Popular art galleries in Brooklyn

A melting pot of cultures, a hipster hangout, vibrant borough both singles and families adore – that’s Brooklyn to the bone. Whoever set a foot in Brooklyn, the charm of its streets has not failed to conquer their heart. But that’s not all. Over the past decades, the art scene in Brooklyn has become so rich and diverse that next door Manhattan can hardly boast its rank as an art lovers’ favorite NYC borough. And art galleries in Brooklyn – they will amaze you!

What’s more, most NYC artists who create and exhibit their work in the art capital of the U.S. actually live in Brooklyn. Having all this in mind, if you are a true art lover and you are lucky enough to have the chance to enjoy NYC, you really shouldn’t miss out on the most popular art galleries in Brooklyn. Make a plan and start moving. There’s too much to see!

A woman in a gallery looking at paintings.
Brooklyn is not all about fine dining and outdoor activities – the art scene is truly amazing

And… where to find art galleries in Brooklyn?

Art shows, films, open studio events or performances – art galleries in Brooklyn offer it all. Brooklyn is not all about fine dining and outdoor activitiesOnce you start exploring the art scene, you can count on a truly diverse and unique experience. From visual and sensory works of art to contemporary photography on sale, you can choose whatever suits your interests. However, there is one thing all these works of art have in common – you need to experience them in person. If you don’t know where to start, we offer a little help to guide your way. To this end, we present you the top 5 Brooklyn galleries featuring the most exciting exhibits and performances this borough has to offer.

The Invisible Dog

Located in a former factory building in Boerum Hill, this unusual gallery owes a lot of its magnetism to the unique raw space where exhibitions take place. The exposed brick walls add to the extraordinary identity of the place. However, the ambiance is not the only thing that distinguishes this NYC gallery among many others. The Invisible Dog hosts visual artists and performers from all over the world. The policy of the gallery is to cherish and promote innovation in art. The ground floor offers endless possibilities to artists’ experimentation, whereas the second floor hosts a number of artists’ studios. It is not a gallery of a commercial type. Authentic and innovative, with a number of art shows and open studio events, the Invisible Dog continually attracts visitors of all generations.

Klompching Gallery

Established in Dumbo in 2007, this exciting site is operated by a pair of truly knowledgeable gallerists – Debra Klomp Ching and Darren Ching.  The focus of exhibited work is on the contemporary fine art photography. This gallery boasts a list of eminent artists who continually display their work in its premises. In addition to exhibiting the work of world-class artists, Klompching offers guidance on the acquisition of fine art photography as well.

A woman is looking at contemporary photography.
You can purchase pieces of contemporary art photography

If you’re an art lover with an affinity for purchasing unique pieces of contemporary photography, take a peek. You won’t be disappointed with amazing pieces on display. As the number of photography buyers continually increases, Klompching truly keeps art handling companies in NYC busy. If you cannot resist decorating the walls of your home with contemporary photography, head for Kolompching. Choose your moving agent and spend some money on art. It feels great!

Clover’s fine art gallery

Clover’s fine art gallery occupies a world-class contemporary art space in downtown Brooklyn. In addition to promoting the work of emerging and established artists, the elegant space of this gallery can be rented for all kinds of events.

A gray brick road in Brooklyn. - art galleries in Brooklyn are in some of the best areas.
Make a weekly plan and explore some of the finest art galleries in Brooklyn

However, it’s most renowned for exhibits of international artists whose work makes a real multi-cultural art scene of this place. The calm and soothing atmosphere makes every visit an enjoyable experience. If not occupied by various international artists, Clover’s fine art gallery mainly exhibits artwork associated with Caribbean heritage. Friendly and hospitable. the staff of this gallery always welcomes their guests with the warmth of a good host.

Microscope Gallery

Whether you’re moving to Brooklyn, or simply visiting, Microscope Gallery is a must-see NYC attraction. A contemporary art gallery situated in Bushwick, Microscope offers somewhat different artistic experience to its visitors. When you step into the eye-catching world of Microscope Gallery, your attention will be immediately drawn to incredible multi-sensory works of art.

This place specializes in moving image, sound, digital, sculpture and mixed media art. The works on display will engage all your senses. In addition, visitors can enjoy a variety of time-based works which include film and performance art. The focus is on interaction. The gallery organizes readings, lectures and screenings on a weekly basis, allowing its guests to enjoy a full-range artistic experience. If you’re looking for something more from art scene in Brooklyn, the Microscope Gallery is a place to see.

Look North Gallery

Another completely different and unique site among art galleries in Brooklyn is the Look North Inuit Art Gallery. Its waterfront location facing New York Harbor only adds to the charm and the overall allure of the place. Located in a former shipping warehouse, the gallery displays a range of sculptures that present Inuit art. Visitors have the option to purchase some of the exceptional pieces. These art pieces mainly include authentic sculptures made by a talented emerging artist. What’s more, the percentage of the sale is transferred to the Arctic Exploration Fund to support the research of the effects of climate change in the Arctic.

And that is not all!

And, in addition to witnessing classic exhibitions, guests of the gallery can enjoy educational exhibits on climate changes and Inuit culture. Apparently, the visit to the Look North Gallery already counts as a good deed. In addition to raising awareness of the effects of climate change, you can support the battle against its detrimental effects. Take a walk to this wonderful place and enjoy one of the most popular art galleries in Brooklyn. Do not miss out on the diversity and uniqueness of Brooklyn art scene!

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