Questions to ask movers before long distance relocation

Are you planning to move long distances? If you are moving to the other side of the country or to several states, moving long distances can lead to several problems. To make sure that your successful long-distance move is as smooth as possible and that you chose the right moving services Brooklyn, there are a few questions to ask movers and have answers to before moving.

Here are five questions to ask movers

# 1. Is mover licensed and insured in all states?

This is what you want to discuss with your moving company. If you plan on successfully moving long distances, you will likely be driving through several states. When you hire a long-distance mover to drive your moving truck, you will want to know if the movers are licensed and insured in all the states through which you travel. Some local movers have the insurance only in the state, and not throughout the country. This can lead to big problems in the event of an accident with a moving truck outside the state.

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That’s why insurance is one of the main questions to ask movers before long distance relocation

# 2. What type of liability coverage they provide?

The longer you move, the higher the likelihood of damage to the goods in the vehicle. Now, if the truck is packed correctly (as well as the material inside the boxes), any possible damage should be minimized in the first place. That is also why it is very important to have experienced movers working with you when loading the truck. However, if there is damage inside the moving truck, or if the movers drop something, you will want to know what liability coverage there is. Usually, this is divided either into full value protection or protection of released value. Full value protection means that the mover will need to replace a lost, damaged or stolen item. The released value will cover a fixed rate per pound, so this is the minimum coverage.

# 3. How long will the move take?

Packing takes as long as needed. That is why you should start preparing and packing for your long-distance move earlier. However, you will also want to know how long the move will take. When using a moving company, some movers will use a container-based truck in which different containers are dumped at different locations. You want to know when to expect your truck to arrive.

# 4. What is the contact information of the company and the driver?

If you are hiring a company and driver to relocate, you will need to find out how you can contact them during the relocation. There may be problems with the house where you cannot enter on the weekend, or your movers might be late or other problems in general. In such a situation, it is imperative to be able to contact the movers’ driver.

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We recommend you to try to avoid working with companies who hire third parties for moving to another state

# 5. Who will move your things?

When you hire a mover, you expect this mover to move your belongings. But sometimes, especially when dealing with a long-distance mover, a second state-owned company takes over on a state line (usually for insurance and licensing reasons). Ask in advance so you know who is moving your home.

These are the five main questions to ask movers before successfully moving long distances. The more planning you put into moving, the easier it will be. So start getting ready to move as early as possible. And if you ever have questions, feel free to contact the Dorothy & Martha Moving team. From assistance in packing and loading a truck to a trip to a new destination and even storage Brooklyn, relocation professionals are within a telephone call.

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