Moving rugs and carpets across the country properly

Moving can be pretty exciting. Especially if you are about to relocate for the first time ever. There are so many things you need to plan and execute. But, in the end, you will be able to enjoy your new home. And that is the most important thing. One of the biggest tasks you will have is definitely packing your household. And if you are living in a big house or apartment, it can sometimes take a couple of days or even weeks. So, you need to prepare for that properly. In order to help you, we will give you some tips for moving rugs and carpets. These can be very tricky to pack and relocate, so every help will be useful. Keep in mind that there are some things you need to cover before you start packing. Every project needs a plan, and it is the same with relocation.

Planning comes first

The first thing you need to do is to make a good moving plan. That is the key to a successful relocation. Once you complete all tasks related to buying or renting your new home, it is time to plan the actual relocation. If this is the first time you have such a project, make sure you leave a couple of days for researching. It is important to learn what challenges you will face during this undertaking. Moreover, you need to make sure you have the answer to any problem you might face. Luckily, there are many useful pieces of information on the internet, hence you will be able to prepare for this easily.

rug on the floor
Make sure you are ready for this project

Once you starting with the planning process, you will see that there are many things you need to take care of. Some of the major parts of this plan will be:

  • Making a moving budget
  • Getting a necessary packing and moving supplies
  • Packing
  • Looking for moving services Brooklyn
  • Moving day
  • Post-relocation activities

You will see that moving rugs and carpets will require special packing supplies and relocation technique, hence you will need to pay extra attention to this part. You need to realize is that every part of this plan is important. The only difference is that some items require more time and effort, and other more money. But, if you manage to do this properly, you will be able to relocate successfully, on a budget, and with ease.

Getting necessary packing materials for moving rugs and carpets

You shouldn’t start packing if you did not get all the necessary packing supplies. It is very important to get them before packing, as that is the only way for you to be sure there will be no stops and delays. Speaking about packing materials, there are some very common, but there are some that you will need for moving rugs and carpets. So, in order to complete this part without problems, it would be good to make a list of things you need for this task. Make sure you have enough of these. It is easier to sell or give them later if you end up with extra than to go to the store in the middle of the packing.  Here are some of the packing supplies you are going to need:

Rugs and carpets should be clean before packing

One of the most important things you need to do in order to prepare for moving rugs and carpets is to clean them. You should never relocate rugs and carpets dirty as it can cause you more trouble than good. In the end, once you place them in your fresh new home, you wouldn’t like to clean and vacuum them, right? Therefore, it is best to do it before packing. Once this part comes, you will have two options. Either you will do it by yourself, or you will get a cleaning service. If you choose option one, you will need more time, but less money.

vacuum cleaner on the carpet
Always pack clean rugs and carpets

On the other hand, if you hire professionals, your carpets will be in better condition once moving is done. Moreover, if you choose this option, there is a chance that they will pack your rugs and carpets for free. So, at the end of the day, if your moving budget is not tight, you should consider this option.

Packing rugs and carpets

The best approach for moving rugs and carpets is to start packing room-by-room. Once your pieces are clean, it is time to roll and wrap them. Even though some carpets can be folded, it is better to roll them. To do this, you need to figure out the nap direction and roll them in line with fiber. This way you will avoid damages. Once rolled up, tie the roll with rope or packing tape an wrap in the garbage bag or plastic wrap.

rolled carpet
Once you roll the carpet, wrap it

In case you have few carpets or rugs that are a similar size, you can combine them into one roll. It will save you some space once you start to pack a moving truck. Saving space can actually mean saving money when relocating, so make sure you use all the tricks you can.

Make sure your belongings are safe

When moving rugs and carpets, it is important to protect them from damages. Especially during transportation. Never leave them next to the sharp objects or edges of the moving truck. If you are not a hundred percent sure that this is possible, ask your movers to help you. As they have a lot of experience, they will know for sure to protect your rugs and carpets. Finally, if you can’t fit these pieces into the truck, you can get moving and storage Brooklyn service. This means your rugs will be at the storage until you move everything else. It is defiantly the safest way of moving rugs and carpets. Transporting them alone is a bulletproof method to avoid damages.

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