Long Beach Art Handling Service

As the veterans of the moving industry we offer a unique way of professional art handling service. It takes a lot of forethought, planning and communication in order to gather all the necessary information, but also to let the owners know how their artwork is going to be handled. We will be more than happy to answer any question you want to ask and relieve any of your concerns. Our commitment is to address every step of moving your artwork and make sure you understand the whole process in detail. We completely understand your concerns, that is one of our biggest strengths, being able to relate to our customers and focus on what is important. Art moving is our specialty and our great passion. We always handle artwork with great care and knowledge.

Long Beach Art Handling Service

Our experienced antique movers Long Beach handle with ease even the most demanding tasks, your art pieces will be handled skillfully and with utmost care. Let us handle the logistics and all necessary documentations, we can deal with everything from packing, transferring to storing your fine art pieces, we are fully capable of dealing with all of your art moving needs.

Art Moving Professionals

You can rest assured that your art is handled by professionals backed up with years of experience, modern tools and equipment necessary to provide the most adequate service for each art piece. True art moving specialists will measure or label your artwork in order to avoid the unnecessary unwrapping and rewrapping. While transporting your artwork, we make sure there are the fewest transfers possible, in order to prevent any chances for potential damage.

Atnique Moving Service

When it comes to fine art transport services, it is important to know not only what to do, but also how to do it and with what tools. Our professionals are equipped with all the right materials and tools of the trade and are have the knowledge to deal with any delicate art handling job. Armed with knowledge and experience, our movers are able to transport your art piece any distance necessary. So, you can rest assured that your art piece is completely safe with us. Our professional art handling services include:

Secure Storage Facilities

We understand that sometimes relocation doesn’t necessarily mean just shipping art across country. You might also need some place to store your items so they can be safe, in a reliable and secured facility. Finding reliable Long Beach storage may often be more difficult than you initially anticipated. As an addition to our professional Long Beach art handling, we are glad to offer you our storage services with facilities you can trust. Your fine art or any other household or other items can be safely stored in our storage units. All storage units are fully maintained, clean, and equipped to provide optimal conditions, which is the most adequate for your items.

Professional Art Gallery Moving Services

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