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Additional space comes in handy always. And if you are in need of some - Dorothy & Martha is the professional moving and storage company that you should turn to. There are plenty of moving companies that offer storage units Brooklyn - but you will want to go with the best of the best. Yours and the safety of your belongings come first, and that is something that you should remember when picking one. And if this all seems too complicated, remember one thing - if you choose Dorothy & Martha storage Brooklyn - you can't go wrong! All it takes is one phone call to our company and you will be able to gain access to one of the safest and most secure storage units in Brooklyn.

Before you move, there’s one extremely important thing to do first – pack. In reality, people often don’t take packing seriously enough. People often neglect the complaxity of it all. You often don’t realize just how much stuff you have around the house. Well, at least not until the time comes to pack it all up and move. Before you know it, you’re in need of some storage options. Luckily, Dorothy & Martha Moving NYC is here to help you out! Our relocation and storage services are the most premium storage Brooklyn service you’ll receive at the most affordable prices. So what are you waiting for? Contact us, and we’ll handle everything else.

Why is finding the right storage Brooklyn so important?

When you’re moving, finding the right moving company is extremely important. But even more importantly, you should take great care when packing your things. If there’s one thing most people don’t realize before they start packing, it’s just how many things they actually have. No matter how perfectly you plan your relocation, you just have too many things. And before you start looking for storage Brooklyn, there are other things you can try.


Try decluttering your home

That’s why the word of the day is – decluttering. You need to carefully make a detailed inventory of all of your possessions. You can then examine what you really need in your new home, and on the other hand, what can be left behind. We understand that it’s far from easy. We all grow attached to our things, and it becomes tough to think about this rationally. But you need to go through this step if you want to keep your home organized and your relocation simple!

You can donate some of your old clothes you don’t wear anymore, or some old furniture you don’t intend to bring with you. If you have the time, you can also organize a garage sale and sell some of your old things. All of this will go a long way towards freeing you up some space.

So, what are your options?

You’ve decluttered your home, gotten rid of anything you can, and made some compromises. In spite of it all, you still have too much stuff. So what  are you to do with it all? Simple – make use of storage Brooklyn rental options! If you don’t want all of the things you’re moving to be relocated all at once, or you need some extra space, finding storage options is the best thing to do. It’s really up to you – but you should know Dorothy & Martha Moving NYC has some premium storage units available to you at very affordable prices. We guarantee that your valuables and belongings will be perfectly safe and sound – and once you want them back from storage, you can retrieve them easy as pie!

We dare you to find better storage services in all of Brooklyn!

How safe are my possessions in your care?

We’re glad you asked! The safety of your things in our storage units are our utmost priority. We guarantee your items will be safe at all times, and we mean it! We boast extremely professional personnel and storage facilities that hold up to the most modern industry standards. Naturally, we realize just how important your personal items are for you, and that’s why we take great care in storing them with extreme carefulness and respect.

We know you don’t want to spend your money on anything but the best storage Brooklyn!

Simply put, we treat your personal items just as if they were our own. This is a staple of our Brooklyn moving services in general, really. As you may know, we try to combine professionalism and great customer care for an unprecedented level of quality in provided services. We want you to be comfortable when you leave your items with us. Also, we want you to be sure that you will receive them back in the same condition as when you left them. We think you’d be hard pressed to find better storage Brooklyn no matter how much you tried! So don’t hesitate to give us a call, no matter what your moving needs – we’ll be happy to take care of everything.

Why choose Dorothy & Martha Moving NYC?

Yes, we realize what you’re thinking right about now. With so many options out there, why should you turn to Dorothy & Martha Moving NYC for your storage Brooklyn? New York City is a big market, and naturally many companies are competing out here. But we’ve got a set of qualities we believe separate us from the rest:

  • Experience
  • Expertise
  • Affordability


No matter what others may claim, you will hardly find a team with more experience in the moving business. Our movers have more than a few relocations under their belt, and they know just what to do in any given situation.


Also, don’t think we just let anyone work for our company. We realize that you put your trust in us, by hiring us to take care of your most personal items. That is why everyone must undergo rigorous training and scrutiny before becoming a member of our team. When dealing with us, you know you’re doing business with individuals that are experts in what they do.

Our storage Brooklyn options will satisfy all of your needs!


All of our great services would be for naught if we didn’t couple them at extremely affordable prices. That’s why we take great care to provide you with the best possible moving services for the most reasonable prices on the market. You’ll be able to save up some money and spend it on more pleasant things, like sightseeing in Brooklyn. So don’t hesitate to contact us, no matter what moving services you need.


Really, what more can we say? If you’re in need of storage Brooklyn during your move, you’d be wise to give us a call. And really, if there’s anything else related to your relocation that you need help with, Dorothy & Martha Moving NYC has got your back! 


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