Relocate your family long-distance with ease

We are all well aware of all the difficulties moving brings. But it makes sense that some types of relocation are just more complicated than others. And long-distance moving is certainly both stressful and difficult. Especially if you are trying to move with your entire family. Long distance movers Brooklyn is who people usually turn to in situations such as this one. However, you can relocate your family long-distance more easily if you try to follow some of our simple tips and tricks. Hopefully, by doing so you’ll make the relocation process easier for both you and your entire family. So let’s see what you can do in order to prepare for this adventure!

a house with a front yard
You’ve found the house of your dreams, but it’s on the other side of the country? No problem there, you just need to prepare your move in time.

The sooner you start preparing, the better

Deciding to relocate your family long-distance is not an overnight call. This is something you need to think about long and hard and also discuss it with your family members. So the moment your decision becomes final, you can already start making moving plans. Don’t think it’s too soon. When long-distance relocation is in question – you can never be too early to begin preparing. Your children will need time to get used to the fact that they are moving. Also, you’ll have some main issues to contemplate right after deciding to move long distance.

Things to consider before the relocation is over

  • Do you have school-age children? You’ll need to make sure you know all there is to know about their new school, which won’t be easy. Your moving destination is far away, so you’ll need to have both time and patience in order to find the best school for your kids.
  • Will you be able to transfer all of your belongings? You really don’t need to. After all, that’s what storage facilities Brooklyn are for.
  • Have you thought about a do-it-yourself move? Forget all about it. Long-distance relocation is a serious business that can only be done by professionals. Don’t take any chances here.

Packing to relocate your family long-distance 101

There’s this thing about packing that everyone gets wrong. It’s not something you do a day or two before your relocation. Packing like a pro for a long-distance move is something you want to start doing as soon as you decide on your moving date and time. Think about it. You don’t really use everything from your household on a daily basis. This means that there are plenty of items that can be packed weeks in advance. This will enable you not to rush with packing and you’ll certainly have fewer possessions to pack on your moving day. So take out all of your seasonal clothes and glassware you use only twice a year and pack them right now! Also, your children can pack their share of things they don’t use every day. Speaking of which…

a girl on a swing
Your children don’t need to be idle while you pack. Let them participate and you’ll all have more fun.

Let your children be a part of the moving process

It might seem like children (especially if they are still young) will just be in your way while you try to get ready to relocate your family long-distance. You might. however, be wrong. This is a big milestone in their lives and they will feel much better if you make them a part of the entire process. So let them do some of the packings. Ask them to help out every way that they can. Let them feel like they are included in the relocation itself. On that note…

Each family member should pack their own box of essentials

Since you’ll be moving long-distance, things might get a bit hectic now and then. So it’s a good idea that each family member has their own box labeled with their name – one where they will pack their most essential belongings. You might want to pack your laptop charger, your kids could pack their iPads or favorite toys. Here you can also place some books, planners, a change of clothes – anything you want to have available the moment you arrive at your new home. Unpacking takes a while. So it’s only sensible to have a special box of your possessions by your side.

Turn the relocation trip into an adventure

Both you and your family will be stressed out before you head off into your new life. Luckily, there are ways to release the tension, and remember how wonderful life is. If you are planning to go to your new home via car, you will have a plethora of opportunities to enjoy yourself. Plan the route so that you can visit some of the museums, viewpoints, parks, historical sights, etc.
Pack your car with your kids` favorite items

Traveling via car for several hours can be boring even to adults, let along children. So, make sure that you pack your kids` favorite stuff. This can be their blanket, book, toy, depending on their age. Download some great music for the road that everybody enjoys listening to. You can also think of games you could play in the car with your entire family so that everyone has fun. Think of the road trip as of an adventure and you will find that it really is an adventure.

Delicate and fragile items should be handled by professionals

Your trip is going to be a long one. There are just so many mishaps that can happen on a long road to your destination. So don’t take any chances with your most fragile and valuable household items. Have you got any art pieces in your home? These are the belongings everyone wants to take with them, no matter how far away they might be moving. But shipping art across country is something that needs to be done by professionals. You don’t have the skills or the assets to ensure your art will stay safe during the transfer. Some things are just easier when professionals take care of them. Which is exactly why…

person writing something
If you plan out your long-distance relocation with family in time and hire professional movers, you should have no problems at all.

Letting professionals take care of your long-distance relocation is the best tip in the book

Yes, there are people who can move to another part of the country all by themselves. But why take the risk? There are moving companies in New York who can handle your move with ease, regardless of where you are moving to. So do your best to find the most reliable and experienced movers. They’ll know just how to pack and move you and your family to your new home with the utmost ease. Also, you’ll have a lot less to think and worry about this way. Skilled professionals will know just how to relocate your family long-distance – and your relocation will stay completely stress-free.

What are some of the benefits of hiring professionals when relocating long-distance with family?

It is hard to just name a few of the benefits you will have if you opt for professional help. First of all, they will save you precious time. This means that you will not have to spend hours and hours calculating, making plans, and changing plans. They have a team of people who will organize your relocation in a safe and efficient manner. While you spend your free time with your family instead of being tired all the time.

You will have insurance

If you are relocating long-distance with family on your own, you will be under too much pressure to preserve all of your belongings. The moving company, on the other hand, can offer you insurance in case something was damaged or lost during the relocation. Here are the main insurance types you can get:

Released value protection

This type of insurance is completely free, and you just need to sign up for it. In case you take this insurance, you will be compensated 0.60 cents per pound if any of your items got damaged or lost. This is great in case you have plenty of items that are not worth over the roof.

Home Insurance Dorothy & Martha Moving NYC
You can buy the insurance cheaply to protect your belongings during a move

Full value protection

In case you take this insurance type, you will be compensated based on the current marketplace value of the item. This is pretty great, and the only downside is that you need to pay the premium upfront. Consult with your moving company about the amount of the premium, because it can differ from different moving companies.

Items worth more than $100 per pound

Make sure to notify your movers if you have items of this kind. They may refuse to issue insurance money if they were unaware of the items` value. So, talk to your movers about this insurance option, and you are set to go.

Don`t forget to enjoy the process

Relocating with your family is a once in a lifetime opportunity to bond and connect with all the family members. Make the most out of this opportunity, and remember to keep a positive attitude about the relocation. You are a role model for your kids and they will be enthusiastic about the relocation only if you are. So, enjoy the process. Good luck!



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