Moving a piano: hiring professionals vs DIY

Moving a piano is a serious task. There are so many little tricks that you need to be aware of. Pianos have more than 12,000 parts and they can weigh up to 1,260 lb. Thus, moving a piano is not that easy. Especially if you have a specific design of the piano. Not to mention if the piano is located on the second floor and you have to go downstairs. Depending on the size and type of the piano, one needs to start on time. Whether you want to do it yourself or hire experienced piano movers in Brooklyn, preparation is the key. Have all the tasks that you need to do on the paper. Then make a decision if you want to hire professionals or do it yourself when it comes to moving a piano.

If you are thinking about moving a piano you need a good preparation

Indeed, moving a piano requires well-thought preparation. Since there are different sizes of piano, it is not the same if you want to move an upright or grand piano. Or if you can disassemble some parts of it or not? Any way you put it, you really need to put every thought on the paper. One doesn’t want to have a bad experience with the piano relocation. We are talking about really, really, really, heavy item which is fragile at the same time. The damage that can occur can be counted with a lot of dollar signs when it comes to piano. Serious injuries can also happen, so you need to have a proper plan, equipment, and people to move a piano. Here’s a list of the essentials you need to have to perform piano moving with problems.

Create a plan with more options when moving a piano
Start writing ideas about moving a piano

Firstly, plan in advance, make a perfect moving checklist. Visualize when will the moving take place? Where it will be necessary to pass with the piano? Exactly, and then you will damage that wall. So, start with measuring the piano, see what the dimensions are and in which state it is. Of course, remove everything that is on the piano, piano paper notes or any kind of decoration. Clean the piano and consult the people who know better the instrument. See what is the professional going to tell you. How to perform a piano relocation, what are the damage risks? You need to know that you need to have the manpower of at least 4 people, depending on the weight of the piano. Then measure the doors, stairs, and hallways where the piano will pass. Remove vases or any other obstacle on the way.

The equipment you need for moving a piano

Once you have cleared the way of any vases or any other obstacles, it’s time for the equipment. When it comes to those obstacles, do not think just about the interior of the house. You don’t want to have something exterior that will be on the way to the van/truck. Of course, this is a plan if you live in a house. Location is important if you live in NYC, the situation is different. If, for example, you need to go downstairs for two or more floors, you want to have the best Brooklyn movers and art handlers. Do not risk to damage the piano, cause yourself injuries or to some of your friends. You will be sure that there will be no problems with a professional insured moving company. Of course, if the moving company did the piano relocation multiple, why risk damaging a very expensive piano?

Prepare all the tools when moving a piano
Get the right tools

For moving a piano you need to know how to properly pack your valuable items. You will need the patience first. That will be your best tool when lifting and moving a 600 lb item. Get the work gloves and piano dolly. Check if you can buy at the same store dolly straps to lift and secure the piano. Use moving blankets or plastic covers to protect the item. One doesn’t want to damage the piano or the walls/staircases. Pay attention to the edgy corners when moving a bulky piano. You can use some plastic covers as well. If possible, decompose the piano as much as possible. Try removing the pedals, so you need a screwdriver also. If that is not possible, do not try to put all the weight of the piano to its pedals. The sight will be unpleasant.

What else do you need to know before moving a piano alone or should you still hire professionals?

You need to know the mistakes we make when moving. Because if you do make a mistake when lifting a concert grand piano, there is no coming back. Imagine that you didn’t place a dolly strap on the right place and end up hurting your friend. One should be sure that the stairs can bear the weight of that bulky piano. And that is not the only risk. Did you know that most of the weight is located in one part of the piano? If you didn’t, how were you planning to move the piano alone? This is not something that you see on the TV and think you can do as well. There’s a lot of precaution to be involved when performing this action. If you waited long enough to move, don’t make a mistake when moving a piano.

Think well before making a decision for moving a piano
What else do you need to know about moving a piano?


You need to know why you need to have a wooden dolly when moving a piano. Be sure not to tilt too much the piano. When doing it alone, you risk damaging the floor or the carpet. Yes, there’s that as well. There are some many reasons why you should hire professional movers. What else is there that you did not now? Even if the piano is not that heavy, one mistake is enough to turn your childhood memory in a nightmare. Haste makes waste! So, hire professionals with experience and do not think about all the bad scenarios that can happen.

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You need to make a new city your home, not getting stressed for moving a piano. It is normal that the tuning of your piano is different after the move. Give it a couple of weeks and then call professional for that as well. Enjoy the relocation!

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