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If you’re planning on relocating your business anytime soon, you’d better plan far ahead. Running a business in NYC is already challenging as it is, and office relocation can truly turn into an overwhelming experience. As you need to shut down all the operations for a while, the entire process has to be over in no time. There’s no time for delays and the lack of organization! What you need is efficiency, strategy and professionalism. It’s best to find experienced office movers in Brooklyn to pull off the job. But if you have already decided to do it yourself, we have selected the most valuable office moving tips to help you out.

Plan far ahead

Whether you have opted for professionals or DIY, early planning is the mother of all successful commercial moves. If you want to schedule moving services, it’s best to check their availability early to avoid unpleasant surprises. Don’t wait until the clock strikes 12. However, if hiring a professional moving company does not fit in your plans, it’s possible to pull off the job by yourself. With the help of co-workers and sound organization, you can avoid a major standstill in your business. But early planning is the key when it comes to office moving tips.

Update the address on all important documents

Before you change your address for good, don’t forget to update your website and the contact information on business cards and stationery. Notify the post office, bank clerk, partners, and all other interested parties. Clients should be able to find you at any time. Update the address wherever it’s listed to avoid confusion and the potential loss of profit.

Task your co-workers with specific moving duties

Everyone should take part in the relocation. Ask your colleagues to clean up their desks and pack all the minor items themselves. They can move these in advance to leave less workload for the big day. Appoint them to perform specific tasks. Let them choose the kind of moving boxes you need for office relocation.

Make everyone in the office in charge of their own desk

If there is a colleague of yours who is keen on spending months in the gym working on his biceps, task him with the heavy lifting. On the other hand, an administrative assistant is bound to have good organization skills. Provide him/her with a checklist of office moving tips and let them monitor the move.

Store your data in the cloud or an external device

There’s a risk of losing important data while having your office equipment dismantled and relocated. Hopefully, none of it will happen, but for the peace of mind, it’s better to use an online service to store important business data. If you prefer to have them stored on a portable device, there is a selection of removable hard drives you can purchase to this purpose.

A removable hard drive.
Purchase a removable hard drive to back up your business data

Anyhow, you need to have some sort of back up once you unplug all the devices in your office and load them into a moving truck.

Take extra care of fragile items

Computers, networking equipment, faxes and printers – these are all delicate and require extra care. Never place them one on top of the other. Each of these should be wrapped in a thick, heavy material and placed in a separate box. When loaded onto a truck, they shouldn’t move and tumble on the way. The same goes for printers and photocopiers. When you’re relocating such massive and delicate items, simple office moving tips won’t do. Follow the specific instructions provided by manufacturer’s guidebook. The same goes for other delicate belongings. For example, if you’re in the art business, you have dozens of extra delicate items to attend to. When moving your art gallery, safeguarding is the most important part of the job. To avoid potential damage, ask experts for advice and instructions.

Label the boxes meticulously

Don’t forget to label the boxes before you send them off. Once they are all stacked together, it’s impossible to tell them apart. The main thing that differs office moving from a household relocation is the urgency of the matter. You need to be as efficient as possible. Losing time means losing potential clients. And consequently, losing profit. In order to unpack the office in no time, label the boxes according to their content. Add small descriptions to every label to know the purpose and location of each item in the new working space.

Label the cords and cables

Once you unplug all the devices in your office, there will be dozens of cords that need to be matched later on. As boring as it may seem, you need to label each cord before you pack up and put your office equipment into a truck.

Label the cables to be able to match them later on

Place them together in zip-locked bags and protect from heavy items that can cause damage on the way. Cables and networking equipment should be placed somewhere on top to avoid being squeezed by massive office devices and heavy boxes.

Donate the equipment you don’t need

If you have tech equipment you are not using anymore, it’s pointless to transport it to a new address. But don’t throw it away either. Instead, donate the unnecessary items to the organizations that collect electronics for recycling purposes. Declutter your office to have a clean and efficient working environment. By recycling electronics, you’ll do a good deed and take a load off your shoulders at the same time. Finally, the office relocation does not seem so grueling anymore. With early planning and a few office moving tips and tricks, you can do it yourself. Just stay calm and organize your staff. New business ventures are ahead of you!

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