Make a perfect moving checklist

It’s the time, you’re about to move! While you’re looking forward to starting a new chapter in your life, you are certainly not that much excited about moving itself. It can be a really tough job, with all the things that need to be done and sorted out. You need to go through all your belongings and decide what to keep and what to leave behind, you need to manage all your utilities and subscription plans, you should find out more about your new neighborhood… Hold on! The worst thing you can do is just going through all of that without any plan or systematic approach. You should start right. You should start with a moving checklist!

Suitcase - include it in your moving checklist.
Time to move! Do you need a moving checklist?

How do you write a moving checklist?

Remember, when making a checklist it’s all about a systematic approach to the issue at hand. You’re making your checklist to sort things out and you need to go through all the steps in an orderly manner. When you want to create a moving checklist, you should first divide it into the three main phases: before the move, packing and upon arrival.

Before the move

The biggest obstacle in this phase can be a tendency to procrastinate and never get started. Both experts and those who suffer from procrastination agree that the hardest part is to just get started. It may even go quite easily once you’ve actually started, but it’s pretty difficult to get to that point for some people – to even start. This problem plays a major role when it comes to a complex and time-consuming task, such as moving. It’s not something you could get over within just a day or in a few hours. This is why it’s important to start early. If you’re suffering from this issue, let’s start now by creating your moving checklist! Here are some tasks to add to the list, Phase 1.

  • Find a dependable moving company and book them ASAP.
  • Go through all your stuff and decide what you’re going to (a) sell, (b) donate, (c) pass on to a friend or a family member, (d) toss away and (e) keep.
  • Organize an online and/or offline sale to sell your items.
  • Pack stuff you want to donate and take them to the chosen institution or charity.
  • Pass on selected items to chosen friends and family.
  • Toss away anything you no longer need.
  • Sort the belongings you want to keep and group similar items together.
  • Get all the moving supplies you need and your movers do not provide.
  • Check with your moving company if they’re able to transport all your belongings and if they are not, make additional arrangements.
  • Manage all your utilities and notify the post office and the bank of your address change.
  • Withdraw some money to have it with you for the move.
moving box
Get rid of all the things you no longer need

Time to pack

Quite a few issues may arise in this phase, but they can all be managed in the same way: don’t wait to do it at the last minute. Whether you just can’t get everything packed or you’ve found out there’s not enough room for all your stuff in the moving van or you struggle to have all your utilities managed before you move across the country – whatever it is, it could be sorted out with no problem if there was just enough time. So let’s just add some more tasks to your moving checklist straight away, so that you have plenty of time to handle each of them.

  • If you decide to pack on your own, start a few weeks early and pack things you don’t use every day first.
  • Place heavy things in the bottom of moving boxes and also towards the bottom of the moving truck.
  • Label all the boxes.
Packaged labeled fragile
Make sure to properly label all the boxes.

Upon your arrival

You must be pretty much relieved at this point and very excited as the time has come and you’re about to start your new life. Meeting new people, exploring your new area and getting accustomed to your new house almost seems like a vacation, doesn’t it? Actually, it would look like that if you did not have all those boxes to unpack. But the good news is that you’re almost there, you’re almost done and there’s not so much to worry about any longer. So let’s just complete your moving checklist by adding some tasks to Phase 3.

  • Don’t forget to inspect your stuff before signing.
  • Test phones, alarms, security systems, faucets, etc.
  • Turn on the water heater if needed.
  • The things to unpack first are those you’ll need first – start with your kitchen items or some clothes.

And that’s it, this is your perfect moving checklist! It’s all planned, you now only need to go and execute.

What to do once you’ve moved in

Here are a few more tips though on what to do when you’ve just moved and you’re new in your neighborhood. If this is another part that’s a bit stressful for you, we’ve got you covered.

  • Go and introduce yourself to your new neighbors. No reason to hesitate, they would be happy to find out who’s just moved in next to them.
  • Start up a conversation. Just remember to avoid certain topics with new people, such as religion, politics, age, income and spending habits, and you’ll be just fine. You can always talk about the weather or public events in the area. And don’t miss a chance to pay some compliments if an opportunity arises.
  • Host a casual gathering. It’s really supposed to be casual. After all, you’ve just moved in and most of your belongings are still unpacked. So no worries, no one’s expecting you to be fancy and it’s not even a point.
  • Invite them over. When you meet someone who you may have a lot in common with, don’t think twice and invite them over. This is your new life and why not make some new friends?

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