Reasons why Brooklyn is the best place for you

Are you thinking about moving to Brooklyn? It’s an exciting idea – this fast-growing borough has a lot to offer people from all walks of life. There’s a reason it’s the most populous borough in NYC. But, maybe you’re not sure. Maybe you’re wondering if Brooklyn is the best place for you. Well, you shouldn’t fear. There’s bound to be something for you in this diverse, exciting borough! After all, Brooklyn is a mini melting-pot of cultures, so everyone has a chance to participate and share their culture – and their food! In recent times, Brooklyn became a chic, trendy place to live, with many swanky restaurants and bars. Not to mention art galleries! But maybe you’re not convinced and need further reasons to make Brooklyn your new home.

A view of the cobblestones with the Brooklyn bridge in the background. Brooklyn is the best place for you if you love exploring!
You’ll never be bored in Brooklyn – there’s always something new going on.

Brooklyn is the best place for you if you’re a huge food fan

Oh, the food. Brooklyn can boast with all sorts of delicious delights, including the original Nathan’s. Not to mention the Smorgasburg, a great open-air market full of treats from across the world! Also, Brooklyn is full of all sorts of foods, from pizza to donuts to Chinese food. It’s peppered with bakeries and coffee shops, so you won’t go hungry for long. Not to mention excellent French and Italian food – authentic and delicious! If you’re a foodie, Brooklyn is the best place for you without a doubt. Plus, Brooklyn has one of the best coffee shops in New York, and it’s practically illegal to be a New Yorker unless you’re inhaling coffee.

The sights – believe the hype!

People say Manhattan is the jewel of New York. To which Brooklyn can answer – where is Manhattan’s theme park? Does Manhattan get such a great view (though, to be fair, the view is of Manhattan). Brooklyn can boast with all that and many more. You can’t mention Brooklyn and not mention Coney Island, just like you can’t mention New York without mentioning Central Park. What about the Brooklyn Bridge and Grand Army Plaza? And that’s just mentioning the tourist attractions – Brooklyn is a beautiful neighborhood through and through. From the beautiful brownstones to winding streets just begging to be explored… Brooklyn really does have a lot to offer! Moving to Brooklyn ensures you’ll never get bored.

A snowy Brooklyn street.
Brooklyn transforms into a winter wonderland every time it snows.

In fact, the sights are so breath-taking that several films have been filmed in Brooklyn! When you add the many celebrities born and raised here – Lupita Nyong’o, Debra Messing, Jay Z, Anne Hathaway… Stepping into Brooklyn can definitely feel like you’re stepping into a movie set! And that’s not mentioning actual performance art. Sure, the big ticket, popular items might be in Manhattan, but Brooklyn’s got soul. Brooklyn’s got a lot of experimental theater, full of local talent. And you can easily support your local aspiring actors – just go to their shows! Unlike the world-wide famous theaters, local black box theaters run pretty cheap, so Brooklyn is the best place for you if you want to get involved. It’s all about the community.

Art of all sorts

Brooklyn can boast with a huge amount of artists. There are a lot of galleries in Brooklyn, but there are also a lot of artists using the streets as their canvas. You can’t mention art and Brooklyn without mentioning the neighborhood of Gowanus, which has one of the most thriving artist enclaves in all of New York. The soul of Brooklyn is that of an artist! And how can it not be, when Brooklyn itself looks like a piece of art?

Brooklyn is the best place for you if you like urban art.
There’s a time and place for fine decor – like the brownstones – and there’s a time and place for letting your soul seep out of your brush or spray-paint and onto the streets.

Speaking of art galleries, many aspiring artists move to Brooklyn. New York is the place to be when it comes to art, and Brooklyn is the place to be when it comes to New York. So it’s hardly a surprise that Brooklyn movers and art handlers are highly sought after! If you’re an artist who wants to make it big, maybe surrounding yourself with other artists is the ticket to success. So, why not pack up your brushes or chisel and check out Brooklyn for a while? Brooklyn is the best place for you if you’re an artist.

The neighborhoods

Brooklyn has a lot of neighborhoods, therefore it’s very easy to find the right Brooklyn neighborhood for you. After all, while this borough is united when it comes to Brooklyn spirit, Brooklyn has many faces. You can easily find what you’re searching for – no matter if you’re searching for a wild party or a quiet night in. This borough definitely has a neighborhood for you.

  • Many people think New York is no place for those with small children. After all, don’t most non-New Yorkers think NYC is only home to aspiring professionals with roommates? This neighborhood breaks the stereotype. Brooklyn is the best place for you if you want to start a family because Park Slope is the best place to raise kids in!
  • Not to mention that many best neighborhoods for retirees are actually in Brooklyn.
  • Bushwick neighborhood is another artistic paradise.
  • You can easily commute to Manhattan, without having to shell out Manhattan prices.
  • Brooklyn’s actually got beaches.
  • Plus, you’ve got the green Carroll Gardens, the charming Flatbush, and of course Clinton Hill.
  • Brooklyn has an aquarium.
  • Not only that, but it has it’s own zoo.
  • Wouldn’t you like to live in DUMBO? If only to be able to say you live in DUMBO (Down Under the Manhattan Bridge Overpass)? It’s a fun word to say.
  • Considering how many neighborhoods there are, one of them will certainly be worth your while.
  • There’s no such thing as cheap in New York, but Brooklyn is definitely close.

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