Moving your art in NYC during the fall

Moving your art in NYC during the fall is an excellent choice. While summer is considered to be the best time to move in the year, fall comes in a close second. You don’t have to worry about the boiling heat and the ridiculously high moving quotes. All this stems from the high demand of customers. Since most people want to move in summer, it’s no wonder it’s going to be the priciest period to plan your move. However, with fall you don’t have to worry about that. The costs are minimal. So much so that you might think that you won’t need to hire moving services Brooklyn. However, we are here to dissuade you from that. Not because we want your money. No. It’s because we think it might be dangerous to do art moving on your own.

Hire professional movers

However, if you do decide to do that, we’ll provide you with several tips to keep your precious belongings safe. So as we have mentioned previously hiring moving companies, like statue moving company NYC is a smart thing to do when thinking about moving art. You see, unlike other belongings that you can move by yourself, art is fragile. Keeping it safe and not destroying it takes time and knowledge. Now, we here at Dorothy and Martha have the knowledge gleaned from years of working out in the field and moving happy troopers and their art. So we have all the proper equipment and the know-how to get your art from point A to point B without damaging your art. Especially in the fall when weather conditions are such a big factor.  So don’t gamble with your fortune and hire Dorothy and Martha Moving today!

Moving your art in NYC
Moving your art during fall is a very cost-effective way of getting things done.

Insurance is just one of the benefits of hiring professional movers

Having professionals take care of your beloved art is fantastic. You will be able to spend your time focusing on other more important things related to the moving process. However, accidents can happen even to the greatest moving crew there is. This is why in case of damage or loss of your items you will be compensated if you choose one of the insurance options your company offers. Heavy rain in fall or winds may lead you to consider these options when moving:

Released value protection insurance

In case you choose this option, you would get 0.60 cents per pound of the items that is lost or damaged. Art is priceless, and this amount will not even begin to compensate for the damage, so you might consider the other option.

Moving Insurance Will Protect Your Art
Accidents can always happen, so make sure to get moving insurance

Full value protection insurance

In this case, on the other hand, you would get compensation in the amount of the current marketplace value of the item. They also offer a replacement if possible, and repairment of the item if this can be done.

Moving your art in NYC – pick your poison

If you, however, even against our best wishes, decide to move art on your own, there are several things you might want to look for. The first thing on that list is to pick a proper transport vehicle. The actual model of the truck is not important though. What you are looking for here is the size. You want to make sure that you pick the properly sized vehicle. So how do you do this? Well, it’s pretty simple.

How do I choose the right rental truck for me?

You’ll first need to make a list of all the items that you need for the move. Then you are going to have to measure them, check their dimensions, and from that glean insight into how much space you will need for your truck. Never go by feel. Also, most people tend to buy the cheapest options out there, which are in most cases the smallest sized option. So, in turn, you have to take re-trace multiple times… And the manpower, time, and fuel expenditure is simply not worth it.

A toy truck.
Don’t forget to pick the right vehicle for the job.

Don`t forget to consult a rental moving company

After you know the exact size of the vehicle we recommend that you call up that rental moving company that you were eyeing the whole time and start inquiring about rental trucks. Ask them what truck do they recommend given the dimensions you get. This way you will always get a clear-cut way of finding out the perfect transportation vehicle for you.

Moving your art in NYC

Before you start moving we recommend that you declutter. That doesn’t mean throw everything you don’t use to the trash. No. Well not necessarily. You can do that if there is really no other alternative option. However, most of the time that picture can be repurposed, it can be recycled. There is also fine art storage NYC. So if you don’t know if you are going to be able to fit everything during relocation we recommend that you obtain a storage facility. This way you can get rid of the bulkier things like statutes faster.

Storage facility.
You can always move your art to a storage facility and decide its fate later on.

Climate-controlled storage units

Moving your art in NYC during the fall is great, but if there are heavy rains you will certainly want to protect your art from humidity. In case you need to store your paintings or other forms of art, we recommend that you do this in a climate-controlled storage unit. It is slightly more expensive, but you will not have to worry about humidity and temperature changes in the unit. They are perfect for sensitive items.

Packing your art

Writing about packing art would make this article too long. That’s why you can visit pack fine-art items for relocation for an in-depth look at how to actually do that. However, the one thing we will note is that you absolutely need to make sure that your items are well packed before you start moving them. You should especially take into consideration that your art should have layers of protection so that the rain cannot seep into it, and damage it. So make sure you place your art in double, even triple layers of bubble wrap if necessary and cover it with a blanket.

Packing supplies you will need when moving art

  • Moving boxes – In order to protect your art from the rain, wind, and dust we recommend that you take moving boxes Brooklyn of high quality. They need to be of the right dimensions, only slightly larger than the item you are relocating.
  • Bubble wrap – Bubble wrap will become your best friend if you are packing the items on your own. It is perfect for protecting art from any damage.
  • Moving blankets – Sometimes your items cannot fit inside of a moving box, such as large statues. You don`t need to worry, though, as moving blankets will protect your items from damaging. Note that you don`t have to buy these, just use your own old blankets.
  • Packing tape – High-quality packing tape is a must when moving art. You will need it to tape the moving boxes and moving blankets so there is no risk of opening during the transportation.
Packing Supplies Needed When Moving Art
In order to protect your art, make sure to get enough packing supplies

Moving your art

Right, so the last part is to make sure you move the art and make sure that it’s safely secured in the vehicle. The best way to go about this is to actually make sure that you place the bulkier items first, so then there will be room for the smaller ones. Also, as a side note – make sure that there is no empty space between your packed belongings. Because if there is this could lead to shimming during shipping which could in turn damage you’re fine art. So definitely make sure there are no spots in the vehicle where that could happen.

You can make a claim in case of an accident

There is also an advantage when you hire movers. If your items get damaged, you can always make claims against the moving company so they can pay you back the damage dealt. The other way around is not true. If your package gets destroyed because of your own doing then there will be no way to get that compensation. Most moving companies accept claims not older than 9 months. So, as soon as you receive your items check for any loss or damage that might have happened.

Hiring professional art handlers NYC will reduce the risk of this to a bare minimum, however, accidents can happen even to the best crew in the world, as we already mentioned. Another piece of advice is to take photos of your art before relocation so that you can have yet another valid proof for your claim. Also, note that your claim will never be successful if the movers did not pack the items as well as transport them.

Moving your art in NYC – don’t forget to…

Check whether your new place has the proper utilities installed. Since it’s fall you want to make sure that everything in your home is working. Water, heat, and electricity.  Some art requires special room temperature so make sure the AC works to your contempt. So in other words, just make sure that everything is ready for your art when you arrive in your new location. Be that your home, office, or another gallery. It will save you a lot of trouble down the line.

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