Moving to Park Slope

So, have you thought about moving to Park Slope? This charming neighborhood has plenty to offer to everyone. Why not you? There’s a reason it’s one of the most prosperous neighborhoods in Brooklyn. Park Slope is full of opportunities, and everyone knows it. Don’t buy into the stereotype that Park Slope is only for families with young kids! Contrast to popular belief, there’s plenty to do in Park Slope even if you’re not pushing a stroller around! And, yes, the jokes about the stroller brigade storming the streets every Sunday are true. It’s because you can’t deny that Park Slope is one of the best neighborhoods for families in Brooklyn! But, it’s not a one-trick pony. While families with little kids will find Park Slope their own personal slice of heaven, single young professionals have plenty of interest too.

A fashionable young mom pushing a stroller after moving to Park Slope. She's wearing a denim skirt, a yellow jacket, and her hair is in a pony tail.
It’s New York. If there’s gonna be people pushing strollers, they’re gonna look damn good doing it.

What is there to do after moving to Park Slope?

So, you want to move to Park Slope. Excellent! But, what are you gonna do after you get there? How are you gonna entertain yourself? Well, don’t worry, there’s plenty of fun things to do in Park Slope, no matter what your definition of fun is. Of course, there’s the standard Brooklyn nightlife guide – even if you go out every weekend, it would take months if not years to check out every excellent place in NYC. If that’s your scene, you have nothing to fear. But, not everyone who’s moving to Park Slope is into the nightlife scene! Don’t worry, that’s not all.

  • Park Slope doesn’t have “Park” in its name to be stylish. It’s framed by Prospect Park, a charming green space full of relaxation. Unlike Central Park, which is pretty far to get to, and also crowded – and, god forbid, crowded with tourists – Park Slope is easily reached, and you won’t have to suffer interacting with others unless you want to.
  • Of course, there’s the Prospect Park Zoo – it’s definitely one of those places where all are welcome. And yeah, there will definitely be kids at the zoo, but that doesn’t mean you can’t go and enjoy yourself too! From happy bouncing babies to art students frantically sketching animals for practice, to aging grandparents on a stroll, the zoo is full of all kinds of people.
  • There’s the Brooklyn Museum – because the MET is full of hipsters. This museum has plenty of rotating exhibits – at least one is sure to catch your eye!
  • Take a stroll down 5th Avenue, and enjoy the face of Park Slope. Shop, have a bite at one of its many various eateries or enjoy a beverage.

What should you know if you want to move to Park Slope?

Some of the things you need to know are very standard Brooklyn fare. For example, your car is a problem – keeping it is more trouble than it’s worth unless you frequently make out-of-town trips that you can’t go to via Greyhound. There’s never any parking – finding a free parking spot near you is as probable as finding the Holy Grail – and if you want to stash your car in a garage, it’s gonna cost you. However, like the rest of Brooklyn, Park Slope is very connected, so you shouldn’t worry. It’s not on the list of neighborhoods to commute to Manhattan from, but then again, few neighborhoods are.

A woman descending into the subway.
Moving to Park Slope means being very well connected to the rest of the city.

The other thing you need to know, however, is that Park Slope veers on the expensive side. As far as neighborhoods go, it’s not as pricey as Manhattan (simply because, well, nothing is), but it’s definitely not for the faint of heart and thin of wallet. So, it’s highly advisable to move to Brooklyn on a budget if you want to live in Park Slope. But, really, Park Slope is worth it!

How do you go about moving to Park Slope?

You have to do some serious organization. After all, moving isn’t something you can do on a whim! You have to research the best Park Slope movers, and make sure they have everything you need. You have to be serious about this – it’s very easy to get suckered into a scam if you don’t pay attention. If a price is way too good to be true? There’s a catch. No matter if it’s a hidden fee, or a catch in the contract, or just plain old “holding your stuff until you pay us more”, you have to be careful.  If you look up several moving companies, you’ll see what the budget is, more or less, and can plan accordingly.

A group of people huddled around a laptop.
Feel free to ask friends and family for suggestions!

What do you do after researching Park Slope movers?

Well, you pick up the phone and ring your chosen Brooklyn movers, then you set an appointment. Of course, while estimates over the phone work well as an initial moving estimate, you have to get an in-house estimate if you want it to be actually accurate. The movers aren’t psychic, they don’t know what’s in your house unless you show them. This is why it’s important to screen your moving companies thorougly – your Park Slope mover will be in your physical house, meaning they will know your address! You want a reputable company that doesn’t hire leering temps that can misuse that information!

So, after you’ve made your in-house appointment, you have to decide what you actually want. Do you want to move your piano? Do you want furniture disposal? What about packing or unpacking? You have to know in advance, so you can check the prices and work them into your budget for moving to Park Slope. Write down what you want, and the next step is hashing it out with your chosen mover. A final note – be very wary of deals that are “one day only”. That’s a sales pressuring tactic, don’t fall for it!

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