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Moving is stressful. You need to make plans, procrastinate, chuck the carefully laid plans out the window a week before the big day, question every decision you’ve ever made that brought you to this point, embrace the chaos, and hope nothing of value gets lost or damaged. Imagine putting yourself through all of that even though there are professionals who can guarantee the safe transportation of your most prized possessions while you maintain a clear mind and an intact spine.

Now imagine the possession in question is a highly coveted, very expensive, and beloved musical instrument, that is objectively massive and not exactly optimally shaped for elevators. The stakes are now much higher, and so are the risk of damage and injury. That is when you ask professionals like Dorothy & Martha Movers NYC to get involved and make your life easier.

Do I need to hire piano movers?

Honestly, good question! Moving is expensive and time-consuming as is so why burden yourself with additional expenses only to move a piano when you could just call up a couple of friends to help out? Well, ask yourself this – why do you go to the barber to do your hair instead of your crafty roommate, or pay extra to dine out rather than cook for just the price of ingredients? It’s convenient, yes, but there’s more to that. Simply put – the value a professional’s work adds to your life, and the headaches it saves you by avoiding costly mistakes easily made by amateurs, are absolutely worth the price. And when it comes to piano moving NYC, a poorly done job means mistakes that are expensive or even impossible to fix. In fact, let’s go over a few reasons that describe the necessity of a professional transportation service in further detail.

piano inside

Pianos are heavy

We know, you didn’t necessarily think they were flimsy, but you’d be surprised to find out exactly how hard they are to lift. And we’ll go out on a limb here and say you’ve never disassembled it, so that’s not an option either. You could call in a few favors, break your back, and risk irreversibly damaging a priceless instrument, or you could just hire experienced movers from Dorothy & Martha Moving NYC. To reiterate, transporting a piano on your own, and unprepared for such weight, is incredibly dangerous!

The size and shape

And it’s not just the weight either – a case of books is heavy too, but it’s manageable, not a lot of loose pieces, and certainly not as hard to fit through doorways or carry up and down the stairs, so maybe you could pull that off. But certain things are bulky and quite weirdly shaped, so let’s leave the task of moving pianos NYC to the professionals at Dorothy & Martha.

vintage piano reloaction

Value and fragility

Musical instruments tend to be the most beloved of possessions, so we’re guessing if you have one, (and intend to take it with you) you value and cherish it very much. So even if it is, as already established, very large, very heavy, and very inconveniently shaped, making it devastatingly difficult to move by an inexperienced person, the most important reason why you shouldn’t give it try, is that the risk of damaging the instrument is way too high, and the cost of fixing it (if fixing it is even possible) much outweigh the cost of insuring safe travel when you’re using the Dorothy & Martha piano moving NYC service.

Why Dorothy & Martha Moving NYC?

Now that you’re convinced about the necessity of a professional transportation service, let’s talk business. While piano moving NYC is a very specific service, after all – this is the Big Apple! There are probably tons of companies out there, ready to offer you their services. But is there anything that separates Dorothy & Martha from the rest? Why yes of course there is! Namely,

  • Experience
  • Reliability
  • Equipment
  • Affordable prices

Experienced movers

Well, there are certain aspects of the process that don’t really require specialized, experienced professionals. Properly packing most of the stuff in your home is one of those aspects, that is why you’re probably fine doing that on your own or with the help of some enthusiastic acquaintances, provided you follow some common sense guidelines of course. 

With that said though, we would be hard-pressed to find a better example of a job that you would be worse off doing on your own rather than outsourcing to professionals than piano moving NYC. For all the reasons we went over in previous paragraphs, trusting your instrument to amateurs is a sure-fire way to irreversibly damage one of your most prized possessions. 

The movers of Dorothy & Martha, are one of the most experienced you can find in the city and can ensure the professional packaging, delivery, and storage of your piano. 

antique piano relocation

Extreme safety precautions

Moving is a stressful process and carries a lot of risks with it. Relocating something as large, heavy, valuable, and fragile as a piano requires carefully calculating and adjusting for every single risk. That is not always possible when working alone or with an inexperienced company. Lucky for you, however, Martha & Dorothy can assure you of the highest quality service because we’ve been doing this for years and can save you the trouble of having to fix any damage that can be caused to you or your possessions when piano moving NYC.

Having the right equipment matters

Experience is not the only thing that matters. Just like every other service professional has access to better tools because that is what they do for a living, the movers of Dorothy & Martha have access to equipment much more suitable for the job than some duct tape and a bunch of cardboard boxes. Not to mention the skill set required to do the delicate job that is piano moving NYC, or art handling, in which you are maybe also interested.

Affordable prices

Even with all that, we do have to admit there are other seasoned piano movers out there. But, we dare you to find someone who will give you both the level of professionalism and affordability that we can provide. For your piano and any other moving services, Dorothy & Martha Moving NYC is really the number to call!

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