very capable hands!

We are here to help you find storage solutions for your entire household

There is a great possibility that you might need to store more than just your art pieces. If you do, there’s no reason to look any further. Dorothy and Martha Moving NYC offers excellent storage Brooklyn solutions for your entire household or office. Whether you plan to move, re-scale or remodel your house or your office space, there are often situations when people need to safely store their belongings. We provide up-to-date, secure solutions for all your storage-related needs. Storing your possessions with us means never having to worry about them getting damaged in any way. We keep your items safe and intact at all times.

storage units, representing fine art storage NYC
Your possessions require state-of-the-art storage units, where they can remain safe and intact for an indefinite amount of time.

Short-term or long-term storage – the choice is yours

Perhaps you are wondering if you’ll need to store your belongings and your fine art long-term or short-term. It may depend on the type of possessions you are storing. It may also depend on the reason you want to store them. Whatever your reasons are, there’s no need to feel worried about this dilemma. We understand the needs of our clients, so we offer both options. Whether you need a storage unit for only a couple of days, or you want your possessions to be stored for months – we’re here to provide you with an option. What matters is that regardless of the time they spend in storage, your items will remain in the same state you left them. Dorothy and Martha Moving NYC will make sure nothing gets damaged in any way.

If you need your fine art moved or handled – Dorothy and Martha Moving NYC is who you should contact

Hiring reliable and experienced movers who know exactly how to manage your relocation is difficult enough. Finding those who know how to take care of your art pieces during a move may seem impossible. And Dorothy and Martha Moving NYC provides top-quality moving services NYC. Our skilled team of relocation experts knows how to move both fine art and any other part of your household or your office. Our offer includes both residential and commercial moving services. This means that you can rely on us to take care of your moving process – regardless of its kind. We’ll move your fine art locally or long-distance – the choice is all yours. We offer a perfect combination of fine art handling, moving, and storage NYC. And we’re ready to tackle any moving-related challenge you may have for us.

Two removal men moving boxes in office, elevated view
Whether you plan to relocate your household or your office, Dorothy and Marhta Moving NYC is the reliable partner you’ll want to have around throughout the process

Get in touch with our art handlers and provide secure fine art storage NYC for your pieces

There is a good chance that you used to dread starting your search for fine art storage NYC – and not without a good reason. Reliable art handlers can be rather difficult to get a hold of. Luckily, Dorothy and Martha Moving NYC is here to help you safely store every fine art piece you have in your home or your office. Contact us and we will show you what makes us one of the top-rated moving and storage experts in the Big Apple.

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