Reasons to use plastic bins when moving home

There are a lot of options you have to consider when you’re getting ready to move home. But the thing that worries people the most is packing. No one likes packing! People put off packing for a vacation, and everyone likes vacationing – plus packing for a vacation is easier than packing up your whole house. Not to mention, that even with the best long distance movers Brooklyn in the world, moving is not in the top ten best activities for anyone. But it has to be done. So, if you have to pack your whole house, what are you going to pack it in? For most people, the answer is automatic – moving boxes. But what if there was another, better way? Have you considered using plastic bins when moving home?

An artistic picture of a packed suitcase. instead of plastic bins. It's very pink.
As great as plastic bins are, you should try to conserve space by packing your things into suitcases, since you have to transport the suitcases anyway.

Plastic bins can help prevent damage in transport

Preventing transport damage is very important. You’re basically packing up your entire life, fitting it on trucks, and hoping it makes it safely in one piece. Of course, picking the right moving company can do wonders for helping your anxiety, and valuation packages can help financial matters, but it’s still very stressful. Accidents happen! Moving boxes get dropped or jostled or banged against the walls.  But, plastic bins can help! Unlike cardboard, plastic bins are very sturdy and can cushion blows and general transport bumps on the road. You don’t have to worry, or wrap delicate items in ten layers of protection. Not to mention you don’t have to quake about any weather problems – unlike cardboard, which soaks up water like a sponge, plastic is waterproof.

A chest full of old, black and white photographs.
Even if you don’t want to pack everything you own in plastic bins, consider packing fragile, sentimental things like photographs in them.

You don`t have to worry about bad weather anymore

Plastic bins are an excellent solution if you’re worried about rain on moving day. After all, standard-issue moving boxes aren’t like art gallery moving crates. Plastic is an excellent, inexpensive solution for things that aren’t fragile like art pieces! You don’t have to worry about rain getting to your important memories, like photographs or old art by your kids. Those things are priceless. Plus, you can pack up electronics in plastic bins and not worry about water damage – sure, you should carry your phone with you, but what about your CD collection?  Plus, not everything is portable like a laptop, or even worth your hassle. Put that tangled mess of cables in plastic bins instead of hauling it around in your car.

Plastic bins are way more durable

You don’t have to worry about your moving boxes if you use plastic bins as your moving boxes. Of course, as every move is different and special, you should pick the right moving boxes Brooklyn based on the needs of your move. And, of course, the needs of your budget!

  • Does it rain often where you are? Even if you take every precaution, there’s still a short window of time where the moving boxes are out in the open – while they’re carried from the truck to your new place! If you don’t want to risk it, you shouldn’t use cardboard.
  • Plastic is way less fragile than cardboard. Even if you drop your plastic bins – you might dent them, but they won’t fall apart like cardboard might.
  • If you need to label a lot of things if you’re using plastic bins a roll of clear tape and a marker will be enough.
  • Worried about insects? Is your current place infested with termites, roaches, or other kinds of six-legged interlopers? Do you not have the time to kill termites naturally – or maybe the inclination? After all, if you’re renting – if it’s the landlord’s fault, it’s the landlord’s problem. Well, while they love cardboard, they’re not partial to plastic. So, worried you’ll bring some of them with you? You should definitely use plastic bins.
Storage unit
Plus, if you have to put any of your belongings in storage, plastic bins are a way better choice than anything else.

Get plastic bins to speed up your packing time

Packing is very time-consuming, especially when it comes to packing fragile items. And, when you’re in the middle of a move, time is in short supply! If you’re not careful, packing can very quickly take over your life. Just imagine coming home after a long day at work, only to realize that moving boxes have conquered your living room, and your bedroom is in pieces because you’re trying to pack it up. The clutter can be so suffocating, especially if your home is already small and cozy. This doesn’t even mention all the moving supplies that come with cardboard moving boxes – packing peanuts, wrap, crumpled newspaper, cellophane… Most of the moving stress is due to packing. After all, it’s a huge obligation weighing on your mind constantly, until you move.

A more elegant design

In comparison, plastic bins are an elegant, sleek solution that won’t take over your life! They are usually nested, so you can put them in one place when you’re not using them and they’ll be out of the way. You can use less packing material because the sturdy walls are a barrier that cardboard lack. Plus, you won’t have to worry about packing them too full and having them burst. Cardboard can bulge and stretch, plastic will not. If you overpack your plastic bin, you’ll know immediately. And you’ll have to repack it since you won’t be able to close it. That makes successful unpacking easier too! Plus, if you’re renting plastic bins, you’ll have a deadline to return them. Are you the kind of person that procrastinates and puts off everything until the last moment? Well, then that deadline might be good for you.

Plastic Moving Bin
Plastic bins are an environmentally friendly way to move your home

Is using plastic bins more expensive than using moving boxes?

Perhaps you have been deterred from using plastic bins as you thought they are more expensive. Well, not necessarily. First of all, you can rent plastic bins from your moving company. In this way, you may even end up spending less money than with the moving boxes. Additionally, you will not have to use as much padding and wrapping as with the cardboard boxes, so you will save up money. Finally, if you buy the plastic bins, you can always sell them once the move is finished. But on the other hand, you can use them for storage. In each case, it pays off to use plastic bins instead of cardboard moving boxes.

Great for packing items that can be squished

If you are moving with kids, and have plenty of toys that need to be packed, plastic bins are the way to go. Why? Because they are perfect for packing and transporting items that can be squished, as you can always close the lid knowing the bin will not collapse. You can pack clothes, blankets, towels, and scarves as well in this manner. Packing in this way will help you pack more efficiently, as you will use fewer plastic bins for your items than you would cardboard boxes.

Saves time and money when packing…

You will save up a lot of time if you use plastic bins instead of a moving box. When packing items inside of a moving box there is a process you must undergo to achieve perfect results. First of all, you need to use extra padding for the bottom and top of the moving box. You will need packing paper or bubble wrap for this, and this costs money. Additionally, when you place the item and secure the bottom and the top of the box, you need to tape the box carefully. If you are relocating fragile items or heavier items, you would need to tape the box a few times to avoid damage to your items or the moving box. With plastic bins, you don`t have to do any of this.

…unlike the moving boxes

The bins are sturdy enough and you don`t have to provide padding or tape them with duct tape. This only means that you will save up a lot of time and money while packing your items for relocation.

Plastic bins are easy to reopen

Plastic bins are much Easier to reopen, unlike moving boxes which you have to cut and retape before the next usage. When you finally arrive at your new home, the first thing you will need is a box opener to cut all the moving boxes to find the items that you want. With plastic bins, you can skip this part as it is really easy to simply open the lid and shut it down again. With moving boxes, if you want to use them again you will need to retape them and cut them again, which is far more work, you can agree.

Great storage option

Plastic bins or totes, if you like, are great for storing items inside your home or in the storage unit. Once you finish with the relocation, you don`t have to throw them away or take them to the recycling center as usually is the case with moving boxes. While moving boxes easily get warned out and damaged, the plastic bins don`t change. So, this means that you can use them for numerous storing options at your home. Christmas décor, gardening tools, toys, souvenirs, you name it it can be stored inside the moving box. And, even if you still have a few extra plastic bins, just nest them one inside the other, and place them at some corner of your home. They will patiently wait for you to use them.

Always hire professional movers for your relocation

We have seen several reasons why plastic bins are a great option for relocation. Whatever option you use, make sure that your movers are reliable, and everything will be okay. Soon, you will enjoy your new home and forget about all the decision-making and hard work that came with the relocation. Good luck!

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