Pros and cons of using wooden crates for packing

Are you on your way to change your place of residence any time soon? This means you must already be trying to get ready for the big moving day. And naturally, this involves a great deal of prep work and a large number of tasks that need to be completed. Most people are aware of the most challenging chores that need to be tackled during every relocation process – the packing. Have you started to make any packing plans whatsoever? If your answer is yes, then you might have come across a particular dilemma: using wooden crates for packing – yes or no? We’ll try to help you decide on this matter with a brief guide on packing and crating.

What are your other packing options?

Whether or not you decide that using wooden crates for packing is the right option for you, you need to be familiar with every other option. There are, of course, people who need to relocate art – this is where art crating is considered necessary.

stacked cardboard boxes
Cardboard boxes may sometimes be a better choice than wooden crates.

But you also need to have other packing materials available.

  • Cardboard boxes – these can always come in handy. You can choose to purchase or get them for free in your local store. Perhaps you even have some in your garage. They may not be the sturdiest option for your items, but there are ways to put them into good use.
  • Plastic bins – the eco-friendly packing option has been used more frequently lately. You don’t even need to buy them. Just rent the moving bins of your choice and return them after your relocation has been completed.
  • Cushioning materials – every reliable statue moving company NYC will tell you that cushioning materials can make all the difference when trying to safely pack your belongings. So get them in time. Especially if you have any fragile items.

Using wooden crates for packing – advantages

There is one thing that separates wooden crates from other packing options – their stability. This is definitely a major positive thing about crating your belongings. Also, let us not forget about the stacking ability of wooden crates. Since they are sturdy and resilient, if you pack them well enough, wooden crates can withstand a great amount of vertical pressure. They are made out of natural materials, so you can consider them an eco-friendly option. So if stability and reliability are what your packing process requires – using wooden crates for packing is what you should definitely do.

wooden boxes
The stacking ability of wooden crates is what separates them from other packing options.

Disadvantages of using wooden crates for packing

If you decide to use a custom made crate – which is something that art handling NYC often requires you to do – there’s a great chance you won’t be able to use it again. Crating usually implies moving statues or unusually shaped artwork. This means that that particular crate is not something you can use ever again. Unlike a cardboard box, you cannot simply fold it and put it away. You’ll need a large storage area to keep it in.

Let us try to compare wooden crates to cardboard boxes

The easiest way to see the pros and cons of using wooden crates is to compare them to some other packing option. Here, we’ll try to put wooden crates and cardboard boxes side by side. This will definitely help you decide which choice is the most suitable one for you and your items that require packing.

Is endurance important to you?

Are you moving heavy items?

a wooden box
Wooden crates save space in moving trucks and other shipping vehicles.

How much space do you have?

Weather conditions impact

In the end, if you have any unusually fragile items or belongings that can get easily damaged during shipping and moving – your choice here is clear. Using wooden crates for packing is the perfect option for moving art pieces. These often come in unusual shapes and sizes and can sustain significant damage during the shipping process. So the best option for you would be to crate them. On the other hand, if you move simple items and have nowhere to place wooden crates after your relocation – choose some other option. You can always go for cardboard boxes. Alternatively, you can rent plastic moving bins and simply return them when you no longer need them.

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