Room-by-room packing guidelines from professionals

As much as you wish to continue prolonging it, the time has come for you to pack your belongings. Your upcoming relocation is only getting closer by the minute, and you need to start dealing with it. Unless you hire reliable moving companies Brooklyn and opt for their packing services (which is always advisable), you’ll have to pack on your own. And this is where it would usually get tricky. Luckily, you have us to distribute some room-by-room packing guidelines we’ve gathered over the years. Pack like a professional and always keep our article at hand – it will come in handy.

Before we start listing our room-by-room packing tips, there’s one important thing to mention

And that’s to get quality packing supplies before starting with your work. You can ask around for free moving boxes of all types, and make an attempt to find them, but you should first make sure they are of good quality. Sometimes, paying more is the more affordable option, even if it doesn’t sound like it. And this is one of those instances.

A black alarm clock.
The clock is ticking and it’s time for you to start packing. With our help, of course!

Guidelines for packing a kitchen

According to many people and quite a few professionals, the kitchen is the most difficult room to pack. And as experienced residential NYC movers, we completely agree. That’s why we believe you should always tackle it first, and use our room-by-room packing tips for doing it.

  • Start by getting rid of the food, as perishable items are the ones you won’t be able to transport. Eat, throw away or donate – the choice is yours.
  • Pack your china and glassware among the first things and leave only one set for you and your family. Wrap each plate, glass, and cup into a plastic bubble foil and carefully place it into a box.
  • Stack pots and pans one inside the other, as that will make it easier to place them inside a moving box.
  • Move on to packing your cutlery by tying all of your forks with one rubber band, spoons with the other, and so on.
  • Finally, pack your appliances. Start with your smaller appliances, like your microwave, and work your way to the largest ones, like the stove and fridge.

Guidelines for packing a living room

Otherwise known as the family room, this is one area that has a special place in your heart. Thus, it should be treated with special care. It’s important to mention that a lot of the items that are considered as difficult to relocate belong in the living room, such as pianos. In that case, it would be good to consider finding a piano storage NYC unit for the time being. There are slim chances you will be able to move such a heavy item by yourself – let alone pack it.

Room by room packing of the living room furniture.
Your living room furniture is close to your heart and you should treat it accordingly.
  • Start by packing your electronics. Carefully unplug them and pay special attention to the cords. Wrap them with a rubber band and place them inside their containers, ideally the original box they came in.
  • Mark the box containing electronics as fragile.
  • Disassemble large items of furniture, such as the sofa. Take the cushions out and place them inside a large moving box.
  • Carefully pack your memorabilia, such as your family photos, and wrap them in linen or packing paper.

Reminder: If you have any pieces of art in your living room, you have to be extra careful. It would be best if you hired experienced NYC art handlers, as you don’t want to risk damaging your precious belongings.

Guidelines for packing a bedroom

If you live in a large home with multiple bedrooms, you are probably not too excited about the prospect of packing all of them. But, sooner or later, you’ll have to face reality. At least the packing process remains the same for all of your bedrooms, no matter their size.

  • Start by packing your clothes, as that’s the easy part. Simply fold your clothing and put it into medium sized moving boxes. Although, do make sure you get rid of all the necessary items before packing.
  • When moving and packing a king-size bed, that’s when things get tricky. Start by removing the mattress and putting it into a specialized box for this item. Then disassemble your bed as much as possible.
  • If you have any other, smaller items in your home, chances are they are fragile. Treat them as such, and wrap every item in plenty of protective packaging.
A bedroom.
Room-by-room packing is tricky – it only gets trickier the more rooms you have.

Guidelines for packing a bathroom

At long last, some good news. Packing a bathroom will be as easy as ABC. There is no furniture to pack and all you have to do is take care of your personal belongings and hygiene products. 

  • Deal with opened bottles before anything else. If you can’t use them up, make sure you properly seal the lid before placing them inside a moving box.
  • Next, deal with your medications. Although, remember that medicine should not be taken lightly. There are plenty of rules for their disposal, so make sure you read the guidelines before throwing any of it away.
  • Most of the items that are left after packing medicine and opened bottles can go into your moving essentials bag. It will be your first aid kit for that first night and day at the new place. Toothbrush, toothpaste, soap – you know where all of it goes.

After reading our room-by-room packing guide, packing your entire home should be a piece of cake. Just follow the correct order and you’ll be just fine. You will need a bit of luck, but you already have the main tools. Of course, whatever moving assistance in NYC you may need, you always know who to call. We are always at your service, ready to lend a helping hand.

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