Moving to Gowanus

Are you thinking about moving to Gowanus? Let’s face it – we’re all looking for up and coming neighborhoods that aren’t too steep with prices. But in that search, it’s quite easy to end up in the wrong place. So the real question is – should you give this area a chance? Is hiring Gowanus movers and relocating there really a good idea? But If you want to find out – stick with us. We’ve got the scoop on everything you need to know about Gowanus right here!

Make a plan for your relocation

Before you start thinking about moving to Gowanus and hiring a moving company like Dorothy & Martha Moving NYC, you need to realize one thing; planning is everything. And let’s be straight about it – this is true regardless of whether you’re relocating to Gowanus or to Japan. But the number of people who think that there’s no need to plan things out thoroughly would surprise you. Especially if you’re already living in New York, and you’re just moving around; avoid the common mistake of not planning on time.

Why? Because there are quite a few unexpected issues that can arise during your move; and having a solid plan in place will make solving them easier. There’s really no better way of making sure your relocation goes perfectly. So start thinking about all of the essential things you’ll need for your move on time – and leave nothing to chance. From choosing the best location, to picking a moving company; these are all things you need to do well in advance. Because if you do everything at the last minute – you may have to make some compromises.

A view of the NYC skyline with the Brooklyn Bridge in the forefront.
Before moving anywhere in Brooklyn – make sure you’ve got a solid plan!

Is Brooklyn a good fit for me?

If you’ve already lived in Brooklyn, then this part doesn’t really apply to you. But many people who have never lived in New York before are thinking of moving to Gowanus; so they should think about whether this area suits them. And even if you’ve been in New York for a while, before relocating your household to Brooklyn, think about:

  • The rent – If you’ve thought about moving to somewhere in Brooklyn in order to get better prices on your rent; you’ll manage that only if your previous apartment was somewhere in Manhattan. Otherwise, rent in Brooklyn these days is pretty much on par with any developed area in NYC. Of course, there are still up and coming places like Gowanus.
  • Your lifestyle – Let’s face it; living in Brooklyn isn’t exactly for everyone. While younger millennials are definitely thriving here, that doesn’t mean everyone will. Older people with families aren’t likely to adapt to this lifestyle easily; so consider that before moving.
  • The commute – Do you have a job in downtown Manhattan? Then make sure you’re moving to an area of Brooklyn that’s well-connected with public transportation. Really, think about it; there’s no apartment cheap enough to justify going through a horrible commute every day.
A man on a ladder working on street art on an exterior brick wall.
Gowanus has everything you need out of Brooklyn – including many amazing artists!

Where is Gowanus exactly?

Even if you’re a New Yorker, you might have to think for a short while before you remember this neighborhood. Why? Well, let’s just say the process of gentrification has been a little late to the party here. Unlike many other parts of Brooklyn, this is an ex-industrial zone that’s only now coming into the spotlight of residential development. Still, this doesn’t mean that moving to Gowanus is a bad idea.

This is an area that’s been built around the eponymous Gowanus canal. Now, this is probably ringing a bell – we’re talking about the old industrial canal. For many long years, this was one of the major industrial transport lanes in Brooklyn. Everything from mills to large chemical plants used this canal for transport between Brooklyn and the Upper Bay area. However, these days the canal has no heavy industrial use, and there have been efforts to clean up the pollution that has gathered up here for the past century. And seeing as younger professionals have been getting priced even out of other Brooklyn areas – this couldn’t have come at a better time.

A view of a New York street crossing, with Manhattan in the background.
The expansion of Gowanus is great for people who find Manhattan too expensive!

Is moving to Gowanus the right call?

Of course, all this considered – should you actually relocate to Gowanus? Well, it all depends on your personal needs and lifestyle choices. If you’ve got a family to think about – you could probably find better school districts for your kids in New York. But on the other hand, if money is an issue, or you’re just a young professional looking to make his mark on the world; moving to Gowanus may be the best call you’ll ever going to make.

After all, the area has everything you’d expect out of Brooklyn – a pretty vibrant art scene, and many interesting bars and clubs. Just think of all the things to do in Brooklyn, which you can if you move to Gowanus! All that’s left is for residential development to catch up – but that might also mean bigger prices. So, if you think Gowanus is a good option for you; our advice would be to get in on the action as early as possible.

Choosing a moving company

If you’ve set your sights on moving to Gowanus, the time will come to choose a moving company to help you out. And before you think about trying a do-it-yourself relocation; remember how difficult this will be. Even if you’re moving from another Brooklyn neighborhood, let alone another borough – definitely seek professional assistance. Sure, hiring movers might cost you more money up front than if you were to do it by yourself; but at least you can rest easy knowing everything will go well.

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