Reasons to Hire Art Movers in NYC

Drawing from the spirit of creation inherent in each work of art, choosing the right art movers in NYC becomes an essential journey. If you’re looking to gently encase a prized painting, intending to gift it to a cherished friend, or you’re envisioning the relocation of your unique art collection to your new dwelling, the orchestration of packing, transit, and installation is an art form in itself.

Undertaking this task alone is as daunting as painting a masterpiece without a brush. That’s where the seasoned expertise of NYC art movers steps into the frame. It’s a symbiotic relationship, the same as the canvas and the artist.

The commonplace practices used when relocating clothing, furniture, and other household belongings fail to capture the subtle nuances of art transport. There’s a dance to be performed here—a harmony of procedures designed to assure your art arrives at its new home with the same grace and care that it was created with.

For over a decade, we’ve been learning this dance. We understand the rhythm of wrapping, the balance in transportation, and the precision in installation. It’s our commitment to you—to ensure your art pieces are handled not merely as objects, but as the heartbeats of our shared cultural legacy. Lean on the experienced beat of NYC art movers, and trust in the safe passage of your art to its new setting.

Why You Should Hire Art Movers in NYC – Proper Equipment & Supplies

Moving artwork isn’t akin to a simple do-it-yourself project—it demands a mastery of craft that transcends standard moving procedures. Travel and turbulence are foreign elements to the essence of art, particularly when these precious creations are nestled amidst everyday household items in moving boxes. Each piece of art is a whisper of fragility that deserves a specialized care process.

Over time, as the seasons have turned, we’ve meticulously crafted and refined our methods in handling art pieces, building an archive of best practices for moving delicate treasures. From employing non-abrasive packing materials that cradle your art like a warm embrace, to the use of sturdy collars and travel frames that safeguard its structural integrity, every step is orchestrated with precision.

When you entrust your treasured collection to the professional art moving company in NYC, you’re not merely hiring a service. You’re engaging with partners who relocate your art using the right equipment and materials, ensuring your artistic narratives are unmarred by the journey.

No price tag can truly measure the intrinsic value of your precious art collection. Any potential harm to these irreplaceable pieces far outweighs the cost of expert moving services. It’s a classic tale of the ounce of prevention being worth a pound of cure. Trust in the expertise of NYC art movers, and protect your art from the trials of transition. It’s not just about relocating—it’s about preserving the stories and emotions that your art embodies.

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Many art enthusiasts are wary of hiring movers that are specialized in art relocation. There is a simple reason for that type of thinking. They seem to think that hiring Dorothy & Martha is an option rather than a necessity. This logic stems from hiring conventional movers when relocating. People tend to think that hiring conventional movers and art movers are the same. However, there is a huge difference. While hiring conventional movers is more of a quality-of-life-type of improvement, hiring art movers NYC is an absolute must. There is a reason for this. These people are highly trained in the skills of handling, packing, installing your art. Art handlers are deep-seated with the nature of the artwork. They have a certain type of sensitivity that you just cannot get from anyone else.

Hire art movers in NYC because they are accountable.

It doesn’t matter what they are moving from the smallest of artistry to the largest of sculptures. They will find a way to transport it without damage. Also, if need be climate-controlled trucks are always on the ready. They are always ready to meet the exceedingly difficult demands of the customers. They seem to be able to do the impossible by using specialized equipment such as complex functional frames and platforms.


Since you are moving valuable belongings, the risk of theft is always more prevalent than in normal moving situations. That’s why you should ask around with your art companies about insurance and protective measures against theft. Most moving companies have trucks that are GPS equipped with at least two drivers, and some even offer armed guards as protection. However, that also influences the cost of the move. So make sure to discuss the policies and options of the moving company, to find the appropriate precautions available in your budget. It all depends on your needs and wants. And your money plan of course.

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Hire art movers in NYC because of the organization

There are several factors that art handlers need to take into account when you hire them. For example, they need to know whether they are going to use specialized equipment, they need to be familiar with lightning, art documentation, and other details as well. All of this requires knowledge and time. What experience art movers will do is that they will visit the terrain in which they need to install items. They will develop a plan. They will check the build quality of the walls, to determine safety, and to acquire the knowledge of what type of hardware they will need to use in order to get the job done safely and securely.

Proper planning is key

So on that note, we must underline the importance of thoughtful planning. You might think that it’s not important and you might even think that moving art should be done as you go, however, we seriously advise against that. Sometimes moving fast is not as important as moving as efficiently as possible. Make sure you have all the checkboxes, safeguards and plans set before you start moving. This will save you time in the long run. Sometimes the best way to speed up your moving process is to move with purpose.

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Proper installation.

You can rest assured that a professional has all the knowledge to help you install any complicated procedures and maneuvers and help you protect your art in the process. Sometimes, a picture is too big to fit through a door. That’s when we have to remove the frames of the painting and move the canvas. Then reassemble everything together. That takes knowledge and experience. Which we have. And that’s why we don’t recommend that you try any DIY methods when moving your art.

In conclusion

Handling artwork properly is important. Trying any DIY methods can be extremely dangerous on your craftmanship. 56% of people don’t use moving companies. So don’t experiment. Go safe. Find someone who is experienced in the field. Someone who can help you wrap up, ship and install your painting at a moment’s notice. Someone like Dorothy and Martha Moving NYC. We are a Brooklyn based company that shares your passion for art. So trust us when we say that we care as much as you do about your art. That’s why we don’t want to see it ruined by sloppy moving companies.

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