Most popular music festivals in NYC

New York is called the city that never sleeps for a damn good reason. It’s full of surprises and events. It’s the best place to be no matter what you’re doing! So, it’s not surprising NYC is so popular considering it’s a hot spot for everything, from art to technology. There’s a lot of careers where you can’t make it big without making it in NYC, and art is certainly one of them. That’s one of the reasons The Big Apple is full of entertainment. From the best outdoor activities in Brooklyn to obscure museums, to wild parties, NYC has it all. New York is basically a microcosm! But, all that said, popular music festivals in NYC are their own league. Forget Coachella, New Yorkers have fabulous festivals sitting pretty on their doorstep!

A man playing a piano directly on the street. Maybe he'll be a headliner of popular music festivals in NYC a few years from now.
Not to mention street performers! New York is a city of the arts, so popular music festivals in NYC are just the tip of the iceberg.

Looking for jazz music festivals in NYC? Try Blue Note Jazz!

You can’t deny New York has long and complex ties to jazz music. The Blue Note Jazz festival is a nod to the city’s storied history, bringing in famous jazz musicians across the globe. It started in 2011 and quickly blossomed into over a hundred events spanning the month of June. It spread from the Blue Note Jazz Club in Greenwich Village like a wildfire, catching the interest of jazz lovers everywhere. They’re working tirelessly on revitalizing the interest in jazz all across the city. As far as festivals go, this one seeks to present jazz in a more intimate, upscale environment, and as such is a balm for old souls everywhere.

An old photo of a jazz musician - a black man in a suit playing the trumpet.
Jazz and blues hold an important place in music festivals in NYC, as the city birthed many jazz legends.

Jazz helped shape New York into the city it is, and as such jazz lovers everywhere feel at home among its boroughs. Many aspiring musicians dream of performing in the Blue Note Jazz Club, diligently practicing with their beloved instruments. Are you one of them? If so, how well do you take care of your instruments? No matter if you love jazz, blues, or the classics, moving your piano is a daunting hurdle. But it’s a hurdle experienced art handlers like us can easily deal with!

Are you a fan of modern music festivals in NYC?

Despite its love of oldies, New York keeps with the times. It’s nurturing a modern music scene, with a lot of events for its fans. It doesn’t matter if you love EDM, pop, or rock, New York has something up its sleeve for you. So, if music plays an important part in your life, why not move to the epicenter? New York is the best place for artists to be, and Brooklyn movers and art handlers can handle your equipment. Why not become a regular at popular music festivals in NYC every year?

A crowd engaged in a music festivals in NYC.
Music festivals in NYC bring out the best in us. They give us a place to unwind, to get caught up in the infectious energy the artists are putting out.
  • Electric Zoo is a three-day music festival dedicated exclusively to fans of electric music. With a vibrant atmosphere, this festival will have you dancing to the music in no time flat! It’s one of the more popular music festivals in NYC, as it doesn’t sideline DJs but gives them the center stage they deserve. Not only that, but the organizers are trying hard to showcase local talent. Are you a DJ that dreams of making it big? Electric Zoo is the place to be.
  • Afropunk is a festival celebrating Afrofuturism and punk – a place for the underdogs to let loose in. It’s embracing DIY and all the sheer raw power of the punk subculture while showcasing the oft-neglected ‘afro’ part of the subculture. It hosts a Battle of the Bands, so grab your studded vests and leather boots and get down with your punk self.
  • Are you looking for something specific in Brooklyn? BRIC Celebrate Brooklyn! is exclusively in Prospect Park. It is one of NYC’s longest running free music festivals.

How about something a bit more different?

Do you want a more hands-on experience at your festival? Are you looking for something a bit more different? Do you want to get involved? Look no further than the New York International Salsa Congress, which hosts various workshops. Salsa classes and performance showcases abound! The festival features live bands and plenty of dancing. Get your groove on with the most talented salsa dancers of the world!

NYC is also full of many local venues!

Festivals like Northside take you along on a wild ride across the whole city. They hold the shows in various local venues, which is a real treat for people who love exploring their city. That way, you can remember a beloved venue and check it out after the festival, to see what it has! Plus, many music festivals in NYC combine music with art, as music and art go hand in hand, which any fine art handler can tell you. So if that interests you, check out the River to River festival. The Lower Manhattan Cultural Council hosts it every year, and it has over a week of music and art in various local venues. So what are you waiting for?

Are you hoping to one day perform at music festivals in NYC?

Who can blame you? Many well-established music festivals in NYC take pride in promoting unknown NYC talent. In fact, playing as the front group of an already famous band can help get you noticed and scouted! That’s the reason a lot of aspiring artists move to NYC because everyone who is anyone is already there. Even if you’re moving locally, a good location for your HQ can be so invaluable in netting constant gigs.

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