Making friends with new neighbors in Brooklyn

Moving to a new district with Brooklyn movers is like starting in a new school. You have a limited amount of time to impress your peers, even if you will be spending a lot of time together for a while. Fortunately, when making friends with new neighbors in Brooklyn, you will have more than 30 minutes to get to know them. And your new neighbors will definitely not judge you on what your mother has packed you for lunch. However, they assess your potential as a trustworthy nanny or future guest at dinner. We have prepared for you some of the best tips on how to meet new people.

How can you start making friends with new neighbors in Brooklyn?

As you prepare for your upcoming move, consider the following good neighborly tips to get your new friendship on the right track:

Say hello on the first day

We got it: as soon as you have transported your 15th box of dishes, the last thing you want to do is talk about the weather. But, if someone is walking with their children or watering their garden, take the initiative to introduce yourself first. You can start the conversation by talking about the moving quotes Brooklyn that you had for your move. If you are too busy to talk, at least give passersby a friendly smile or wave your hand. You may be tired, but do not want to seem unfriendly when first impressions matter the most.

Chocolate cookie
Making friends with new neighbors is much easier when some delicious pastries are involved

Take time to explore your community

A daily morning or evening walk is useful not only for your health but also for your social life. It is the best opportunity to meet potential friends. Ask local experts about local restaurants, dog-friendly places, social events, or even the exact time of the garbage collection! If you have time, go old-school and drop off homemade cookies as an icebreaker.

Compliment their petunias

Never underestimate what a friendly compliment can do to building relationships. The next time your neighbor has a beer on the porch, feel free to shout a compliment as you pass by.

Exchange emergency phone numbers

This is more than just a task on your to-do list. This shows that you are ready to trust your neighbor in case of emergency. The next time your dog comes out through the back door, your neighbors will know who to call.

Feel free to plan for the future

If you click with a neighbor, do not hesitate to use a friendly “We must someday have coffee!” to end the conversation. You can even invite them to a regular barbecue or housewarming party. This is a low-pressure way to communicate with several people in one night. Not to mention getting the housewarming gifts. And it is more than OK if you are not completely unpacked. Just place a barbecue in the backyard!

Tune in to common interests

Just as a break separates comic books fanatics from basketball jocks, these first conversations are a great way to bring out a mutual passion for home decor, yoga, or country music. If you and your neighbor have children of about the same age, you can set up a playdate. Or ask a roommate to take you with her to her weekly Zumba sessions. This is the easiest way of making friends with new neighbors by revealing your niche in a new community.

Identify popular shared spaces

Highlight public places in your area, such as a gazebo at the end of the street, best sports bars in Brooklyn, or any other place where people gather regularly. Consider taking coffee or a book to read, and you will be amazed at how easy it is to start a conversation with one of your neighbors.

Girls talking
All you need is one interesting subject

Once you have applied these tips and successfully made contact with your neighbors, be sure to pay it forward, welcoming the next family that is moving in! You know better than anyone else how frightening making friends with new neighbors can be. After all, it is the people who make a house the home, and the same applies to your new neighborhood.

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