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When moving to Brooklyn, a great advantage is to hire the local movers Brooklyn. If you are looking for the safest moving option from Sea Gate to Prospect Heights, hire Prospect Heights movers. Someone who knows when is the rush time and which street not to take. Relocating in the most populous borough of New York City can become a good memory if you have professionals alongside. We understand that we will move your entire life and we want you to know that. One should have the move done smoothly, without complications and with transparent papers. Welcome to Prospect Heights movers.

Prospect Heights movers are a flat rate Brooklyn moving company

That is correct, Prospect Heights movers are a flat rate Brooklyn moving company. This reveals that with us there are no hidden charges nor extra fees apply signs. When making a contract, one should have all the information in advance. We believe that once you contact us, you should have answers to all of your questions. That action will help us discover your expectations and most importantly, to plan how to meet them. Everyone has different needs and we acknowledge that by adjusting to your needs. As a moving company with years of experience, our goal is not just to transport your belongings from point A to point B. Our goal is that you have an enjoyable moving experience which you’ll pass on to your friends. The happiness of Prospect Heights customers is what it matters. One can achieve it if there are no catches in the contract.

Have all the answers with Prospect Heights movers
Let’s read all the small letters together.

With Prospect Heights movers, you will know all the answers. Our representative will do the on-site quote and discuss the Consumer Rights and Responsibilities. You should be familiar with all the rights and the responsibilities. This conversation will help us to be on the same page and set priorities first. The action of relocating should be done in one day but planned several weeks in advance. The sooner you contact us and present your expectations, we will create a moving plan with you. Moving plan can consist only of packing or only of transportation, whichever fits you best.

What we are most famous for is our big passion – art handling. Prospect Heights movers understand what it means when proper gloves are not used while transporting your precious craft. Or if someone takes the wrong handle.

Art handling is Prospect Heights movers’ specialty

When dealing with fragile objects, one needs the best of NYC movers and art handlers, and that’s where Prospect Height movers come in. Firstly, we understand that your crafts are one of the most valuable items that you have. Not only because of the value that they have but because of time and creativity invested in creating something. That action is very familiar to us and we appreciate it. That is how we act when a sculpture or canvas paintings are in question. Art handling requires a well-thought plan and explanations. Prospect Heights movers will present you the explanations of your art moving. When and how will the packing be conducted is essential. One shouldn’t only use a piece of paper and wrap up that handmade vase. The vehicle must be big enough for the transportation of a big renaissance statue.

Best art handling service with Prospect Heights movers
Professionals should pack this chef-d’oeuvre

With Prospect Heights movers you can rest assured that your art craft is safe and sound. If you happen to have an exhibition in two weeks, we will even give a piece of advice for maintenance. This is not our first art handling and this is what we like doing the most. Whether we are talking about a small or very bulky item, we have the means to transport your items. Our trained staff will seek that the belongings still have that certain glow. There will always be more than one person handling the valuable item. One should always choose the company that is insured, such as Prospect Heights movers. Especially if you require long distance moving. If you decided to leave your brownstone-style 1890 building, we will make sure it happens without flaws. Prospect Heights can also offer storage service.

Storage service-one more service that Prospect Heights movers provide

If you have just moved in and you do not have enough space, contact Prospect Heights movers for storage services. We have a solution for you. Living in the Big Apple, we understand when you do not have enough space for everything that you need. Whether you have old books, family albums or maybe furniture, we have a solution for you. Not only do we have space where you can place them but we have a temperature-controlled area. If you have a piano that you want to store, you will want to have it back in the same condition when you left it. We appreciate your trust and that is why we hire and train our professionals so they may provide top notch service. With Dorothy and Martha moving NYC, storage service or relocation to Prospect Heights has a different meaning.

Prospect Heights movers can help you with storing your belongings
Store your belongings in a temperature controlled unit.


Prospect Heights movers are here for you. Going from Little Odessa to Atlantic Avenue shall reveal to you the diversity that NYC has. If you are moving to Prospect Heights prepare yourself for Prospect Park Zoo. On the other hand, if you are leaving the area, remember the 1890 architecture look. The rest is up to professionals. Prospect Heights movers are here to provide you a service that you need, whether we’re talking about long distance moving, local moving, art handling or storage service. Inform us what would you like to do and what is your plan. It is up to us to make the realization. We have it all or if not, we will create what you need.


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