Organize a Halloween party like a pro

Autumn is a very beautiful season, many people think that. However, it is not just beautiful, but also a very exciting time of the year, because of the holidays. And one of the most interesting holidays is certainly Halloween. So, if you have recently found an apartment in Brooklyn and looking for a way to connect your old friends with your new ones and maybe meet some more new ones, throwing a party is a great way to do it. There is no better time than October to do it. That’s why we are giving you some tips on how to organize a Halloween party like a pro. Follow these tips, and everything will go smoothly while you prepare an excellent party to remember!

The first step to take when you have to organize a Halloween party

You need to approach this project like you would approach any other serious endeavor you are facing. Therefore, forget about last-minute solutions, and start planning on time. If you have moved recently and you don’t have all your stuff in the apartment yet, even better. You could use all the free space you can get. However, if your home is fully equipped and furnished, you should contact some of the moving services Brooklyn has to offer and schedule the relocation of your belongings on time. This way, you will make the needed space and keep your possessions safe.

Organize a Halloween party - a witch on the broom
Start preparing your party on time, October will go by quickly

You can either move your furniture from one place of the home to another, or you can rent a storage unit in Brooklyn until the holiday is over. Either way, it’s better to keep it somewhere safe and not risk damaging it or staining it with beverages and food.

What kind of party will this be?

Sure, it’s Halloween and all, so we assume there will be costumes, right? Nevertheless, you should still stress that when you invite people to come. Believe it or not, many people don’t take this serious enough. That is why it’s important your invitation says clearly that costumes are mandatory. You can even decide to organize a contest for the best costume and prepare some interesting rewards. So people are motivated to do their best when it comes to dressing up.

And since this is definitely a themed party, you need to prepare adequate decorations, right? So, depending on how big do you want it to be, you have several options:

  • prepare some DIY decoration,
  • ask friends to help you decorate or
  • contact some of the statue moving company NYC to help you bring in the heavy pieces for your Halloween decoration.

Imagine having a haunted house in your apartment with all the scary statues and appropriate decorations. If you go this extra mile, people will notice that you definitely know how to organize a Halloween party over the top!

Remember the essentials

Even though this is a costume party, you should make sure to pay attention to the essentials of every good party – food, drinks, and music. In this case, we will add some spooky sound effects. Now, it’s important to prepare enough amount of everything for the guest. However, if you are throwing a big party, you might spend a little more money than you would hope for. That is why we suggest asking your guests to make some contribution. A BYOB (bring your own beer) is a great system for these kinds of big parties. Hey, you are providing the space, music, and organization. Bringing their own drinks is the least they can do.

a pumpkin cookie
There are some great ways to decorate your spooky food

When it comes to food, you should make it fit the theme as much as you can. There are some great spooky ways to decorate your dishes, even if you are serving only sandwiches or snacks. Get some interesting decorations for glasses. It’s not just that they are practical to avoid mixing drinks, but people will love them.

Music is very important for the atmosphere

Everyone knows that the music sets the tone of any event. So, you must invest either some money or some time into this project. If your budget is big enough, you can hire a professional DJ who will know exactly how to get the party started and then rolling. Or maybe you have some friend who does this for a hobby? If you do, make sure to ask them in advance if they are willing to play music at your party. Ambushing them on the spot can turn out bad both for your party and your friendship.

If you have to organize a Halloween party on a budget and you don’t have friends who find playing music more interesting than the party alone, you can do it on your own. However, you need to prepare yourself good for this. Don’t leave everything for the last minute on try to figure things out on the spot. You have good chances of killing the party that way. So, from the moment you decide you are having a Halloween party, start making a playlist. Stick to the well-known hits everyone knows and love. Play some modern music, but make sure to go through the music of different decades as well. Almost everyone loves to hear a good tune from the 80s, right?

Prepare some good games or a movie

Halloween party isn’t just an ordinary party you can attend every day. No, this is a great way to play the games you loved as a kid or to enjoy some scary movies. Have some ideas ready, but also try to stay open for different proposals. You may be surprised how much people actually love dressing up and scaring each other. But, just in case, have some cheap costumes at your hand in case someone didn’t get the chance to discase but would love to participate in the party.

dancing skeletons
In the end, it’s important to dance and have a good time

As you can see, it’s not hard to organize a Halloween party if you have good motivation and if you start planning on time. With a bit of help and the right advice, your party will definitely rock. Get a good costume. Play some funky music. Relax and enjoy it!

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