Moving is difficult, no matter what type of items you want to move and regardless of the distance of relocation. There are, however, certain types of specialty moving services that only the best and the most experienced movers can do with ease. This is why Dorothy and Martha Moving NYC is the number one choice you can make when trying to hire reliable piano movers NYC. When it comes to piano moving Manhattan – our skilled movers are the ones to contact. Your precious instrument will be relocated with the utmost care and competence.

a piano inside a household representing piano moving Manhattan
When piano moving Manhattan is the problem – Dorothy and Martha Moving NYC is the solution. We’ll handle the relocation of your piano with skill and care.

Choose Dorothy and Martha Moving NYC to handle your piano moving Manhattan with ease

It takes a lot of expertise, as well as care and knowledge, to be able to complete professional piano moving Manhattan without a single problem. And this is what we do. With Dorothy & Martha Moving NYC, there’s no reason to dread the complex task of relocating your piano. Once people decide to move, they tend to worry quite a lot about the final outcome of their move. This is especially true if you happen to own something unusually bulky, heavy and delicate at the same time. Because a piano really is all of these things. But there’s no reason for concern. All you need is to hire the movers you can rely on. The rest is up to us.

a piano in a large room
Your piano is both bulky and delicate at the same time. Dorothy & Martha piano moving professionals know just how to handle such an object.

How to know you’ve made the right choice of piano movers?

In a city as large as NYC, there must be a decent piano mover around each corner, right? Actually, no. The bigger the city, the more difficult it is to find professional movers you can trust. But rest assured – we do exist. Dorothy and Martha Moving NYC has all the necessary qualities to make you feel confident that your relocation, whether it is local moving NYC or any other kind, will indeed be completed just the way you imagined. So, what are the qualities of a top-notch moving company?

  • Reputability does matter. Ask for recommendations or search for company reviews.
  • Experience – one of the key qualities of a good mover.
  • Skills that special moving requires – not everyone can manage art handling NYC or moving a piano.

And we do have all that, and much more. If you are in need of piano movers, you want them to be professional, well-trained and experienced – Dorothy & Martha is who you should call.

Professional piano moving can be efficient, secure, and affordable – all in one!

You’ve probably been aware of the misconception that efficient and secure services need to be expensive. This is not true. It is, in fact, possible to get the piano moving service you deserve without it costing an arm and a leg. Dorothy and Martha Moving offers flat-rate service, which ensures you as a customer will never be charged extra or hidden fees. So yes, excellent piano movers can be expensive. But they do not have to be. As a matter of fact, you can get your free moving quote right now and you’ll be able to calculate your moving budget in advance. This will enable you to be aware of the moving costs in front of you. We’ve thought about it all!

You may be after piano storage as well – we’ve got you covered

Owning a piano, you must know that not every space is suitable or appropriate for this instrument. So it happens quite often that people who are moving don’t really have a place for a piano in their new home. Perhaps you are trying to remodel your home and have come to realize you have nowhere to store your piano? No reason for concern here. Besides offering you the finest piano moving Manhattan services – Dorothy & Martha Moving NYC can also offer you piano storage NYC.

Naturally, not every storage area is suitable for a piano. You know that and we know that. So we have gone out of our way to enable piano owners to have secure piano storing facility at their disposal.

storage warehouse
Not every storage facility is suitable for storing your piano. This is why we have enabled you to have an appropriate place to store your favorite instrument.

We have both the experience and the right equipment for the job

Yes, skills do matter a lot when it comes to piano moving Manhattan. But the experience in the job and the right tools to make all of it work matter even more. And when moving your piano is in question, we’ll come prepared. We have all the tools to make this relocation a successful one. Also, we’ll make sure your piano suffers no damage whatsoever. We know that the value of an instrument transcends money. So you can be sure that we’ll take utmost care of your piano throughout the entire relocation process. Dorothy and Martha piano movers take no chances when it comes to your belongings.

You are just one call away from safely relocating your piano

In the end, all that is left between you and the most professional piano moving Manhattan is one call. There’s no need to waste time. Contact Dorothy and Martha Moving NYC today and get your free moving estimate. Don’t take any chances and hire only the best and the most experienced piano movers NYC you can find. And when moving and handling a piano is in question – we are the ones you want to call.