Pre-Move Measuring Checklist

Are you getting ready to move anytime soon? Anyone who has ever moved knows just how much work a relocation can be. And if you’ve already started getting ready, then you must be starting to realize that moving causes a list of obligations that sometimes seem endless. But don’t worry just yet. There are ways to prepare for this relocation properly and anxiety-free. All you need to do is start getting ready well in advance. And if your relocation is close, then start right away! How can you start? By making some to-do lists, of course. This is the best way to stay on track with what you’ve managed to complete and what remains to be completed. And one of those lists, believe it or not, should definitely be a pre-move measuring list. Yes, in order to move with ease, you need to do some measuring first.

Is all the pre-move measuring really that necessary?

pre-move measuring checklist includes all parts of your living room
All parts of your living room will need to be measured.

Why it most certainly is. Just use this opportunity and think about it. You need to relocate almost all of your possessions (and we say “almost” because some of them might have to be stored inside a local storage facility) from your current home to your new home. And chances are, those two home are not alike. So you need to think in advance about how you are going to transfer all your household items. A box of clothes can fit through anywhere, but what about your dresser? And what happens if you want to transfer your king-size bed to a new bedroom? Are you absolutely sure it can fit? Not really? That is why pre-move measuring is an essential part of any relocation. You don’t want to find out a piece of furniture cannot fit through a narrow hallway when it is already too late.

Do I need to hire professional movers to give me a hand?

Clearly, you can do your pre-move measuring by yourself. But choosing to hire professional movers is never a bad idea. Sooner or later, you are going to feel that the entire moving experience is just too overwhelming for you. And you will want a helping hand. Whether it is packing, moving or storing you need help with, a professional moving company will make the whole ordeal much easier for you. What exactly can you expect your movers to help you with?

  • local or long-distance moving: whether you are moving a few blocks away or across the USA, professional movers will make it happen.
  • residential or commercial: let us not forget that you will need to take care of your pre-move measuring checklist even if you are relocating your office. You need to make sure your office equipment can fit inside your new premises.
  • art handling or storage: if after completing your pre-move measuring you figure out your new home isn’t going to fit some of your belongings or your pieces of art, a reliable moving company will make sure they offer you suitable alternatives, including art shipping NYC.

What should my pre-move measuring checklist look like?

You should make sure you make all your moving checklists in time. This way you’ll have time to add the things you might have forgotten before. Measuring your furniture is not too complicated. And your pre-move checklist should look something like this:

Large pieces of furniture

These include your dressers, bookcases, tables, desks… You get the idea. All of these are parts of your household that might be difficult to fit into some rooms or through some doors. So take exact measurements of each bulky piece of your furniture. You don’t want to take any chances here.

Bed and mattress

Possibly the bulkiest of all your household items, your bed and mattress require extra care when it comes to measuring. Make sure you have the exact measurements written down because relocating these parts of your home will probably prove to be much more complicated than you originally expected it to be. Antique pieces of furniture will require your special attention, this is why you’ll find antique furniture movers NYC more than useful.

king size bed and matress
Pay special attention to your bed and mattress.

Piano or any other unusually bulky item

By now you have probably figured out how your pre-move measuring checklist works. Any suspiciously large and bulky item needs to be checked and measured before its relocating begins. Naturally, this includes your piano. Or any other large and bulky item in your home.

Household appliances

If you plan to relocate your fridge or your stove, you’ll need to write down their measurements. These are rather large household items that likely cannot fit through any hallway or door, so you need to be extra careful there.

What parts of my new home should be on the pre-move measuring checklist?

Before your relocation begins, you’ll need to do some measuring in your new home as well. What should you pay attention to? It makes sense that you’ll need to measure all the doors of your new house. Some of your furniture can be disassembled, but not all of it. So it is necessary for you to make sure that all your possessions will be able to fit through those doors. So both your new front door and all the secondary doors as well. There might be some parts of your furniture that will not be able to fit through the door, so make sure you write down the measurements of the biggest window in your new home. Finally, all the hallways and low-hanging ceilings will need to be on your pre-move measuring checklist.

large front door will prove to be very useful
Your new front door should be able to fit all your furniture.

So now that you know exactly what should be on your pre-move measuring checklist, it’s time to start measuring. The sooner you start, the sooner you’ll be able to start relocating your belongings to their new location. Get your measuring equipment and start working.

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