Moving to California 101

So, have you thought about moving to California? If so, you’re among the many people eager to make the Golden State their new home. There’s a reason California is so popular! However, there are a lot of things to pay attention to before you can move. You don’t want to make mistakes, do you? And the number one cause of mistakes is bad organization. And the number one cause of bad organization is not having all the facts. How can you make the right decision if you have the wrong information? So, when it comes to moving to California, it’s important to do your research. Plus, doing your research will allow you to select the right long distance NYC movers!

A crooked street in San Fran.
Living in San Francisco is exciting, and not just because of the exciting architecture.

Moving to California – the climate

You won’t be feeling under the weather when it comes to Californian climate. The Golden State might not be the Sunshine State, but it’s pretty close! California has pretty varied geography, though. Temperatures and climates can vary pretty drastically in places even though they’re close together! You could go to the coast and enjoy consistently sunny weather, or go to the mountains and enjoy the snow. There’s a difference between Northern and Southern Californian weather, too! Dry with lots of sun, or with mood-setting rain? It’s for you to decide! So, it’s important to research the weather to know what kind of clothes to bring, and what kind of clothes are best put on craigslist. Hey, an extra buck is an extra buck. Plus, it’s not like you’ll be using that fluffy winter coat or wool gloves in California.

Moving to California means you can live at the beach!
Moving to California means the beach is a car trip away at any time.

What are the cons?

All that sun and no rain can combine to be disastrous. There’s a reason California has a lot of wildfires! For example, Death Valley has some of the highest, hottest temperatures on the planet! That, combined with dry winds that can carry sparks a long way, is a recipe for wildfire. Especially if there’s a lot of rain the previous year – that means plenty of fuel for plants to grow, dry, and become fuel for the fire. So, if you’re moving to California, expect to face some kind of wildfire-related phenomena. It doesn’t have to be the fire itself, but the smog from the fire can blanket cities!

Moving to California – the cost of living

Everyone points to San Francisco as the place to be when you’re an aspiring entrepreneur. That’s true – if you’re building a start-up, San Francisco is the place to be. However, that brings very high costs of living as a result! A lot of California is very expensive. The cost of living is among the highest in the country! Plus, finding affordable housing is very difficult in the Golden State. Buying a place isn’t as impossible as it is in New York, but it’s hardly easy. And renters aren’t that much better off, either! Californian median rent has actually increased from New York’s. Yeah, you might have a harder time paying for an apartment in San Francisco than in Park Slope!

What about taxes?

Of course, one of the things to know when moving is the tax situation. It’s one of the reasons moving to Florida is popular! Interstate moving is common when it comes to finding a better tax situation. So, California’s income taxes are pretty high. If you’re a high earner, you’ll be paying quite a bit in taxes! But, property taxes are pretty low! However, the taxes benefit the state overall. Did you know that California’s schooling system is considered one of the best in the country? That’s right – and in-state tuition is pretty low when it comes to public schooling! California’s public schools are top-notch, both universities and high schools.

A row of houses in San Francisco.
Taxes in California go towards improving things like roads and public schools!

What about jobs?

Everyone knows San Francisco is the place to be when it comes to starting your own business. But, there’s far more to California than just San Fran! California has a robust infrastructure and a super strong economy. Not to mention the diversity found in jobs! No matter what your trade is, something in California will fit you. If California was an entire country, it would have a higher GDP than Britain. That’s very impressive – and indicative of opportunities. You won’t have to worry for your job in the Golden State!

Of course, you can’t bring up California jobs without bringing up the Silicone Valley. It’s true that the Silicone Valley is the hub for everything even mildly tech related, but it’s not the only place to go to. Apple is also hiring pretty extensively, as well as…Walt Disney?? Now, everyone knows the stereotype that arts and humanities are constantly out of a job, but that’s not the case in California. So you can totally take the best art handlers in Brooklyn and set out for the Golden State, art gallery in tow. You might even move to California for your art related job -after all, CalArts is one of the most popular and prestigious art schools in the country!

What about transport?

The one thing everyone knows about NYC is that cars are an expensive luxury and public transport goes everywhere. That’s because NYC can boast with one of the best public transport systems in the country. Most places have cars as a necessity instead of a luxury. That goes for California – if you’re moving to California, you will need a car. That will be your primary source of transport, so you’ll have to get a driver’s license if you lack one. That means your monthly budget should include gas prices, and possibly car payments if you don’t have a car already. A bit more expensive than the monthly subway pass, yes, but far worth it – you’re in California! You can go road-tripping!

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