Moving with pets long distance

It’s common knowledge that a feat as difficult and complicated as relocation is always that much more tricky when done with a companion. In this situation, the companion is your furry friend that is so dear to your heart. It’s true that everything is always more enjoyable when done in good company, but in this case, the joy will have to wait for a while. Moving with pets is everything but easy, and it will demand that you prepare for every possible scenario and outcome. And this is something your Bay Ridge movers won’t be able to help you with – your pet is your responsibility. So, let’s break down the process of preparing for a long distance move with a pet – as if long distance moving weren’t hard on its own.

Contacting the vet is the first thing to do when moving with pets

In many ways, having a pet is just like having a child. What any parent out there can confirm is that when you have a child, their health is all that matters, and pet owners feel the same way. That’s why before relocating long distance with a pet, the first thing you must do is visit the vet. Of course, visiting a vet as soon as your pet shows any signs of deteriorating health is a must. So, we’ll assume that your lovely dog/cat is in perfect health and that they won’t need a medical check-up.

A vet checking a kitten when moving with pets.
Being the equivalent of a doctor for humans, vets are of crucial importance for pets.

However, you should still get in touch with your vet and inform them about your relocation. They will have to transfer records to the new place, and they might even be able to help you choose a new vet. And that really is something you have to do long before moving. You never know when your pet might need medical attention and you want to be ready.

Keep your pet away from all the action and maintain their routine

Pets, just like people, react to stressful situations. And there are hardly any life events out there that are more stressful than moving. While you might be receiving all the help you need from different moving companies Brooklyn, your pet only has you in their corner. And that’s why the biggest responsibility rests on your shoulders.

To help your dog or cat remain calm and stress-free during a move, keep them away from all the action. If you don’t want to leave them with a third person and you have to keep them in the house, make sure you put them in the quietest area possible. While they are there, make sure you check up on how they are doing and keep them supplied with food and water.

A beagle.
Keep to your daily activities when moving with pets and you won’t have any problems.

Also, take them out for their regular walk. Maintaining some sense of normality is very important when moving with pets. It will allow them to transit to your new home more easily, which will preserve their health.

Let your pet ride with you

Every road trip is much more exciting when you have your pet with you. And there is no reason why you can’t have at least a bit of fun when relocating locally or long distance. Instead of flying to your new home, you should decide to drive in your car to your new location. And, of course, take your pet with you in the car. Cats can travel in pet carriers and larger dogs can be move in a kennel that is in the back of your car.

Although, don’t forget one very important thing – bathroom breaks. While you can have a litter box for your cat, a dog will need a few stops. The number of stops depends on the distance of your move. As a bonus tip, try placing a blanket over the pet carrier. It has been proven that some pets feel much more at ease during such a move if they can’t see the scenery that is changing outside. And keeping them calm and stress-free is one of your main goals when moving with a pet, right?

Compose an overnight bag

Have you ever heard of a moving essentials bag? It’s practically a staple when it comes to residential moving, and everyone going through it knows that there are some items which must be ready for use as soon as you arrive at your new home. It’s no different when it comes to moving with pets.

A food bowl in front of a blackboard.
A well-fed dog is a happy dog.

You won’t know the new area very well once you arrive, and you won’t have enough time to wander the streets looking for the nearest pet shop. That’s why you should pack enough food, toys and grooming tools to keep your pet happy and healthy those first few days. This bag should always travel with you in the car as you might need it during the trip, and you also never know whether you will arrive before the moving truck and whether your movers will be punctual. And you really can’t leave any room for error here.

Shower your pet with love

At the end of the day, every feat is much more bearable when you are loved and cared for. And in a lot of ways, animals are just like humans – they need lots of love and comfort. When moving with pets long distance, it’s very easy to get carried away in all the tasks and duties and neglect your dog or cat. Just remember that they are waiting for you to show them some love. While it’s completely okay for all the moving-related tasks to be your primary priority, it’s not okay to completely forget about your pet. So don’t let it happen.

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