Moving from Denver to Brooklyn

We should get one thing straight right away – Denver is a great city. And if you’ve lived in a smaller town in the Midwest, it’s definitely got some great opportunities for you, and a more urban way of life. But if you’re a person who always wants more, or you’re particularly focused on your career or art; moving from Denver to Brooklyn is the next logical step. And that’s especially true if you’re younger. While long distance moving isn’t an easy transition to make; if that’s truly what you want, you’ll probably do great! Don’t worry though – if you’re still on the fence about this, we’ve got some great advice on how to make up your mind!

Make a plan for moving from Denver to Brooklyn

Let’s be realistic – wherever you’re moving, there’s only one thing that’s positively certain; and that’s the fact that it will be more complicated than you thought. And that’s true even when you’re relocating between two big cities; like moving from Miami to NYC. But when you’re thinking about moving from Denver to Brooklyn, you’re making a bigger transition than that. Which is why this adjustment won’t be as easy to make; you’ll have to put in a bigger effort in order for everything to go smoothly. Indeed, you will have to plan everything out if you want to have an easy relocation.

Also, remember; even for those who are good at managing their obligations and their time, making a moving plan is not exactly easy. In this scenario, you have many chores to complete simultaneously; all while juggling your usual daily routines as well. In other words – you’ll have to work extra hard in order for this not to interfere too much with your daily life. As you’ve probably realized by now; you will need to be really methodical and thoughtful. So, start planning your relocation on time – and plan it well!

A notebook next to a phone and a cup of coffee.
Make sure you’ve got a solid plan before making this kind of move!

Be realistic about moving expenses

While we’re on the subject of planning – it’s really important to determine how much moving from Denver to Brooklyn will cost you in advance. For those who have never relocated to a new home before, this may be a small shock – but on average, moving is expensive. Once you start planning your relocation, it’ll seem like just a few small costs. But given time, these really stack up immensely. Soon enough, you’ll see that relocating to Brooklyn is not cheap, when you’re coming all the way from Denver. That’s why choosing a good moving company is crucial; while you want to cut costs, going too cheap isn’t good either – because of questionable quality.

To put it simply – expect your personal budget to take a temporary hit no matter what you do. Indeed, your personal finances will require some extra care while you’re relocating. And only do the move when you can certainly afford it; your relocation taking a huge chunk out of your savings is really the last thing you need. So, before embarking on this move – analyze your financial state carefully. Once you’ve concluded that you’ve got the money – proceed to make a realistic moving budget, and stick to it.

A man opening an empty wallet.
Only do this relocation when you’re sure you can afford it!

Learn about the living costs of Brooklyn

Also, you should know – planning your expenses doesn’t just mean the basic costs of moving from Denver to Brooklyn. Of course, these are your imminent expenses, and planning for them is important; but they’re definitely not the only ones. Once you’re there, you’ll also need to adjust to the heightened expenses of your new area as well. And when making a transition to New York, you’ll soon realize something – it’s much more expensive than other cities in the US. After all, we’re talking about the biggest commercial and social hub on the East Coast; so that’s something that you need to expect. Still, this isn’t an insurmountable hurdle; you just need to have the proper mindset before moving, and plan on time.

Indeed, while a cross-country move to New York has many benefits; affordability definitely isn’t one of them. So, expect a steep increase in expenses once you start living there; the bigger everyday prices are a culture shock most newcomers experience, and it’s perfectly normal. Bear in mind though, it’s not just about the daily living expenses; the rent you’ll be paying will also be much higher than in Denver.

Do some research on Brooklyn

Regardless of where you’re relocating; knowing as much about the place as possible is a good idea, even months before you move. And if you’re moving from Denver to Brooklyn, that means learning the ropes of your new neighborhood early on. Luckily, in the age of the Internet, this is easier than ever; everything from the best outdoor activities in Brooklyn to the best music venues is available to you online. Believe us – knowing about all the details of your new area is a really good idea. When you’re preparing to make a big adjustment like living in New York after Denver; you definitely want as few surprises as possible. No matter how well you adjust – it’s going to be a big transition.

As we’ve mentioned above – first of all, you’ll want to learn about how expensive your Brooklyn neighborhood is. And speaking of which; do a lot of research on all Brooklyn neighborhoods. They can vary wildly, so you want to pick the one which will best fit your lifestyle. The last thing you want is to find out you don’t have some crucial amenities, only after you’ve moved there.

A country road stretching off into the distance.
Before leaving Denver for Brooklyn – do some research on your new home!

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