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Are you planning on moving your pool table? Let our team take care of this task for you! Dorothy & Martha Moving NYC is a professional moving company you can trust and rely on! Give us a call today, and let's start preparing for your relocation right away!

Pool table moving requires delicate handling and trusted pool table movers NYC. If you are planning to do it in Brooklyn, you will need one of the best NYC moving services.  In the most populous borough of New York City, choose the service with good reviews. These reviews should be based on the satisfaction of the clients. You will be sure that the activity such as pool table moving goes without problems. And what better way to do it, then hiring someone from the neighborhood, located in Williamsburg.

Dorothy & Martha Moving NYC will be happy to assist you with the pool table disassembling and the correct labeling.

Moving location is important when choosing professional pool table movers NYC

Due to its complexity, this type of moving is an action that needs to be planned in advance with our pool table movers NYC. There are different types of billiard tables and so is the approach. It is not the same to move a 9 ft billiard table that weighs 1000 pounds as one that weighs less. That difference will play a huge role when you want to conduct the pool table moving from Sunset Park to East New York. Brooklyn has a lot of neighborhoods and going from one end to another is an adventure in itself. With the this type of moving, you want to have it done smoothly. The only possible way is hiring the reliable professionals who performed the action multiple times.

Hire trained professionals pool table movers NYC
Plan on time where you want to conduct pool table moving!

When hiring pool table movers NYC, be sure they provide top-notch service for the local moving. One should know all the little alleys to transport the billiard table. Respected professionals should do it with the proper equipment meaning suitable moving truck. Proper moving supplies are also a must when pool table moving is in question. The proper equipment is mandatory even if you want to go outside of Brooklyn.  Check the weights and the size of your pool table and be sure that it will not come damaged in transport. Labeling will help you in that undertaking.  The correct labeling is essential during the move. That is why the disassembling process should be one of the most important processes for your pool table movers NYC.

A proper disassembling process should be num. 1 priority for your pool table movers NYC

The disassembling process of your pool table is demanding. It should be one of the most important tasks for your pool table movers NYC. Especially if one wants to install the pool table straight away after the move. Furthermore, if that is not the case, one should have all the parts of the pool table safe and sound. One can use the storage service for a while before re-assembling the pool table. When the Brooklyn Movers did the move and the place is set up, you can prepare for the final touch. Equip the special room just for the table. Yet, before that, be sure to detach the pockets, remove the rails and place them in the labeled boxes.

The right tools are mandatory for your pool table movers NYC
Our movers will provide you with all new and professional tools – because we don’t want to damage your pool table with the rusty ones.

Your pool table movers NYC should start with measuring the pool table. That is necessary to calculate how to provide the best service. Professionals should check the width of the door and the complexity of the staircase if any. Hallways are also in the picture. The company with the given trust should pay attention not to damage your household. The action goes beyond the pool table moving. This requires covering bumpy/sharp edges or any other obstacle that can occur on the way. You wouldn’t like to have your peculiar vase in several pieces. So, start with packing the pool balls and put the cue sticks in a bag. Everything has to be in a specifically labeled bag. So that later on, one shouldn’t have problems with reassembling the table. If you only require a partial help in your long distance moving, you can also contact the Brooklyn Movers.

The last action of the pool table moving with pool table movers NYC

Once the whole disassembling process is done, alongside with the transport, pool table movers have more to do. Brooklyn Movers should be attentive while unpacking. Using all the necessary tools and knowledge that the Dorothy & Martha Moving NYC have you’re in safe hands. And they go over and beyond with guiding you how to level a pool table. Once the room is ready, check the floor, the colors on the wall and make certain adjustments. These actions will increase the level of joy that you will have in that room. Create your own look of the pool table room. One shouldn’t have to worry if all the screws are in the right place. Let us to the rest so that you can enjoy.

Get creative with pool table movers NYC
Think outside of the billiard colors!

Pool table movers NYC shouldn’t just transport the belongings from point A to point B. That is why Dorothy & Martha Moving NYC will get you inspired. Spend some quality time with your friends and family. Be sure to clean the room and adjust the lighting. Decorate the room with a wooden furniture or use posters. Place a plant in the corner and practice your favorite hit. Teach your children to master the skill. Pool table moving is an action that you would like to have with all the mentioned details. In order to do that, hire a company how can help you in several ways. Not only transporting the billiard table for a long distance moving but for moving it from Bay Ridge to Bushwick. You name a neighborhood in Brooklyn and Dorothy & Martha Moving NYC will come up to the quest.

Next to the pool table moving, if you need help with precious paintings or sculptures, we also provide art handling service.


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