Moving to Flatbush – pros and cons

If you don’t want to give up your Brooklyn lifestyle even though housing rates strongly suggest you should do so, we may have a solution to your problem. How about moving to Flatbush? There are good reasons this vast and diverse neighborhood has experienced a boom in popularity over recent years. Located south of the Prospect Park, the neighborhood includes some of Coney Island Avenue and stretches far to Brooklyn College. However, the spaciousness is not its only quality. With reasonable rent well below the Brooklyn average, local Brooklyn movers find themselves busier than ever. This area continues to attract young professionals and families to settle in. If you’re still in two minds about hanging up your hat in this popular NYC area, find out what locals and statistics have to say. Compare pros and cons and make up your mind. We’re here to help you make a list.

The bright side of moving to Flatbush – affordable rent

OK. First things first – housing prices are affordable in comparison to Brooklyn and NYC in general. With the median rent of $2,100, Flatbush ranks well below the Brooklyn average of $2,533.

A couple receives keys to their new home.
Affordable rent can be a deal maker

As for purchase prices, thing are slightly more complicated. There are stately single-family homes the prices of which amount to millions. But you can expect the same if you move to Bay Ridge, or any other Brooklyn neighborhood with elegant residential areas that attract the well-off. However, if you are looking to rent, Flatbush offers a number of prewar apartments, as well as single- and two-family homes suitable for the middle class.

The downside – commuting time

If you have a job nearby, lucky you. But if you’re one of many who have to commute to Midtown every single day, all the beauty of living in Flatbush may easily disappear. As 37 % of Brooklynites work in Manhattan, this is an important aspect to consider.

A group of people commuting in a metro.
It takes 50 minutes to get to Midtown

If you have a promising job in the city center, reconsider your options. It takes about 50 minutes to get to Midtown. If you’re not ready to commute for two hours every single day, maybe moving to Flatbush isn’t such a great idea after all.

Dynamic and diverse – Flatbush is a melting pot

Socially and ethnically, Flatbush is one of the most diverse neighborhoods in the borough. A variety of different cultures interact to create a perfect melting pot. You can expect your neighbors to be Caribbean, Pakistani, Indian, West Indian, Jewish or Asian. This automatically means you can enjoy a variety of authentic cuisines and cultural events. One of the reasons Brooklyn is a great place for everyone lies in the way it assimilates and cherishes differences. Despite the contrasts, what families love about this area is the fact that it has a neighborly feel. Urban, but with serene residential areas, tidy avenues and lots of outdoor spaces, Flatbush truly is a great place to raise a family.

Crime rates are not flattering

Even though things are getting better with the influx of families and young professionals that have been moving to Flatbush over the past decades, both violent and property crimes are still present in the area. There are rundown parts of Flatbush that had substantial crime issues in the past. Fortunately, things are looking much better nowadays. Residential neighborhoods are generally safer than popular tourist destinations, which still count a number of crimes according to the available statistics. However, this does not make Flatbush worse than other Brooklyn neighborhoods. But the fact that it’s a huge neighborhood obviously has its advantages and disadvantages.

Families love Flatbush

Flatbush primarily consists of family houses with backyards, driveways and attached garages. A lot of space for parking and outdoor fun within your own property can truly be a deal maker. There are not many places in NYC that can boast properties with the abundance of living space. Neatly trimmed lawns and neighbors who are out gardening are a common sight in Flatbush.

Girl gardening - something your kids can enjoy after moving to Flatbush
Homes with the abundance of living space continually  attract families

The need for extra space has urged many families from the greater NYC area to hire local movers such as Dorothy & Martha Moving NYC to relocate them to Flatbush. In addition, many businesses are family owned. With serene residential areas around Ditmas Ave, Foster Ave and Coney Island, Flatbush really is a family-friendly place.

Accessible transport and great shopping

Easy access to subway and bus lines is one of the substantial advantages of this Brooklyn neighborhood. Commuting time to Manhattan might not be appealing, but getting around Brooklyn is far easier with multiple bus lines that stretch across the borough. Everything is in the walking distance. With busy shopping areas and new stores popping up every day, Flatbush has something to offer to every taste. Busy and vibrant, Flatbush Avenue is a great place to shop and look for bargains, eat out and have fun. The only problem is the lack of parking space. But with accessible public transport, you don’t have to drive all the time. Isn’t that wonderful?

If you love Brooklyn – you can’t go wrong

If you love living in Brooklyn, you can’t make a mistake by moving to Flatbush. It has all the qualities of a classic Brooklyn neighborhood – diversity, vibrancy and urban feel. With reasonable rent and family-friendly residential areas, no wonder it continues to attract newcomers to settle in. However, it’s certainly not one of the best Brooklyn neighborhoods for commuting to Manhattan. As this is an important aspect of your everyday life, rethink about your options. Weigh the pros and cons and make a decision. Moving to Flatbush deserves to be considered!

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