Moving from Miami to NYC

Moving away from lazy afternoons in the Miami sun to hectic streets and snowy winters of New York? Better prepare yourself for the big change of scenery and lifestyle. These two cities are so different in their nature that you may experience a kind of culture shock once you unpack your moving boxes and start settling in. And speaking of moving boxes, you should prepare for the process of long-distance relocation as well. Moving from Miami to NYC will take some time and effort, but if you plan ahead and get acquainted with your new surroundings in advance, you will be able to minimize both culture shock and moving anxiety.

A convertible parked in front of a Miami beach.
Prepare yourself for the change of scenery and lifestyle when moving from Miami to NYC

Prepare for the long-distance move

It takes approximately 18 h 45 min to get from Miami to NYC by road. Sleepless hours on the road and the preparation of luggage for transport are merely a part of the trouble. Needless to say, long-distance moving requires good organization and a reliable moving company to do the job.

Since you’re moving to New York, it would be wise to choose among reputable long distance movers from NYC. They know what to expect when they reach frantic streets of this huge metro city and they won’t let your belongings circle around town for hours while they’re desperately looking for a way to get to your address. If you are looking for a reliable mover from NYC, there are long distance movers in Brooklyn with years of experience, which know the city like the back of their hand. And you’re certainly better off with someone who knows the streets well.

Research moving companies well in advance

If you move locally, you may be able to organize everything by yourself. With appropriate vehicles and a few neighbors and relatives, you can move efficiently to a short distance location. However, if you’re moving from Miami to NYC, you really need to pick the right mover. Do your research at least two or three months before the big day so that you can gather all the information you need and still have the time to change your mind.

You also need to find out more about the services the mover of your choice offers. Do you want them to pack and unpack your belongings? Do you need moving supplies? NYC movers offer a range of different services you may find handy, from packing and transportation to subtle art handling. Once you’ve decided what kind of expectations you have, leave enough time to find the mover that can fulfill them.

Does your furniture fit in the new apartment?

If you’re moving from Miami to NYC, our guess is that you’re moving to a smaller apartment. If not, good for you. But whichever the case, you need to consider whether the old furniture would fit in your new apartment. This is especially important when you’re moving long distance because you don’t want to pay extra money for the belongings you have nowhere to put.

The same goes for smaller items you don’t really need. Declutter your home before the move to save money, but also to be able to organize your new living space more efficiently. If you want to live in New York, you have to learn how to be efficient!

An old armchair standing in the middle of the street.
Make sure you have enough room to fit your old furniture


Label the boxes properly

Even if you’re moving locally, you’ll need labels on your moving boxes to make the unpacking easier. However, when you’re moving long distance, it’s a must. First of all, think about the kinds of moving boxes you need. There are different containers in terms of material, shape and size. If you’re not sure, ask for advice from your mover.

Once you’ve picked the appropriate boxes, you need to label them. If you want to mark them properly, label the content of each of them, but also add the room the content is designated to. For example, if you want to put a lamp in the sitting room, inscribe the label “sitting room” onto a box that contains the lamp. This simple step will make your life much easier once you start unpacking all the boxes at once.

Get acquainted with your new surroundings

As we already mentioned, moving from Miami to NYC can bring about the feeling of a culture shock. You need to adapt to a completely different pace of life from the one you’re used to. Getting acquainted with the main differences between these two amazing cities can help you assimilate more efficiently. To help you out, we point out the most prominent differences between life in Miami and New York City:

1. NYC is more expensive than Miami

Even though you probably know that NYC is very expensive, some of the living costs may come as a surprise. For example, a monthly fee for an adult in a fitness club will cost you 38$ in Miami, whereas in NYC for this kind of recreation you need to set aside 75$ a month. Renting a one bedroom apartment outside city center costs 1,324$ in Miami and 1,958$ if you rent in NYC. Even if you only buy a carton of milk, the price is 20% higher in NYC! Compare prices online and plan your budget accordingly in order to know what to expect.

A man looking at his empty wallet. - something that can happen after moving from Miami to NYC
Compare the costs online and plan your budget before the move


2. You are better off without your car

If you’re used to driving everywhere in Miami, you may forget about it when you move to New York. The traffic is so heavy in NYC that people rather use public transport or go on foot wherever they can. Taking a cab is another option, even though it’s not very affordable. Eventually, you’ll begin to value the benefits of public transport the way you never did before!

3. Weather is different after moving from Miami to NYC

There are long periods of heat in Miami, but there are no harsh winters. However, if you’re moving to NYC, you better stash away your bikini and floral Bermuda shorts and buy some warm clothes. Cold and snowy winters are a part of NYC climate and they may be surprising for you if you never lived outside Miami.

4. Everyone is in a hurry in NYC

Feeling chatty and laid back on a workday? No way if you live in NYC! Everyone is always in a hurry, which may lead you to think that people are generally unfriendly. However, you can’t judge a book by its cover. As we already said, moving from Miami to NYC means getting used to a different pace of life. Frantic days in the streets and in the office take their toll, but when you find time for leisure and entertainment, you’ll realize that New York is not as inhospitable as it may seem at the beginning. There are wonderful places to eat out, enjoy arts or simply spend your afternoons. Once you experience both sides of life in New York, you’ll find it can be as enjoyable as Miami, but in a different way.

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